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Previewing the New Talent System: Priests!

Posted in Priest, PvE, WoW on October 25, 2011 by Srsbusiness

While the new expansion is still quite a bit away from going into live, it never hurts to speculate  on how you are going to be changed ahead of time. The massive talent overhaul from a 41 point build, down to a 6 point build is going to be greatly appreciated in my eyes, especially since you will be able to (according to the Devs) switch your talents in any tier much like one would change glyphs right now. Hopefully this wont require a lot of gold for the reagents to do so, but it will still be a time saver as opposed to going back to a capital city to find the vendor.

That being said, I am also very happy that talents are being “baked” into the spec you choose to play, such as; If you choose to play as a shadow priest, you will now get Psychic Horror and Silence as baseline abilities. Discipline would get Pain Suppression and PW: Barrier, and Holy would get Lightwell and Guardian Spirit. (Unless they decide to do away with these abilities between now and the release.) I hope this turns out as feeling like you are able to use all of the abilities given to you and not turn into a “ZOMGWTFBBQROFLCOPTERS NERF <class here> post.

Onward to the dissection of talents!

Tier 1 (15)

This tier neither provides a healing or dps increase for any priest, but focuses more on keeping your enemies at bay.

Void TendrilsSummons Shadowy tendrils out of the ground, rooting all targets within 10 yards of you for 20 seconds. Killing the tendril will cancel this effect. When I first saw this talent, I looked at it as if I was playing the game for the very first time as a new player. The concept is great, in my opinion, for a first time player who has selected a priest. It allows you to focus on not being a low level cloth tank, and adapt to your role as staying way away from the mobs you are in combat with. The 10 yard range is a bit low if you are going for avoiding being hit by your opponent, I would like to see if this talent goes into live have a target reticule with a 10 yard radius, so you can summon these in a particular spot, up to 35-40 yards away. The other part with a big question mark is the killing of tendrils cancelling the effect. This makes sense, but how are the health of these going to be regulated? Will they work like totems and have 5hp from level 15 to 90, or will they scale with level/health? This concept has a lot of potential and I hope it makes it to live with everything hashed out.

PsyfiendSummons a Psyfiend that stands in place. The psyfiend casts Psychic Scream on a nearby enemy within 40 yards, every 2 sec for 10 sec, preferring anything attacking the priest and her/his friends. Did you just pull a mob and get 3-4 of their closest buddies too? SHIT YES YOU DID BECAUSE YOU HAVE YOUR PSYFIEND AND LOVE TO DOT ALL THE THINGS! I really like the aspect of it having a “smart” AI, by not bothering with enemies that aren’t directly engaged with you or your party. If anything, this provides a nice change from the normal Psychic Scream by removing the predictable (Hey the priest is coming close, he/she is probably going to fear) by giving you the ability to fear when you want to, not when you have to. It will also help keep those pesky melee off you in pvp by breaking one fear and getting thrown into another. I wonder if this will be a targetable npc, or if it will serve as just a graphic like the lava worms in the Alysrazor encounter.

Psychic Scream – The psychic scream we have all come to know and love (or hate, or become bored with). This will have no change from its current use as a close range, aoe fear. Good for timing when a mob is getting close to make it run away from you, bad because people in pvp can predict when fear is coming.

For right now, I like the Psyfiend talent in this tier, its a nice shake up from the standard fear ability of priest, plus it spaces crowd control out over a few mobs instead of what is just close to you. I would take the traditional Psychic Scream next as there is no mystery behind the talent, while Void Tendrils has too much left unanswered for me to pass judgment on it right now.

Level 15 - Be afraid of the tendrils.

Tier 2 (30)

This tier….. just… ugh, aesthetics. Provides some nice movement increasing effects as a reward for not standing bad, which I hope means a lot of damage in raid situations is going to be avoidable. Otherwise, this tier focuses on enhancing and sustaining your movement.

Body and SoulWhen you cast Power Word: Shield or Leap of Faith you increase the target’s speed by 60% for 4 seconds. The same Body and Soul that is in game right now but is exclusive to only Holy priests. As a shadow priest though, you are going to quickly make your fellow disc and holy priests angry by using a much weaker shield on their targets. This seems very situational to me, perhaps pvp to out range melee and snares, does not look too enticing for pve scenarios.

Path of the DevoutIncreases your movement speed by 25% while you are levitating. This is a nice buff to a fan favorite spell that will also turn about to be a very nice reward should you manage to keep yourself out of bad. Not to mention, if you do fall you can recast it and go back to having the speed increase.

PhantasmWhen you fade, you remove all movement impairing effects from you, and your movement speed will be unhindered for the next 3 seconds afterwards. I am glad they actually made Phantasm useful for pvp again, movement impairing effects are reapplied so often in that scenario, having a temporary immunity will make shadow priests a bit more viable again. However, unless there are raid encounters that have a slowing effect and require you to get from point A to point B in a short period of time, it doesn’t look like to me it will have a pve use.

Path of the Devout is the clearcut winner in this tier, for me. For any priest, if you are able to move out of bad and not take damage, the movement speed increase will be very useful in raid situations. Plus seeing a raid with a bunch of floating priests running around would seem hilarious. Phantasm would be me next choice to take as I also like to get into pvp every now and then. Body and Soul would be last for me due to the nature of life grip dropping shadowform, that and your healing priests wont like you if you are using shield ><.

Level 30 - I will not be slowed for anything!

Tier 3 (45) (Aka: their tier that blew my mind as a shadow priest)

I just… what…. holes and talents…time to breathe.  This is the first tier where damage and healing is enhanced by your choice of what ability you pick.

From Darkness, Comes LightWhen you Smite, Heal, Flash Heal, Binding Heal or Greater Heal, you have a 6% chance to cause your next Flash Heal to cost 100% less mana and be instant cast.


You have a 6% chance when you deal damage with Mind Flay to cause your next Mind Blast to not consume a shadow orb. The existing surge of light mechanic baked in to have a shadow counterpart with it. I actually wonder if the healing part of the ability will carry over to shadow priests out of shadowform, it could provide some nice rng in pvp scenarios or if your raid leader asks for your help in situations. The question I have is by not consuming the shadow orb from mind blast, will empowered shadows not go off? I hope that it triggers the secondary effect on top of  leaving the shadow orb count alone.

Divine StarFires a Divine Star out in front of you, traveling 20 yards and dealing damage to all enemies in its path, while healing all allies in its path. When the star reaches its destination, it will return dealing damage and healing on the way back. A very interesting mechanic to say the least. It has the potential to by a powerful heal since you can position yourself or the raid in such ways to be close to the traveling star, also can work as a nice addition to Mind Sear on packs of mobs.

ArchangelConsumes your Evangelism stacks, increasing healing done by 5% per stack. Lasts 15 seconds. 30 Second Cooldown. Also, consumes your Shadow Orbs, increasing damage done by your Mind Flay, Mind Spike, Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Death by 5% per shadow orb consumed. Lasts 18 seconds, 90 seconds cooldown. I groaned when I saw this and re-read it so I made sure I was not misreading. Archangel stays the same for healing priests, but becomes tricky for shadow priests. Consuming stacks of evangelism I thought was a good way to trigger archangel, but now they want to consume shadow orbs instead, which are also the big part of triggering empowered shadows. Also, shadow orbs only stack to 3, evangelism is 5. So thats a 10% nerf to our burst, all while hoping you get good enough rng after consuming 3 shadow orbs to get another one soon after to use Mind Blast and keep empowered shadows active. Has the potential to be very frustrating to get dps out of your burst here.

There is so much unanswered for me here in this tier, almost to the point one can tell by now that something is going to get clarified or tweaked on both the Archangel and From Darkness, Comes Light talents. I am going with Divine Star as my first choice talent here, followed by From Darkness, Comes Light and Archangel last because the rng just seems way too unforgiving to be useful in its current state. Also, I want my Kung Fu star of Life…. er Death? dammit!

Level 45 - It brings the pain... healing?... confusion?

Tier 4 (60)

This tier focuses on death prevention through absorbs and self-heals. A lot of these abilities will greatly help reduce blood pressure levels of your healers in raid by being a passive death preventer, or an active big heal.

Desperate PrayerInstantly heals the caster for 30% of their maximum health. 2 Minute cooldown. The same desperate prayer that is in game at the moment, except I think it is currently 40% of max health, so a small nerf.

Angelic BulwarkIncreases the effectiveness of your shield effects on yourself by 30%. Nice for those pesky disc priests in pvp, gotta love those absorb effects, they will still hate you in pve if you shield yourself over them.

Final PrayerWhen a damaging attack brings you below 30%, you gain a shield on you equal to 20% of your maximum health. Lasts 20 seconds and cannot occur more than once every 90 seconds. A miniature version of cauterize/ice barrier! This seems like it will be very useful on fights like heroic Beth’tilac where after a pulse of aoe the raid’s health will be very low, and this shield will allow for some pad while you are brought back up to safe health levels.

If desperate prayer would continue to drop you out of shadowform, I would be inclined to not taking it over Final Prayer, even though both would be situational in use, the passive shielding without having to stop damage would suit my playstyle better. Also, avoiding angelic bulwark because those healing priests will still not like you!

Level 60 - Make sure to choose your "protection" carefully.

Tier 5 (75)

More damage and healing increasing talents here, specifically centered around quicker casting. These are also a lot more straightforward with what they outline and are have no rng with them, you get your bang for your buck here.

Twist of FateIncreases damage and healing on targets at 25% health or lower. Has the nice touch of having the increased healing component of vampiric blood from a death knight, while having an additional execute on top of shadow word: death from every other spell. However, how much increased damage and healing will the benefit be? 5% 10% 30%? Its incomplete, but depending on the value its given can be really amazing for both healing and dps, or really awful.

Power InfusionInfuses the target with power, increasing the target’s spell casting speed by 20% and reducing the mana cost of all spells by 20%. Lasts 15 seconds. The same PI we have come to know and love, only its now SHADOW INFUSION. Seriously, built in troll berserking, complete and total success. I will just hate hate hate, if this spell drops shadowform, if it does, twist of fate looks to be more appealing.

SerendipityWhen you heal with Flash Heal or Binding Heal, you reduce the cast time of your Greater Heal or Prayer of Healing by 10%. This effect can stack up to 2 times. Also, your Mind Spike ability now reduces the cast time of your Mind Blast spell by 50%, this effect can stack 2 times. They baked mind melt and serendipity together. Ok, I get that much, but up against PI and Twist of Faith was like sending a goldfish into a shark tank and hoping it would survive. Both effects are the same listed as they are live right now, I don’t know about anyone else who has a priest, but the only time I have used Mind Spike is on heroic Beth’tilac for the spinners that drop down. The healing component is nice to have especially for a discipline priest who missed out on the ability being deep in the holy tree, but…. Power Infusion…. I mean… GIVE ME IT.

Barring a tragedy that would make you drop shadowform while casting PI and then causing you to lose another GCD on switching back into form, I am really interested to pick up power infusion as a shadow priest. The limited use of mind spike isn’t even close enough to outweigh PI or ToF, and the value assigned to ToF could be enough to make it a very nice talent. Of all the tier sections, this is the one I am most interested in hearing new information on as the new expansion approaches.

Level 75 - Hallelujah!

Tier 6 (90)

The final tier has a lot of utility and survivability mixed into it, to the point it almost feels like borrowing some ideas from other classes and giving them a priest twist.

Vow of UnityYou create a Vow of Unity with the target, whenever you are heal the target through spells and effects, you also heal yourself for 20% of the amount healed. However, when the target takes damage, you also take damage equal to 50% of the damage dealt over 6 seconds. Lastly, if your target takes damage equal to 30% or more of their total HP, the Vow of Unity is cancelled. 3 minute cooldown. Holy moley, so many borrowed mechanics rolled into one talent. Healing yourself for 20% of the heal, while healing your target is alot like Protector of the Innocent currently in tier 1 for holy paladins, 50% of damage over 6 seconds to you, looks pretty close to Hand of Sacrifice, and cancelling effects if they take more than 30% damage, also happens to Lightwell Renew. It seems more complicated in words to me, than in use, but it doesn’t really have that ultra talent feel to it, like a significant cooldown such as Pain Suppression.  It just seems a bit lacking, in the sense, that one strike from a boss can negate all of those effects at once.

Void ShiftYou swap health with the current friendly target. After this effect ends, you are instantly healed for 25% of your current health. Like a lot of people at the convention, I first saw this and forgot to read the word friendly, as part of the ability. Oh, how I would have jumped on the chance to try and solo bosses with this had it made it to live. <Insert Crushed Dreams here> As being used on a friendly target, it seems very powerful in situations where the tanks are taking high amounts of damage and the healers may be incapacitated or stressed to much to keep up. I see this as a 3 minute Lay on Hands if used well, and can be very powerful in the hands of a skilled priest who has desperate prayer as one of their talents.

Vampiric DominanceWhen you deal damage or healing, 15% of the amount is healed up to 3 low-health allies. This talent seems almost too good to be true….. for healing priests. Getting back to being a nice passive party healing is great, and is the talent I am leaning towards here, but the possibilities of this on either spec of healing priests, is just… wow! Circle of Healing hitting 5 targets, then off each target 3 smaller heals hitting a total number of 20 people with 1 spell (5 direct, 15 indirect). Same thing can be said for prayer of healing, and just think if each tick of (lightwell) renew also transferred to 3 targets. If this is true, it would look like priests are gaining a lot of versatility in aoe healing just through this one talent, comparable to restoration druids.

To summarize, Vampiric Dominance seems a bit OP if how I think it is going to work is true. Void Shift seems like a nice ‘Oh Shit!’ button in emergencies, and Vow of Unity looks clunky, hopefully it will be a bit more fluid before live. I take VD in this tier, then Void Shift, then Vow.

Level 90 - The tier of rehashed and borrowed abilities.

I know the whole new system is just a few days removed from being released, I think there is a lot of potential in each class’s talent tree, and I do hope they iron it out to their liking. I am not going to say “X talent is bad and shouldn’t go live because of Y reason”. There are some things I think should change, such as Vampiric Dominance going to shadow only, because if it applies to all heals, I would be very upset as a class, such as a  restoration druid (Wild Growth much?), that all of a priests heals continue to trigger smaller aoe heals.

Thank you for taking time to read, I will be going through the mage/druid/rogue ones if I get time!

*Disclaimer: All viewpoints on the talents are my own, and you should not feel compelled to take the exact talents I take. Your play style is your own, please do what is fun for you!

**Credits to MMO-Champion for screenshots.


Part Deux: A Legendary Engagement – Focus those Cinders!

Posted in Priest, PvE, WoW on October 14, 2011 by Srsbusiness

Its been a while since I last touched base with the legendary staff line, mainly because the majority of the active events in the chain are towards the front, one may think a quest may get harder as you progress through it. Anyways, the next steps to acquiring the second part of the staff are complete, and that means its time for sneak peeks at cinematics and lore insight that you may be missing in the game!


After completing the quest to scout through The Nexus for information on the Twilight Dragonflight, that lumbering oaf, Kalecgos, tells you there may be a way to stop Arygos from succeeding Malygos as leader of the Blue Dragonflight. This involves you helping you rescue his sister, Tarecgosa. Not him of course, he gets to hang out with Ysera at the World Tree in Hyjal until you are finished. The quest, Delegation, asks you to recover Nordrassil’s Branch from the Firelands. The quest may be a bit deceptive for someone who hasn’t researched how the quest line duly works. The branch is recovered by opening the portal at the Circle of Thorns, which can be found off to the side near Beth’tilac. This will lead you to the Anvil of Conflagaration, where the Branch lies. (Also, appositives rock.) But one does not simply walk into the Anvil of Conflagaration. People on the quest chain need to recover some components to open the portal, this is what isn’t stated in the quest. Four charged foci are required to open the portal, one from each of the first four bosses in the instance, Beth’tilac, Shannox, Lord Rhyolith, and Alysrazor.

Shannox: The focus from Shannox is created by combing 3 fragments, which come from the remnants of the broken crystal prison trap. You can trigger these trap by ideally maneuvering one of Shannox’s hounds into them. However, if they manage to dodge the traps on the ground, you, as a priest, can assist in the process by casually positioning yourself behind a trap and then casting Leap of Faith on any raid member you choose. Not that I would know anything about this method, no experience here at all. After gathering three of these fragments, you combine them into a dull fragment. To charge Shannox’s focus, you need to throw it near the impact point of where he tosses his spear at. This is easy to accomplish because it is always thrown at Riplimb. You will know he his throwing his spear when a big read circle and aura of light comes up from the ground where the spear is going to land. Once you see this, you have about 5 seconds to toss your focus into that area so it can get charged. If you have a personal cooldown to use to mitigate damage/become immune, it is strongly recommended to use because of the high amount of damage you will take from the spear impact plus magma rupture. You can then loot your charged focus.

Beth’tilac: The three fragments you need to create the focus from Beth’tilac drop from the Cinderweb Drones that will occasionally spawn down below during the encounter. They do not actually drop as loot from the mobs, but will appear around the corpse as rock piles. Three of them drop per drone, which allows for you to be able to complete this part of the fight in 1 attempt on Beth’tilac. Once you have looted the fragments, combine them into the dull focus and wait for the next set of spinners to appear. When the “ropes” appear for people to go up, grab one and go up to where Beth’tilac is. Once up top, drop your dull focus anywhere, but preferably somewhere you will remember. You will need to jump down to avoid smoldering devestation. Once that has ended, grab the one rope on the last set that appear and go back up to loot your charged focus.

Rhyolith: The fragments for Lord Rhyolith spawn around the outer edge of the platform you perform the encounter upon. They again look like small rock piles, similar to Beth’tilac. However, there is only one fragment available at a time and they can spawn anywhere around the edge of the platform. After looting three of these and combining them, you will need to place your focus underneath his feet. You are going to have to stand fairly close to him as the toss range on the fragment is not very large. You also have to wait for him to do a Concussive Stomp, so you should be waiting to toss the focus when the cast comes so you don’t miss the small window that stomp has. Once the boss and melee/liquid obsidian clears out, you can then loot your charged focus.

Alice-Razor: The fragments you need from Alysrazor come from the Voracious Hatchlings that spawn in the fight. Each time one of them dies, they drop one fragment. You will get 2 fragments per Burn Out phase on the encounter. Because of the HUGE nerf to Alysrazor on normal, you may want to either slow dps while shes Burned Out to get a second Burn Out, or try the encounter on heroic, where you will get 4 Voracious Hatchlings per Burn Out phase, but will have to account for Firestorm and Living Meteors. Once you have three fragments and combine them, you will need to throw this focus underneath her while she is powering up. She has a power bar under her health bar that looks similar to mana. You want to wait until there is about 75/100 power charged back up. This means you should not throw it during tornado phase, and not throw it while she is first being recharged by the channelers (where she doesn’t actually fight). Wait until she starts attacking and pulsing her fire aoe, and then toss the focus under her. After the knockback the focus will be charged amidst a bunch of feathers in the explosion.

The Firelord's "other" abode.

You are now ready to enter the Anvil of Conflagaration! By right clicking any of the foci by the portal it will open and lead you to a separate part of the Firelands. Once inside, a three part encounter will occur. The first part is disposing of more of those annoying fieroblast barrage channelers, seven to be exact. Once they are taken care of, the person on the quest will click the branch in the middle of the room to activate the second stage of the quest, where a giant corrupted treant will attack your raid. He summons smaller treants which if they reach him will heal him, or if they touch a raid member will explode. He will also cast burning roots on the entire raid, which is dispellable. However, shortly after he casts burning roots, he will cast ground stomp which will knock all players back 85 bajillion yards, so you should probably wait to dispel those roots until after the stomp. Once you get the treant to 25%, he becomes cleansed and gives a buff to the caster on this part of the quest, the Blessed Defender of Nordrassil. This buff increases damage done by 100%, haste by 100%, and reduces damage taken by 95%. Once imbued with the buff, the third and final part of the encounter begins with a giant fire elemental, Volcanus, appearing to stop you from recovering the branch. Volcanus gains a stacking immolation aura buff which will increase his aoe damage to the raid, and will also spawn columns of fire that will move around the room and towards the raid. It is a dps race so use all cooldowns including heroism/bloodlust/time warp. Once Volcanus is defeated, you will able to loot the branch of Nordrassil from the center of the room, and then return to that incredulous buffoon, Kalecgos.

Recovering the Branch:

So you return to Hyjal to meet Kalecgos and show him that you have recovered the branch and have kept alive the hope he may be able to save his sister. And after a long, hard fought battle you are ready to reap some reward for successfully recovering the staff, and for picking up the slack of his laziness. Kalecgos proceeds to tell you that he can sense Tarecgosa’s essence manifesting inside you and that the link is strengthening between you two. He then informs you to speak with him again in the Borean Tundra when you are ready to proceed. So just when you thought, “Hey this guy might not be such a douche after all.”, he proceeds to dangle your reward in front of your face until you travel from HYJAL to NORTHREND.


Pro Tip: If you haven’t reached this part of the quest yet, either bring a mage friend with you to port you to Dalaran, or set your hearth to Amber Ledge, otherwise you may find yourself like me, waiting for a boat that is always leaving just as you arrive. Once you arrive at Amber Ledge, Kalegcos is waiting in the middle of the area for the turn-in. And he doesn’t hand you the staff, he does some chanting and whatnot, makes the staff do tricks (roll over, play dead, stand erect….. err… yeah) and sends you into a cinematic. After the cinematic, the staff is floating before you and you can (FINALLY) loot the phase 1 staff.

There he is, Mr. Center of Attention, and hey Kalecgos is there too.

That's our destiny? A rock!?

Staff Download Complete.

Emergency Extraction:

After speaking again with Kalecgos, he tells you that he has an uneasiness about him regarding his sister’s well-being, and decides to take himself and Tarecgosa out of conflict’s way, until the new leader of the Blue Dragonflight has been chosen. So he asks you to accompany him to Coldarra where he plans to take Tarecgosa and leave. Some admirable quality of someone who wants to take over as Prime Aspect of a dragonflight, just leaving the scene as if nothing was going to happen.

For Sale: Kalecgos Mount. Slightly used, rides especially well in avoiding crises.

As Kalecgos lands and calls out for his sister, the Twilight Dragonflight appears and surround both you and him. They proclaim that a new leader (Arygos) has already been appointed to take over as Aspect of the Blue Dragonflight and that he needn’t continue on. As the commander of the twilight forces appear poised to take out both of you, Tarecgosa appears and takes out the commander with a blast of energy, knocking everyone down, including yourself to the point of near death, but also herself in the process.

Kalegcos Subdued

Tarecgosa's Arrival and Death

Kalecgos mourning the loss of his sister.

At One:

After Tarecgosa falls to the ground, Kalecgos rushes over to her to try and assess if she is going to survive her selfless actions. He then proclaims that he couldn’t bear the burden of losing her, that it would be too much for him to take. (Because he certainly did a whole hell of a lot to keep her safe, amirite?) He requests your permission to bind her essence to you, while she still lives so that she can be kept alive and manifested in a new form later. And you being the loot-seeking adventurer you are agree, and her essence becomes bound to you. Once this occurs, you will occasionally get an emote that appears across your screen that says, “You can feel the Spirit of Tarecgosa within you.” This provides nothing other than flavor text, no buffs or stat increases, just for quest/lore purposes.

I believe I can fly..... talk about bonding and all.

Time Grows Short:

This is the next major step in the collection part of the quest. It requires you to gather 1000 Seething Cinders from the Firelands. The cinders only drop from the bosses, and it varies between 10 and 25 man, normal and heroic. 10 Mans drop between 18-26 cinders per boss, 25 mans 48-66 cinders per boss. This was more of a waiting game than anything, and I was able to (with the help of some good RNG) complete this part in just under three weeks, killing an assortment of normal and heroic 25 man Firelands bosses.

Overlooking the Nexus, Ready for Ascension


After you return to Coldarra to hand Kalecgos your cinders, you will find he is now on a bluff above the nexus, overlooking and biding his time. He goes on to tell you that only members of the Blue Dragonflight are able to attend the ceremony and cast their vote for who should become the next Guardian Aspect of the flight. Although he goes on to tell you that you are allowed to come because Tarecgosa is a part of you. Not to mention, he tells you it would probably be a good idea to vote for him, some guy who all but abandoned his sister, AND NOW WANTS TO OVERSEE A DRAGONFLIGHT, over Arygos. Gee the choices sure are astounding! Alignment is a long cinematic that allows you, the person on the quest line, to witness the council choose their next aspect.

The Planets are aligning for the ceremony.... literally!

Far view of the council ceremony to choose the next Blue Dragonflight Aspect.

And since I cant fly on my own, I'll just turn into Tarecgosa!

Here you get to watch Arygos and Kalecgos state their claim for why they shuld be chosen. Political insults ensue, including some horrible sex scandal.

And in a shocking upset, the council chooses Kalecgos! No one saw it coming!

After watching the cinematic, you get to see Arygos go into a rage as his plans (to take over the world, Pinky) are foiled by both you and Kalecgos as he flies away. Kalecgos goes on to tell you that the heart of the Firelord is the last thing you need to ensure the survival of his sister and bring forth his era as Aspect of the Blue Dragonflight.

I hope you all enjoyed the read and a behind the scenes look at the legendary staff quest in detail!

Laying Low

Posted in Druid, PvE, Real Life, WoW on October 1, 2011 by Srsbusiness

A bit poignant at this, but over this recent stretch of time, I have not been inspired to write much of anything with the happenings of what has been going on in-game. Sure I could write about the 4.3 PTR or set previews/transmogrify reviews! But that has been covered 80 bajillion times, and I want readers to read stuff on here that isn’t as covered in depth/at all!

I did have some material for the next part of the Legendary Staff quest line compiled, but I felt it fell extremely short on depth compared to the first post I made, so I decided to roll the charged focus and seething cinders parts together into one post, which will be released about 2 weeks from today.

I have recently taken a fondness to playing my fourth alt druid. I had leveled to 85 on it as dps, but it didn’t appeal to me anymore once getting there, so I tried my hand in tanking, and have come really enjoy playing as a tank in those God-forsaken trollroics we have all come to know and love. (Your time is coming trollroics, Dragon Soul 5s will be the end of you.) Not to mention, its a NICE AND EASY WAY TO CHEESE LEVEL LEATHERWORKING with a plethora of skinnable mobs in each zone, which benefit greatly from the bountiful bags guild perk. Not giving any advice to tanks who have leatherworking as a profession…… nope, none whatsoever.

Of course, you have the added incentive as a tank to queue for trollroics (and soon dragon soul 5s) as Call to Arms!. And up until my druid hit 85, I hadn’t been the recipient as a dps (or one of those very rare occurrences where I healed) of it, but I have done nothing enjoy the satchel rewards, which have varied from assorted potions and flasks (and since I have 2 primary agility and intellect toons, guildmates have been getting the potions/flasks that have no use to me) to getting 3 horde-only argent tournament pets and Reins of the Green Proto-Drake (all the egg, without the aged yolks). That being said, if anyone reading this needs a tank to cut down queue times (10 minutes for direbrew much?), I will help with that.

And since there isn’t much to talk about in the game that hasn’t already been reposted to infinity(and beyond), I guess that means we are going to talk about……   Real Life.




Onward to the future: Blizzcon 2011 is just under 3 weeks away, and I am very excited this year. A bunch of us at Apotheosis are making the trip together this year, I think totaling 10 of us going to the convention. I am looking forward to getting my hands on coveted playing time of the Diablo 3 beta. Last year, I got to play an alpha of Diablo 3, right after they announced the final class, Demon Hunter, to the game. The game in Alpha stages was living up to hype, so I hope the more refined version this year is that much sweeter, and likewise, not ruined by new elements, such as PvP Arena, I do not want to be playing WoW 2.0. Blizzard once again continued to show good judgment in band selection since Ozzy in 2009 imo, by booking a stellar band in the Foo Fighters as this years closing act. I was unable to attend the closing act of Tenacious D last year, as the group of friends I went with went to Medieval Times at the same time the closing act was happening last year. That is neither a knock on the band, nor the place; Tenacious D is known worldwide, and Medieval Times is well worth the price for the food and corny entertainment. I MEAN YOU COULD SEE THE FAKE BODY SHOTS AND THE JOUSTERS HURL THEMSELVES OFF THE HORSES AT THE LANCE!

Here is a picture from the front row last year cause we rocked:


Ye olde royale processione. Too many E's?

But this year, I think I will be in attendance for the closing act. If you are going to the convention this year, or have in years past, what has been your favorite thing about the convention or attractions around the area to see?


Then there comes the luxury of living in the part of the world, aka something’s personal toilet bowl. I swear, Seattle finally got tired of it raining and decided to send the permanence to my part of the world. It has been raining since September 23rd, and the forecast for the next 7 days is, you guessed it: FULL-ON MONSOON FRONTAL FUCK ATTACK. My basement has flooded and its not cool! Here is what I get to see for the next 200 hours!

Depressing meets a new shade of gray.

Envious of those who can get a daily run in for their cardio, as I am not in secure enough finance to get a treadmill (and I mean a good one). Also, if you can tell the difference in clarity between the pictures, its because I finally got rid of my 2006 phone and got a 2011 one. (THANK YOU HD! [And Angry Birds!])

Aside from this, not much has happened in this part of the world, aside from me celebrating the passing of another year in my life on the 21st of September, I can already feel the gray starting to creep in over my normal hair color. And if you have made it this far in the post, you have earned a surprise at the end.

Apologies for anyone who was expecting a more recent update with regards to the staff (its coming) and for not having some post of any kind in a while. Expect a larger feed with progress on the staff + many updates from blizzcon + pictures from the con itself during the October and November months!


And now for the surprise:

Enjoy your cake and liquor surprise!

PS: And if you happen to stumble across her blog, send congratulations to Jasyla at Cannot Be Tamed for tying the knot with her now-husband on October 1st, 2011.