Laying Low

A bit poignant at this, but over this recent stretch of time, I have not been inspired to write much of anything with the happenings of what has been going on in-game. Sure I could write about the 4.3 PTR or set previews/transmogrify reviews! But that has been covered 80 bajillion times, and I want readers to read stuff on here that isn’t as covered in depth/at all!

I did have some material for the next part of the Legendary Staff quest line compiled, but I felt it fell extremely short on depth compared to the first post I made, so I decided to roll the charged focus and seething cinders parts together into one post, which will be released about 2 weeks from today.

I have recently taken a fondness to playing my fourth alt druid. I had leveled to 85 on it as dps, but it didn’t appeal to me anymore once getting there, so I tried my hand in tanking, and have come really enjoy playing as a tank in those God-forsaken trollroics we have all come to know and love. (Your time is coming trollroics, Dragon Soul 5s will be the end of you.) Not to mention, its a NICE AND EASY WAY TO CHEESE LEVEL LEATHERWORKING with a plethora of skinnable mobs in each zone, which benefit greatly from the bountiful bags guild perk. Not giving any advice to tanks who have leatherworking as a profession…… nope, none whatsoever.

Of course, you have the added incentive as a tank to queue for trollroics (and soon dragon soul 5s) as Call to Arms!. And up until my druid hit 85, I hadn’t been the recipient as a dps (or one of those very rare occurrences where I healed) of it, but I have done nothing enjoy the satchel rewards, which have varied from assorted potions and flasks (and since I have 2 primary agility and intellect toons, guildmates have been getting the potions/flasks that have no use to me) to getting 3 horde-only argent tournament pets and Reins of the Green Proto-Drake (all the egg, without the aged yolks). That being said, if anyone reading this needs a tank to cut down queue times (10 minutes for direbrew much?), I will help with that.

And since there isn’t much to talk about in the game that hasn’t already been reposted to infinity(and beyond), I guess that means we are going to talk about……   Real Life.




Onward to the future: Blizzcon 2011 is just under 3 weeks away, and I am very excited this year. A bunch of us at Apotheosis are making the trip together this year, I think totaling 10 of us going to the convention. I am looking forward to getting my hands on coveted playing time of the Diablo 3 beta. Last year, I got to play an alpha of Diablo 3, right after they announced the final class, Demon Hunter, to the game. The game in Alpha stages was living up to hype, so I hope the more refined version this year is that much sweeter, and likewise, not ruined by new elements, such as PvP Arena, I do not want to be playing WoW 2.0. Blizzard once again continued to show good judgment in band selection since Ozzy in 2009 imo, by booking a stellar band in the Foo Fighters as this years closing act. I was unable to attend the closing act of Tenacious D last year, as the group of friends I went with went to Medieval Times at the same time the closing act was happening last year. That is neither a knock on the band, nor the place; Tenacious D is known worldwide, and Medieval Times is well worth the price for the food and corny entertainment. I MEAN YOU COULD SEE THE FAKE BODY SHOTS AND THE JOUSTERS HURL THEMSELVES OFF THE HORSES AT THE LANCE!

Here is a picture from the front row last year cause we rocked:


Ye olde royale processione. Too many E's?

But this year, I think I will be in attendance for the closing act. If you are going to the convention this year, or have in years past, what has been your favorite thing about the convention or attractions around the area to see?


Then there comes the luxury of living in the part of the world, aka something’s personal toilet bowl. I swear, Seattle finally got tired of it raining and decided to send the permanence to my part of the world. It has been raining since September 23rd, and the forecast for the next 7 days is, you guessed it: FULL-ON MONSOON FRONTAL FUCK ATTACK. My basement has flooded and its not cool! Here is what I get to see for the next 200 hours!

Depressing meets a new shade of gray.

Envious of those who can get a daily run in for their cardio, as I am not in secure enough finance to get a treadmill (and I mean a good one). Also, if you can tell the difference in clarity between the pictures, its because I finally got rid of my 2006 phone and got a 2011 one. (THANK YOU HD! [And Angry Birds!])

Aside from this, not much has happened in this part of the world, aside from me celebrating the passing of another year in my life on the 21st of September, I can already feel the gray starting to creep in over my normal hair color. And if you have made it this far in the post, you have earned a surprise at the end.

Apologies for anyone who was expecting a more recent update with regards to the staff (its coming) and for not having some post of any kind in a while. Expect a larger feed with progress on the staff + many updates from blizzcon + pictures from the con itself during the October and November months!


And now for the surprise:

Enjoy your cake and liquor surprise!

PS: And if you happen to stumble across her blog, send congratulations to Jasyla at Cannot Be Tamed for tying the knot with her now-husband on October 1st, 2011.


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