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Out with the Old, In with the New – A Holiday Spot

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Happy Holidays from here at Simply Business to you, the reader. I hope Santa was kind to you this year and your family gatherings (if you had them), were pleasant and uplifting.


The Old: (chronological order)


Taking a look back at 2011, this year was a year of new beginnings for me. Starting just prior to the turn of the year, I came into my new home on Eldre’thalas with a new guild in Apotheosis. I had actually joined them on December 4, 2010, but we had not started raiding new stuff until the turn of the year. (But who’s keeping tabs, right?) After my last guild collapsed at the end of the last expansion, I was approached by 4 friends in that guild who had already made the jump over to Apotheosis and told me of the positive prospects of the guild going forward into Cataclysm, and it sounded like the right fit for me. Even though at the time, the guild was nearing capacity for raiding, I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to show that I was a valuable asset to the raiding roster, and 1 year later I am still going strong here.


Outside of WoW, I came into my own as a first time home-owner and have found the transition into my own challenging, but sustainable. I have gone through 3 jobs in the past year, varying from  tech worker to manager, each with their own set of insurmountable problems. I was also unfortunate to have experienced 2 unnatural phenomena in the same week after being leveled by Hurricane Irene and then subsequently the earthquake that struck Virginia and had aftershocks as far north as New Hampshire.


Back to WoW, in the raiding scheme of things we saw Apotheosis clear out all of the normal modes in all of the patch related instances, while also going 7/13 in tier 11, 6/7 in tier 12 and ran out of time before the holiday break in tier 13, for heroic mode encounters. One of my game defining moments, however, came in PvP when after 3 years I was finally able to secure both the Resilient Victory and the We Had It All Along *cough* achievements in Arathi Basin, with no small part of help coming from the guild members I ran with. Those last two achievements helped me get my long sought after Battlemaster title, a long end to a huge time sink in PvP achievements.  We saw the creation of  two Dragonwrath staves to the lucky recipients Majikmarine and Mabriam in the guild, not without some hilarious chain of events including our first recipient strolling right into the lava as he tried to get his heart, and died.


2011 also marked the year that I decided to dip my feet into the blogging community and try to make a contribution to the community of people who do this.  And I am still writing today thanks to the people who do read and spread my posts to the masses.


In between the Firelands and Dragon Soul patch another event occurred, you may have heard of it, that event being Blizzcon. It was my second venturing to the convention and this time I went with 9 other guild members, as well as met up with many more people from twitter and the blogosphere there. It was a memorable event capped off by a great performance by the Foo Fighters. The only problem is that Blizzcon only lasts 2 days instead of say, seven? Either way, three days of 85 degree weather and the pool bar sure as hell beat the balmy 33 degrees I came home to the following Monday, topped off by a FOOT of snow 2 days after that.


After Blizzcon, events pretty much died down both in-game and out. The Dragon Soul was released and we promptly cleared that bad boy en route to heroic modes.  The only other things that happened on my end was my guild surprise which I kept a secret for the most part, which in the end was just a cover for a not-so-elaborate Christmas gift for everyone in the guild, and to wish them all a happy holiday season.


The New: (future,unknown)


2011 for me was an exciting an interesting year filled with a lot of ups. New people, new guild, new challenges. Whats in store for 2012, you say? The main part in game is preparations for Heroic Madness of Deathwing, and because of the impeccable system blizzard has laid out, we get a year of Deathwing killing for our (dis)pleasure. The world event coming in 4.4 to set up Mists, is right now not slated to have content. That being said, Mists of Pandaria is something to look forward to in the last part of 2012 if it makes it out on time.


Perhaps a guild meet up is the future?

Perhaps a 3rd trip to blizzcon?

Perhaps winning the lottery?


Only time will tell.  My favorite moment of 2011 was definitely going to Blizzcon this year and meeting a lot of great people from the guild, twitter and games in general. As far as what I am looking forward to most in 2012, I could not tell you, there are a lot of things that can happen that I am excited for, but to narrow it down to one right now is a bit much. I am however looking forward to this year more than the last.


So how about it folks, what is your favorite moment of 2011, either in-game or out of game? And what, if anything, are you looking forward to in 2012? Again, a Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone out there.


The 25 Days of Christmas (Blogging) – Day 8

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After talking a short bit about my pets that I live with, I am going to change gears back to WoW and talk about a topic that I am not an expert at, but can lend a first person perspective on after completing the questline last night, another fun and challenging questline that I wish there were more of in WoW for the masses to enjoy, if not people who yearn for a challenge.


Day 1 – Post-Patch Aggression: 4.3 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Day 2 – Not One, But TWO New Boss Kills

Day 3 – One……. Two…… Three Shadow Priests

Day 4 – Why I Decided to Write a Blog

Day 5 – The Classes, In Masses

Day 6 – Who I Am and What I Do

Day 7 – Aminals!

Day 8 – I Can Smell Your Fear, Vengeance Will Be Mine


Fear and Vengeance: A Guide To Help Get Your (almost) Welfare Daggers


It has  been a long time since I have even mentioned my rogue, almost 4 months to be exact, however I was lucky enough to be in a guild that allowed me to bring my alt to a main run and pick up the quest for starting the legendary dagger chain. I was able to sucessfully complete the first part of the quest chain which allowed me to obtain Fear and Vengeance, and I must say, both the legendary caster questline and rogue questline for the first part of the quests have been extremely fun and challenging for both dps roles, they make you think unconventionally and use abilities that you normally would not even bother using in any other world event (hint hint for later).


Proving Your Worth


The introductory quest that anyone can get as long as they are able to zone into the Dragon Soul instance. (Note: This quest can not be picked up in LFR groups, nor can any of the components ion the questline be looted in LFR.) Here, Lord Afrasastrasz gives you a quest to recover information in the Dragon Soul regarding the activity of the Twilight Hammer and Infinite Dragonflight. This part is easy enough and requires you to pickpocket a Cryptomancer’s Decoder Ring from Hagara Stormbinder. The great part about this is that, you can have every rogue in your raid loot the ring in the same lockout, engage and reset Hagara enough times so eacxh of your rogues can loot their ring and be done with the first part of the quest.


A Hidden Message


After you turn in the first quest Lord Whats-His-Name will give you an inert Cryptomancer Decoder Ring. You will need to activate this by going to the ethereal reforger and transmogrifier in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. When you talk to the appropriate ethereal, they will give you one of two options:

– Pay 10,000g to decode the ring.



Naturally, I was inclined to choose option two, which gave me the dialogue of: “Well then. Its a good thing I no longer need sleep.” In short, you cannot get around your payment of 10,000g to decode the ring. After you get your decoded ring, the next part requires you to pick up the Singed Cipher from the Red Dragonflight in the Twilight Highlands. Unfortunately for you, your decoder ring has a charging time, and that charging time is 12 hours of real time, which means if you are at this point right now, you have earned yourself a 12 hour hiatus from the questline, free of charge.


<Queue Jeopardy Music>


Oh hello again, I take it you found your 12 hour break, accommodating? After 12 hours elapse, you are able to decode the singed cipher and hand it back to the person who gave it to you in the first place. Doing so will complete the second part of this chain.


The Huge Tree in TL where your quest will conclude.


To Ravenholdt


Ah your friends at Ravenholdt Manor are waiting for you…. or are they?  This is nothing more than a free taxi to the next part of the chain, where the real fun starts.


This Tunnel Looks Familiar....


To Catch A Thief


Here is where your mettle as a rogue will be tested. It is a high risk, high reward game of stealth and infiltration. If it helps you get in the mood I suggest listening to some Rogue Music, on repeat, max volume. Or if you prefer, set up walkie talkies, and have someone occasionally yell: “SNAAAAAAAAAAAKE!” as loud as they can over them. On to the quest, the appearance of the building and layout of the manor are the exact same as in the non-phased Ravenholdt, except now, every npc there is hostile towards you. They all have exceptional stealth detection (8 yards even when you are behind them) and you will be prompted with a visual bubble indicating your radius to which an npc can detect you. The goal of this quest is to find the black dragonflight egg within. It is highly unlikely you will be able to succeed trying to stealth in through the front due to the high amount of guards concentrated in that area (and you can only have 1 sapped at a time). Since, the front is an impass, you will have to circle around counter clockwise to the back, incapacitating enemies you might have to. (Note: Any attacks made to any Npc will automatically port you back to the start and you will have to try again, THERE ARE NO CHECKPOINTS.)


Looks Just Like The Manor I Know


Once around to the back of the manor, you will see a rope on the ground, click on it and the game will cause you to grapple up onto the roof of the building. There, you will be asked to look for a window or someway inside the building from on top of the roof. Directly in front of you, you will see the exterior portion of the top of the staircase that looks something like the picture below, sticking out of it will be a wooden crate covering a sealed air duct, click on this crate to destroy and and enter into the top part of the building.


There's A Box Here in the Quest, No Really, There Is


Once inside, slowly descend down the staircase as your detection radius extends out farther than the area of the walls. Once you  get to your first opening, you will see Fahrad and 3 other guards in a concentrated area. Fahrad patrols near your stairwell, when he comes by, sap him immediately. When you get to the bottom of the staircase, move over to where you sapped Fahrad. You will need to hug the banister as you move across to the next staircase to go down. You do not have much time to react when you get to the stairwell, at the bottom of the staircase is another npc who will detect you if you get more than halfway down the staircase and are unsapped. When you get to the bottom of the staircase, make a hard right along the wall, and sap the next npc you see once out of range of the npc at the bottom of the stairs you just went down. On your right will be the last set of stairs which lead to the basement, get to the bottom of the basement stairs and its quest complete, otherwise, its back to the start.


Gotta Get Past All of Them!


Once you get to the bottom of the stairs, you will get transitioned into a cut scene where you will be introduced to Wraithion, the heir to rule the Black Dragonflight, and uncorrupted by the touch of Deathwing. He will explain to you his situation as to why he chooses to stand against his father and to the other dragonflights that seek to assimilate him into their own. He is also known to have his henchmen break a few legs here and there. Wraithion lauds you for you superior infiltration skills and seek to hire you as a mercenary to eliminate a few problems he has to deal with. Once the cinematic is over and you talk to Wraithion again, this quest is complete.




Our Man in Gilneas


This is another cut scene/travel quest that will send you to the outskirts of Gilneas city to speak with a contact of Wraithion, Zazzo Twinklefingers (intimidating I know). Zazzo then briefs you on the next (and last part) of the questline.


The Outskirts of Gilneas, Zazzo is Here in the Questline.


Assassinate Creed


If you don’t get the reference at the start, I forgive you (others may not). This is it though. This quest requires you to infiltrate Gilneas City and slay the leader of the assassin band, Hiram Creed. This quest works much like the To Catch A Thief quest. You will be required to elude all of the guards and guard dogs inside the city en route to finding Hiram Creed and slaying him, also note that it works the same way in the sense of, if you get caught, you go back to the start. However, there is no one correct way to naviagte the city. There are many paths you can take (including a water route: much harder), but make sure to use spots in the city where sleeping guard dogs and guardsmen/guardswomen are, and you do not need to sap them, and can stand on top of them without being caught. Once you navigate from the entrance to the center of the military ward, you will see Lord Hiram Creed. He is a level 85 Elite NPC, who has 1.9 Million Health. There are no special gimmicks to doing huge amounts of damage to him, you will need to use all of your abilities to their potential to defeat him. Also, dont bother trying to fly to the area, One does not simply fly into Gilneas City.


If you are Combat or Sub – I will advise you to use Instant Poison on your main hand weapon, Mind-Numbing Poison on your offhand.

If you are assassination – I will advise you to use Mind Numbing Poison on your main hand, and Deadly Poison on your offhand (so that you can use envenom).

In either case, you will need to have mind-numbing poison on him at all times to slow the cast of his special abilities.


Aerial Shot of Creed's Fighting Area


Creed hits for about 9-10k per swing every attack, he has 3 main attacks:


Consuming Darkness:    This is a 1 second (1.5 second) cast that cannot be interrupted by kick, it places a circle of dark energy on the ground below you, which deals around 11k damage ever 2 seconds you stand in it. When you see this ability casting, start strafing away from him so you can avoid the tick damage of the spell.

Blackhorn’s Will:   This is a 1.5 second (2.25 second cast), that will deal between 18000 and 21000 shadow damage as well as drain all of your energy. This spell needs to be interrupted. Save your kick, gouge, kidney shots abilites for this.

Shadow Breath:   A channeled spell, that deals 13500 to 16800 shadow damage ever second for 5 seconds to a cone in front of the target. You may choose to interrupt this ability, or move behind the boss and have a few seconds of uninterrupted damage. (I did the latter.)

You will need to make use of your kiting skills to defeat Creed, you will also need to keep recuperate active on yourself most (if not all) of the time, as it will be your only form of healing aside from one potion and a few bandage ticks if you get a 5 point Kidney Shot on him. Once Creed is dead, you will get ported back to Zazzo for turnin.


The Deed is Done


Zazzo sends you back to Ravenholdt to tell Wraithion that Creed is no longer alive. Congratulations! You have now earned your stage one daggers, Fear and Vengeance.


While I am no expert at being a rogue, I hope this guide proved to be a help for some mains and alts who may one day find themselves down this path for their dagger. Hope you enjoyed!


The 25 Days of Christmas (Blogging) – Day 7

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Animals today! Those cute and lovable companions of ours, is what I will be talking about today, specifically mine! Wait, did I just use cute in a sentence? I must be going Mad, and I mean completely batshit insane.


Day 1 – Post Patch Aggression: 4.3  – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Day 2 – Not One, But TWO New Boss Kills

Day 3 – One…… Two….. Three Shadow Priests

Day 4 – Why I Decided to Write A Blog

Day 5 – The Classes, In Masses

Day 6 – Who I Am, and What I Do

Day 7 – Aminals!




Animals! As I wrote in yesterday’s post, I currently live with 3 pets, 2 dogs and one guinea pig that add a nice element of companionship to my house. They are certainly a challenge to keep up with all three of them, but nothing unable to handle after a few months of training. Lets start with the dogs:







This is Sadie. She just turned 14 years old last month, but acts nothing like it. She still has quite a bit of spunk and energy  to chase birds or harass our other dog. She is the eldest of the three pets I have, and is more or less unphased by anything that goes on around us. Completely calm during storms, arguments, the other pets acting up, etc. She does however tend to put up the most fuss, being stubborn in her way from not wanting move out of the way when guests come over, or trying to eat the other dog’s food! Unfortunately, I do not have a more recent picture of Sadie ><. Over the past few months, she has been in chronic visits with the vet for Kidney Stones and a Hernia. One day soon that will be over!


Et tu Brutus!



Brutus is the other dog that lives with me. He is 4 years old, and is nothing short of your morning cup of coffee spiked with a quadruple shot of espresso and then topped off with a Red Bull. Brutus is far from his namesake though, on account of he is afraid of anything and everything. This past week I bought him a new chew toy for Christmas (it plays “Jingle Bells” when bitten/squeezed/etc), and when he tocuhed it he immediately took off for the back door like the house was on fire. Brutus listens well when asked or told to do something….. except sleep. Countless are the nights where I have been woken up by a bark or wimper (due to nothing from him ><)! He will be turning 5 next May.







Wesley is my most recent recent pet, and was given to my brother’s girlfriend as a gift. My brother’s girlfriend has a friend who ran the local pet store and the there were a few too many hamsters in the litter given to the store, so instead of overcrowding, Wesley was given away into the care of this household where he has been ever since. He is but a short 5 months old. He is the worst biter in the world. I am lucky I still have serviceable hands at this point, and the number of teeth marks on the cages are astronomical because he just has to bite ALL THE THINGS. (Teething still?) Wesley is by far the easiest to take care of, and especially hilarious to watch when he is in his roll-around ball and scares the holy daylight out of Brutus as he chases him around the house xD.


Those are the pets that I live with and take care of, i hope you find the pics enjoyable!

The 25 Days of Christmas (Blogging) – Day 6

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Today and tomorrow, I will touch on a few topics that pertain to who I am and what I am doing with myself.


Day 1 – Post Patch Aggression: 4.3 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Day 2 – Not One, But TWO New Boss Kills

Day 3 – One……. Two….. Three Shadow Priests

Day 4 – Why I Decided To Write A Blog

Day 5 – The Classes, In Masses

Day 6 – Who I Am and What I Do



Who I Am and What I Do

I grew up in the middle of nowhere in central Pennsylvania, where I have lived my entire life. I am the first child of two in my family, both of which are sons. By trade, I have graduated in 2009 with a Master’s In Psychology, I had a year long internship with a hospital helping those who have had problems. For the time being I work part time as a shift manager at a local 5 star restaurant, while I continue to peruse the field for a suitable career. I am an animal lover, I had my first pet when I was 4, and have since had 2 cats, 3 dogs, 3 fish, a snake and a hamster. I currently live with 2 of those said dogs and the hamster, at some point in time I would like to get an aquarium for decor in my house.


A few lesser known things about me: I have a great fondness for weather, specifically thunderstorms and blizzards, and I love taking gaggles of photos of each when they occur around this area. I also have an affinity for cooking, especially large multi-course meals. In addition, I find myself knowledgeable about anything regarding technology and computers, as I fix them as a side way of earning money.


My favorite color is green, I have been to 3 different countries and 44 of the 50 states in the United States of America. I enjoy long walks on the beach under the moonlit sky whilst listening to free form jazz. And one day, like all of us hope and aspire at one point in time, I am going to win that  elusive multimillion dollar lottery once and for all.


A short bio for today’s post, tomorrow I will talk about those animals I mentioned, and there will be pictures too for you animal enthusiasts!

The 25 Days of Christmas (Blogging) – Day 5

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I had a little  bit of writer’s block today, when think about something to write for my day 5 entry. I ended up having a lot of ideas for the end of this, not so much in the front half of the days as they count by. I tried approaching this much like I would writing a story, having the end already played out, and filling in the plot as I went along…


Day 1 – Post Patch Aggression: 4.3 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Day 2 – Not One, But TWO New Boss Kills

Day 3 – One……. Two….. Three Shadow Priests

Day 4 – Why I Decided to Write A Blog

Day 5 – The Classes, In Masses


The Classes, In Masses


Usually I just stick to my own classes that I dabble in, but today i figured I would try and give my own unique interpretation of the classes and specs for every class out there, not just the ones that I happen to play as of now. These will be set up in a short haiku style repeating once over, for 6 lines per class!


Death Knights


Cold Touch, Blood Plague Bold,

Howling Blast To Finish Them.

Pestilience, Disease,

Summon a Pet too.

Create a Cover of Blood,

Death Strike Til the End.




Laser Chicken pew!

Explode Mushrooms, Shooting Stars.

Bare tank is good friend,

Cat form is for fight.

Healing all the things, tree of life.

Efflorescence, hots.




Master of Beasts, Focus,

Beast Within, Intimidation.

A Master Marksman,

Versatile With Shots.

Thrill of the Hunt, Black Arrow

Entrapment is Key.




One, One, One, One, One,

With Blasts and Missiles Sometimes,



Cold Water Like Icy Veins,

Here for PvP.




A Beacon of Light,

Lays Hands to Assist Battle,

Holy Warrior,

In Pursuit of Honor.

A Divine Guardianship,

Light Guiding Their Path.




Power Infuses Over,

Suppresses Pain From Within.

An Angel Cries Out,


The Shadow Clone Army walks,

Mind Quickening Thoughts.




Master of Poisons,

Use Daggers to make their Point.

Put a Sword in Hand,

Sieve through packs with ease.

Stunlock their enemies cold,

Bloody Hemmorhage.




Lightning, Fire, Water,

Savage Elements Gather.

The Fury of Storm,

A Flurry of Wind.

The Shield of Earth to Protect,

Tidal Wave of Life.




Devoid of Emotion,

Drain The Soul of Thier Victim.

Transform, Demon Seed

A Fel-blade Cracks Bone.

Hellfire and Brimstone Surface,

A Desolate Void.




A Resonant Blow,

Bleeds Deep, Closes the Wound Slow.

Pick Up A Second,

Sword, Berkserker Rage.

Safeguard Our Allies To See,

No Harm Come to Them.


I don’t think I should go into poetry anytime soon, for fear of not only losing my mind, but causing other people to lose theirs as well….

The 25 Days of Christmas (Blogging) – Day 4

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Today, I am going to talk about why I decided to start writing a  blog in the first place. Over the course of the years I have been playing this game, I had always browsed a user’s blog from time to time just to see what the fascination was with keeping an online journal, though at the time, I never saw having the time to some day write one of my own, largely due to take 19 credits a semester in college and working 30+ hours a week, it didn’t leave much time (even to play the game), let alone write about it.


Day 1 – Post Patch Aggression: 4.3 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Day 2 – Not One, But TWO New Boss Kills

Day 3 – One…… Two…. Three Shadow Priests……

Day 4 – Why I Decided to Write a Blog



Back in late May/early June, I had begun to field a bunch of questions from a bunch or Real ID and server friends who were leveling up their priests and wanted to know the ins and outs of playing a shadow priest as they leveled up to 85. This was actually a bit of a difficult question to answer based on the fact that I leveled up in BC (and again in wrath) as Holy/Disc, so I didn’t come to learn how to play a shadow priest leveling up. While I never became tired of answering repeat questions, I figured that there had to be a better medium for communicating en masse for questions that people had regarding their priests. A lot of common questions I got looked something like:


I see you have a lot of X stat, but Elitist Jerks says to use more of Y stat in your gear. Why do you do this instead of what EJ says?


For people still reading up to this point, if you are a fan of Elitist Jerks and what they say about your class, you may not like what I am going to say in the upcoming rant.



I am not a fan of Elitist Jerks. There, I said it. I think in 6 years, I have visited the site twice.  The main reason I dislike them, is not even being the site itself, but the fact that many players who use it SWEAR ON IT AS THEIR IN GAME BIBLE. This idea is incredulous. If Elitist Jerks told you that to optimize your character, you should suicide yourself on every pull and then get a brez to not have to worry about threat, would you do it? I certainly hope not. The main thing I think a lot of people miss on that site, is that it is to serve as a GUIDE for how your class should go, not the be-all, end-all standard, and if you don’t do it this was you’re now a baddie noob scrub. This is the main reason I created my blog, to offer up my playstyle (from time to time) on how I play as a shadow priest, and sometimes my mage. There is one thing that I do at the end of every rotation/spec/stat post I make, and that is I always leave a disclaimer saying that “This is how I play in raids, but please do not feel obligated to play this spec/rotation/stat stack. Please play whatever way you feel is the most comfortable and enjoyable to you.” Because in this game, that’s the bottom line, fun. I would hope that people who read these kind of posts on here see it as more of a guide than an OMG PLAY LIKE THIS OR ELSE post.



Of course, over playing this game for 6 years I have been in many positions to offer my experiences on thoughts that are relevant to some people’s interests. I have been a GM in a previous guild for 2.5 years, and have seen the good with the bad, so if something relevant is happening to me or the guild I am in, I want to share my thoughts and/or expertise on the situation. Here is a good example of something that can apply to everyone in any type of guild who does even the smallest amount of dabbling in raid settings. I aim to inform, to provide some insight, to offer some thoughts and different situations that people may not have thought about whether it be in playing a priest or for general wow potpourri. If you take something away from reading what I write, as well as enjoying my dry, erratic humor to possibly bring a laugh here or there, then I am accomplishing what I set out to do with my writing, and I hope you do continue to enjoy what and how I write. I attempt to go for quality over quantity, and you wont see me writing something every day (aside from this challenge which I am using to try and push my limits as an amateur writer).


That’s how my blog came to be and why I continue to write going into the future. To those people who read and comment, Thank You, you folks are my inspiration to continue to write and (hopefully) produce quality reads, presumably at work, because where else would you WANT to read this? >.>


Tune in for tomorrow’s Episode!

The 25 Days of Christmas (Blogging) – Day 3

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No progression to talk about this time, instead the players at hand are on topic today, specifically priests (since the person who writes this plays one primarily >.>).


Day 1 – Post Patch Aggression: 4.3  – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Day 2 – Not One, But TWO New Boss Kills

Day 3 – One….  Two….. Three Shadow Priests…..


One…… Two…… Three Shadow Priests……


Some people like having their enemies brought to them alive so they can take pleasure in killing them they way they want to see fit, others would enjoy nothing more to see a well placed blade or arrow through the heart of their opponent as they stand over their corpse. Here at Apothesosis, we prefer watching our enemies have their face melted right off of them. In our roster, we have 3 active and  exceptional shadow priests who raid on a constant basis with us. This works out well for our 25 man raid composition in my opinion, by having a lot of similar specs in the raid, I feel that that particular group of players can learn and grow from each other based on their playstyles and incorporate bits and pieces of them into their own unique brand. That is to say, lets not get carried away and have 2/3 of your group as one class, but having a good core of one class and role can serve as stability and a cornerstone especially if every person is open-minded.


Enter the Priests:


Arolaide – Beermaiden Arolaide of Westfall. A once devout holy priest, this character has made a full time reconsideration to the dark side of things. An enthusiast of dotting all the things, she was recently seen inside Dragon Soul with her longtime friend Mind Sear en route to Deathwing himself. Her manifest is solely on haste and all things not Bud Light. Her debates on crit are something of marvel, much like debating whether Keeping Up with the Kardashians was a bad show, or worst show ever. The last person to approach her with said beverage in hand was not seen again. While not raiding, she can be seen in any of dwarven distilleries giving them tips on how to not suck at brewing alcoholic refreshment. Dont believe me? Its all documented, clear as crystal. And a belated happy birthday to this particular priest as well, here is to another tasty year!


Serrath – “The New Guy”. Luckily for him, Serrath came into the good graces of Arolaide upon joining Apoth and was not instantly turned to stone upon revealing his affinity for limed Bud Light. Like Aro, Serrath was once a long time follower of the light in being a holy priest and he too has crossed over to the dark side. We have cookies over here folks, we really mean you no harm, even Hypnotoad thinks shadow priests are doing it right! A former lavish Blood Elf, Serrath shed his aesthetic appearance for the Wolvish appearance of the Worgen, we welcome you to the fold dog man. Serrath is also new to another type of media, give the guy a welcome to the media here and bring him up to speed on some happenings here and there.


Dahrla (retired) – “The Veteran”. Dahrla has been a part of Apotheosis for as long as I can remember. While she has stepped back from active raiding, her contributions to the guild have been missed in her time away. For the time being, Skyrim has taken over, speaking of which, there’s a ranger around here that needs playing, just one more quest and I will finish this post, I promise, no really we can stop whenever we want….. Anywho, we hope you come back one day Dahrla, we at Apoth miss you in raids!


That’s about it for the cast of characters and their biographies, stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode.






Oh, and if you were wondering who the third active priest was, allow me to say “Hello!”, My name is Srs, you must be new around this part of the internet, allow me to welcome you to your stay here and as long as you are around, please do enjoy the ride.