Strength in Modesty.

I will put the TLDR at the start to save people from reading if they choose, but this is going to be an “eat your vegetables and take your vitamins post”, so if that makes you want to watch Rebecca Black’s “Friday” in marathon sessions, I will completely understand. ><

For the people who have known me for a while now, they know I am not the most outgoing or extravagant person when it comes to doing things in WoW, I stick to what my role is (Shadow in PvE, Disc in PvP), and then instead of being boisterous in what I can do now, stop and work on mastering how I play these roles in the playstyle that best suits me. Whether it be taking a much glyph much less used in PvP, or figuring out how to maximize your output in PvE, there are areas in everyone’s (including my own) game that they can look at for improvement. Not only for priests, but any class, take pride in what you do in a raid, and how you do it! That way you not only get the satisfaction of killing a normal/heroic raid boss for the first time, but also the satisfaction of performing at a personal best level in doing so; whether it be avoiding every fire trap that spawned, minimizing the amount of overhealing, or setting a new record for out, either damage or healing.

The bottom line to all of this is that, it is ok to pat yourself (and others)on the back for doing a good job when you put work into it.

We seem to have this Shannox fellow down pat.


To everyone who has seen their name on the right side of the screen at one point or another, thank you for the job you do. I, if no one else, appreciate the level of play you bring to the table, (healing or dps) and how much easier you make the raiding experience for everyone. So back to earlier in the post, that is exactly what I am doing here. I am giving myself (and everyone else) a collective pat on the back, they deserve that if nothing else.We also have a very benevolent discipline priest in Kaleri, who generously doles out Power Infusion to multiple characters in our raids on given nights, helping them (and the raid) to perform better.




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6 Responses to “Strength in Modesty.”

  1. Ranked #1 on Shannox dps, that’s awesome! Congratulations. A lot of our dps really stepped it up last night.

    I hope to see one of those shiny, orange number 1s beside my name one day.

  2. Dude, you ranked 1 in SPriests and #3 OVERALL on that fight! Freaking AMAZING! Good job!

  3. Aw, thanks Srs! PI makes me feel like I helped out in a way, since I can’t dps the boss myself. Thought I expect for heroics I might um, keep it >.>

    Woohoo rankings!

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