A Legendary Engagement: Darkly, Through A Glass

There are some minor lore spoilers that will be posted in here, not to the extent of a spoiler like Darth Vader revealing himself as Luke Skywalker’s father, but enough to make you say “Damn. Did not see that one coming.”

After we triumphantly dispatched Ragnaros (read: made him run away crying) last night and enjoyed the spoils of war with trinkets and headgear aplenty, I began an undertaking of my own. Last night after Staghelm died, I reached 25 Eternal Embers for the quest, All-Seeing Eye. With due haste, I flew out to Yasmin in Uldum to pick up 3 Sands of Time to complete the quest. All I had to do was return to Anachronos in the Caverns of Time and I could proceed to the next part of the quest. So this seemed simple enough, for many an expansion, Anachronos resided right outside the entryway to the Caverns of Time. Upon getting there, I see nothing but a huge void where a dragon once stood. Perplexed I flew down into the Caverns considering that’s where the quest arrow was pointing. And after looking around briefly, sure enough he was down there residing on top of the hourglass of time.


A thousand years in the Qiraji war, multiple scourge invasions, and the most recent silithid uprising 5 years ago you can hold your position at. But Deathwing comes along and causes one teeny little earthquake and you bunker up faster than Hitler during the final Ally advance.

So after handing my embers and sands to him, he does his whole dragon-laser-eyes-forming-a-crystal thing, and creates the Timeless Eye in front of him. When you pick up the next quest he gives you, you need to physically loot the timeless eye in front of him, it will not be placed into your backpack automatically.

So, you now need to bring the timeless eye to Tarecgosa in Coldarra. Getting from Tanaris to the Borean Tundra can be a bit of a time consuming task, luckily my friend Arolaide (over at dragonsworn.net) joined me for this and summoned me right into Coldarra. Upon taking the summon I was directly put into a cinematic, as I suspect you would as well if you entered normally (because one does not just simply fly into Coldarra). Where Tarecgosa just decides to tell people that if they had any sense left they would leave Coldarra for good.


2 Priests, 1 Dragon (an on Old Crystalbark to boot!)

Tarecgosa is neutral to you outside the nexus because you are mortal and your intentions of coming here are unknown. Also, despite Arolaide standing RIGHT BESIDE ME, she could not see the dragon above, so she is indeed phased for anyone not on the quest that wants to view it.

Enter the Nexus:

For about 5 minutes or so, the two of us both tried entering the nexus, only for me to keep getting the error “You don’t meet the requirements to enter the instance.” and “You can’t do that while in a group.” Trying to sneak around blizzard’s first line of security for keeping groups out, I dropped the group zoned in, and then re-invited her, only to promptly be tossed to the graveyard outside. And this is of course, where I part ways and say “FULL SPEED AHEAD TO BLUE DRAGONS!” Once inside the nexus, Tarecgosa sits waiting in the first room, and the usual dragon sentries have been replaced with beefed up level 86 elites with 1.2Million health. Also, Tarecgosa is now friendly towards me and grants an buff when in close proximity that restores 1% Max Hp/Mp every 3 seconds and gives a chance for your spells to be duplicated when they deal damage.

Now that Aro is gone, how about you and I make some "lore" of our own?

After triggering her dialogue, she prompts you to follow her down the left corridor of the Nexus, she then cloaks both her and you with an invisibility field as a sentry races past the two of you. You then have to fight an ice sentry (which looks like the old mechanical sentries in the Mechanar) as well as two mage hunter adds that come out at 5 and 15 seconds after you engage the sentry. Deal with the mage hunters first as the only have 115k hp, and if you ignore them, they will chain silence you. After dispatching the security, I got to take a look at the visage of the dragon in humanoid form and in the quick glance I took, I was instantly turned into stone:

The face! My God the face! The horror! THE HORROR!

Continuing down the left corridor, you encounter ice smokescreens very reminiscent of the ones used right after defeating Deathbringer Saurfang in ICC to get to the upper spire. Once past those 4 sprayers, you encounter another sentry and 2 mage-hunter pack, this time at once. Same strategy applied, let Tarecgosa tank the big sentry, while you dispatch the mage-hunters, fear and fade are big assets here. After this you may be depleted a bit on mana and/or health, but unfortunately you do not get a chance to recover much. About 5 seconds after the sentry pack dies, 2 larger drakonid sentries spawn at the end of the hallway. This is essentially your time to recover, because Tarecgosa then turns you into a block of ice so that the sentries don’t roflstomp you. You still get the effect of her regenerating aura on top of you own passive regeneration, so you should be good by the time the cut scene ends.

Shadow priest, on the rocks.

Another ice sentry is at the end of the hall, but immediately after Tarecgosa engages it, it turns and runs up the ramp to alert the other sentries. Tarecgosa immediately gives chase hoping to halt its advance, and since one of your objectives was to accompany her, I immediately popped Darkflight and sprinted up along side her.

Big mistake.

While traveling up the ramp, if you go all the way up the ramp at once instead of in segments, 15 or so odd Dark Wraiths will come unfrozen and engage YOU. My initial action was: “NP guyz I got this lol”, and hit my fade almost assuredly getting ready to watch them attack Tarecgosa so I could mind sear them. But instead, THE FADING, IT DOES NOTHING!, and by the time I hit dispersion it was too late. Back to the graveyard, oh, and by the way, you get to start all over(!). After getting back to this point, I decided to let Tarecgosa run ahead and deal with the Wraith packs one at a time. However, you now have to deal with another pack by letting Tarecgosa go ahead of you. In the room you were in, 3 mage-hunters will spawn. Fear them. Dot them. Kite them. After dispatching them, enter each segment, the wraiths are patterned like a 5 on a 6-sided die. Target the central one for mind sear and go to town. If you are starved for mana, use Shadow Word: Death on one to gain spirit tap, if you have it glyphed. You will need to disperse after clearing the gauntlet because combat wont be dropped. Tarecgosa is now trapped on the right side of the room by two ice sentries. You need to engage either of them to weaken the prison channel they have her in. You need to defeat it by yourself, which shouldn’t be an issue, they both have only half of their maximum health when you engage. When you engage the second one, Tarecgosa will break free and assist you in finishing off the last one. This is mana break time. Follow Tarecgosa to the next spot and immediately start to drink. She is going to channel energy into the ice barrier blocking the activity of the dragonflight ahead, but of course doing so will cause a super mage hunter to spawn, Ceredos. Ceredos is a larger (and admittedly greener) version of the normal mage-hunters in the nexus. He cannot be CC’d, feared or interrupted though, so you get to deal with his silences. Make sure to dispel the mana feed debuff off yourself as it decreases your damage done by 50%. Ceredos’ main ability is called Spellflame. Its a devastating ability that does 66k instantly and 50k every second you stand in it. Fortuneately, he doesn’t cast the spell at you, he casts it at the spot directly behind you when he starts casting. In short, this is all you need to know:

John Madden would be proud.

Having taken care of Ceredos, Tarecgosa breaks through the wall revealing….

The Twilight Dragonflight! (because Ruby sanctum was merely a setback). Also, this is a checkpoint, so if you die on anything ahead, you don’t have to redo all of it. This becomes a Phase 2 of Malygos encounter, where you get to ride on the discs that spawn, except this time your picking off twilight dragonflight instead of scions of eternity. There are two kinds of mobs in here, Twilight Spellbinders and Twilight Invaders. The Twilight Spellbinders are mostly harmless, like having another piece of bacon with your morning breakfast. They have 77k hp and shoot fireballs that deal about 7,000 damage per. The invaders are a bit tougher. They have 271k hp, and while also doing the same weak fireball spell, they also have Shadow Nova, which is a 5 second cast and deals 70k damage if uninterrupted. Since a raiding spec for shadow priests does not have Silence, we can counter this one of three ways. 1) Disperse the shadow nova. 2) Use one of the orbs on the platform he stands on called Condensed Magic, which restores 1000 hp/mp per second and reduces damage taken by 50% when used. or 3) By badass enough to kill him before he gets the cast off.

Bart Simpson would kill for something like this.

Once 3 or 4 invaders are killed, the platform you jump onto moves itself in front of Thyrinar, to which he immediately engulfs in it fire and if you don’t jump to an adjacent platform, you die. After you jump to the next platform, it crashes into the ground up ahead and you are attacked by two smaller twilight invaders. They as well have 77k hp, but do a periodic fire nova which hits for about 8k, and a casting counterspell which finishes after 2.5 seconds. After you take these out, you get another checkpoint.

You then stare ahead at what seems to be 25-30 of the same mob you just fought clumped together. Perhaps they can be negotiated with? So, you start to approach them when Tarecgosa decides to show up and rain down sheets of ice, freezing and instantly killing them all. You then both ascend the platform in front of you to where the giant rift in the Nexus lies, it is here that Tarecgosa is ready to use the Timeless Eye. That is, until Thyrinar decides to make another appearance to stop that from happening.

What a douche. I was getting ready to have tea with her too.

Thyrinar has 1.9Million hp and will constantly cast twilight blast at you that hits for around 14k. Vampiric embrace and Tarecgosa’s aura does heal you for a bit, but you will need to keep Power Word: Shield on yourself in order to not die. Every so often Thyrinar will cast Twilight Restoration on himself, this reduces all damage taken by 50% and restores 10,000 hp and 1,000 mp per second. Every 45 seconds, Thyrinar will cast Twisting Twilight at you. This works like spellflame from Ceredos, only this follows you, and will hit you for 48k per tick if you stand in it. He also calls those smaller twilight invaders to aid him, every time a new one comes up, turn and kill it immediately. After that, its a rinse and repeat to kill him, once Thyrinar gets to 15% Tarecgosa will give you a buff that increases your haste by 100% for 15 seconds (why yes I would very much like that buff, thank you!) to finish him off.

Once he’s dead, Tarecgosa becomes revitalized and drops the Timeless Eye for you to look into. The Timeless Eye then loads you into the Eye of Eternity to eavesdrop on the blue dragonflight council. Arygos and his council talk about the leadership role of the Blue Dragonflight since Malygos’ death.

Arygos, and his bros.

And this is cool until the moderator of the discussion reveals himself.

Shouldn't you be off making people stand in fire in Uldum or something?

Long story, shortened: Deathwing wants Arygos to take over as leader of the Blue Dragonflight but warns him not to cross his path or the madness his father suffered will pale to the fate that awaits him, or some crap like that.

After reporting my findings to Tarecgosa, she instructs me to seek out Kalecgos(!) in Nordrassil.

My meeting with Kalecgos.

So I head up to Hyjal and seek out Kalecgos, who isn’t being shady or anything hiding off at the back of the lodge, meanwhile Ysera is out in broad daylight not caring if shes seen at all. So, I talk to Kalecgos and tell him what myself and Tarecgosa saw inside the nexus. And the he goes all touchy-feely on me.  Starts talking about how the bond they have had has lasted for many millennia, to what us mortals would call ‘siblings’. And warns that such madness being caused by Arygos and Deathwing could put Tarecgosa in grave danger. And that we (mortals) must act fast to stop it from happening.

The fuck? Some ‘brother’ he is. His ‘sister’ is in peril and is telling us to go save his family while he just chills out with the Hyjal guardians in Nordrassil.

Not saving your own sister? THIS IS MADNESS!

Of course this could only end one way:

Sparta, bitch.

I then went to sleep and thought of how terrible my MS paint abilities are.


4 Responses to “A Legendary Engagement: Darkly, Through A Glass”

  1. I told you, Kalecgos is the WORST DRAGON EVER. Thank you for kicking him in the junk for me.

    Also, that’s not Arygos, Arygos is a tiny adorable gnome in AQ40. ._.

  2. No, my point is that it’s lazy goddamn writing for them to reuse the name, because the two Arygosi are completely different in looks, design, and characterization. It makes me grumpy.

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