Role Adaptation

There comes a point, as with every guild around, that they hit a lull in what they do, whether it be raiding, pvp or a combination of both due to real life circumstances. I feel that we have not only hit, but passed right through that line here in my guild.  We became a 6/7 HM guild on 11/03/11 after dispatching Baleroc (finally!) and now have our sights set on Heroic Ragnaros. That being said, we are into phase 2 just after one pull! (>.>) But with the good news also comes the not-so-good, with news that five of our stellar damage dealers have decided to step down from raiding due to real life events. So, if you read this and happen to be looking for a guild Apotheosis may be right for you. Check us out at Apotheosis. We have cake (or pie, or cheesecake?)


In light of these dps stepping down and us having, I think 8, healers on the roster, my gut is telling me that we may have some of our healers go dps. This is not uncommon for any guild, as most of the ones I have been have a question on their application along the lines of:


Are you willing to play an off-spec role if asked to do so?


Or something along that wording. I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone say No to this question, on account it won’t look good on an app due to a self before team attitude. Myself, I have declared that my offspec for playing is healing, mostly for pvp/arena/RBG, but for pve is well. A lot of people do not know that my priest was actually leveled completely on healing all the things before switching over to shadow later on. In fact, I have been asked to heal (and offered to as well) in this expansion, and was able to do a decent job of it on fights like Nefarian. It certainly is a different change of pace, and a bit higher in difficulty, when you are asked to perform a different role and you only have one set of gear, and that gear has hit rating on it.


That raises the questions: How comfortable do people feel if asked right now at this moment to play their offspec in raids? Would you be happy as a change of pace? Would you feel nervous because you never thought you would have to play an offspec? Would you welcome the challenge, or prefer if someone else with a more desirable offspec filled that role?


This question sounds more exclusive to hybrid classes, but can also work for classes like mages, who would have to swap to arcane (3% damage) or frost (replenishment), how would you feel as well?


8 Responses to “Role Adaptation”

  1. As someone in a similar position; *ironically same guild*; with my primary spec being as a tank with offspec being dps, switching over to dps for occasional fights such as Baleroc, Majordomo, etc gives a nice change of pace for a a break away from the stress of your usual position. When I was primarily dps in guilds before and previous raiding experience; the occasional time going in as a tank for various reasons gave me a slightly better perspective of the other side of the coin; and thus, helping me to perform my primary role better in future weeks.

  2. If I was asked to play my offspec at this moment I would be unprepared, to say the least.

    I used to keep my moonkin set up to date and I’d enjoy using it on the occasional raid night when we did farmed content, but it’s been a while. Now I’ve realised that I’m a healer first and foremost, I don’t want to do dps in raids. It’s hypocritical of me, since I love when other people can swap back and forth between two roles with ease, but if I was asked to dps the raid would be trading a good healer for a medicocre moonkin.

    • Playing to the strengths of a guild is always a fine line to draw in my opinion, and in this situation precisely, it is good to know that people understand their own strong point(s) as a player. I agree with you that putting people into unfamiliar roles in a raid setting is not ideal for the raid, but is a bit of a stress relief for the raid leaders knowing they have options available should a certain element be missing.

  3. I have become a lot more open to the idea of playing an off-spec, since I came back from my 3 month break from the game. However, I would play a healing off-spec and not a DPS one. I was fine having 3 different healing roles in Rift and I’m finally OK having a discipline off-spec in World of Warcraft. But I’m not comfortable at being DPS, I don’t feel i have the commitment to get separate gear for it and learn how to play it, etc. In that regards, no I would not be willing to play something other than what I know and love – which is healing.

    • Having raided with you in the past, I feel at least the the two styles of priest healing are in fact quite different in their approach to healing, and not just the absorbs vs output relation either. I like to use PS as a buffer knowing that big damage is incoming or I am going to be incapacitated shortly, whereas with my experience with GS, I always found it as a more of an OH SHIT button when tank health spikes low. And I am probably doing it wrong, which is why I DPS primarily ><

  4. I think doing an offspec role is more beneficial when you move to a different role. Going from healer to rdps for example imo doesn’t provide the same benefit as going from tank to rdps or vice versa. You are in essence doing the same things – avoiding the same mechanics if you’re “out with the ranged” – where as if you’re going from tank to ranged you get to see a totally different perspective. This is hugely helpful for Raid Leaders to do. It helped me more than words can say back when I was a RL. While yes going from heals to rdps will give some benefit overall, it just doesn’t seem to be as much, in my experience, as going from tank to mdps, let alone going from mdps to healing.
    So I think that in the end being willing to use your OS will depend greatly on where you’re moving to and from, because I think that effects how much you’ll learn from the switch.

    • No matter from what role you are going to and from, mechanics are always going to matter in the end in my opinion. They matter less, such as going from healer to Mdps on Majordomo where you don’t get the wondrous joy of dodging leaping flames, but everyone should be aware of all surrounding mechanics regardless of what role they are playing at the time. We all have small lapses in memory some time, and may find ourselves Shadow Word: Deathing ourselves on Baleroc while we have the tormented debuff, not that this guy knows anything about that at all…… nope… haven’t the slightest clue……

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