The 25 Days of Christmas (Blogging) – Day 2

Captain’s Log: Stardate – 1102-20-21. We have just begun our journey on this course and all indications point to smooth sailing ahead, our chief brainstormer seems to be dozing at the wheel a lot and his ideas  for how to keep this idea afloat become more farfetched every hour. We have injected him with neurotoxin to see if it proves to be a successful stimulant to his senses so we don’t veer off course, and so far the only thing it has done it cause him to murmur incoherently about Cirque de Soleil. *sigh* He has more blog posts to write…..


Day 1 – Post-Patch Aggression: 4.3 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Day 2 – Not one, But TWO New Boss Kills


Not One, But TWO Boss Kills


Two new boss kills and well as day two of Apotheosis venturing into Dragon Soul, this time to take on Ultraxion and Warmaster Blackhorn, or Lootship 2.0 as he will quickly become known as. There was much hubbub regarding the Ultraxion fight after the first few days in Dragon Soul. There was a mechanic that allowed Paladins with Righteous Fury active, Druids in Bear Form, Death Knights in Blood Presence and Warriors in Defensive Stance to gain a bonus to their defensive cooldowns once Thrall cast Last Defender of Azeroth on the raid. This essentially allowed the defensive cooldowns of these classes to last 50% longer and have a 50% reduced cooldown. This issue has been fixed and I am happy to say we did not use, nor need this ability/exploit to kill Ultraxion at the end of the day.


Ultraxion itself was much harder in difficulty than the first four bosses, largely due to the high amount of raid damage taken towards the end of the fight. But there were a lot of mishaps at the beginning part of the night….


… And I was the reason for them.


The infamous first attempt – While successfully dispersing the first hour of twilight, I managed to let fading light show me how on top of the fight I was, and didn’t even notice that I was debuffed with it. Boom, 1 Hit KO and the raid is wiped shortly thereafter.


Attempt 3 – I have managed to figure out where the debuff tracker of mine is since my limited addons were all wonky being out of date. We get through a full round (3) of Hour of Twilight rotations, however as the fourth hour of twilight comes along, I notice I have archangel ready as well as 3 shadow orbs and my shadowfiend. POP ALL THE CDS! As I relish in seeing the 6 digit yellow number fly onto my screen, I erroneously hit my heroic will button and go into the normal realm, causing Ultraxion to Twilight Erupt, one shotting everyone.


I have this erratic condition, you may have heard of it, its called Tunnel Vision, and it randomly reappears at the wrong times, you know when other people are kind of depending on you to execute or its a wipe.  BAD BAD BAD NO NO NO WRONG BAD watching damage buffs over debuffs. And its not done yet…


Attempt 6 – Fading Light? Check. Taking each Hour of Twilight your assigned to? Check. We have made serious progress and are getting to the point Nozdormu has granted us his effect, when all hell is breaking loose. Health is fluctuating at the point you can be full health one moment and verge of death the next. Well wouldn’t you know that Einstein here decided he was safe to cast his execute since he appeared to be topped off, and then ends up as a corpse soon after from recoil and rewind time. 2 piece cant come soon enough….


Not a great start to the night so far, but right before our break we managed to dispose of Ultraxion and get some chests for people who like being on the Vanquisher Token. After our break, I called a meeting of the priesthood for a little mischief. For a while now, a certain mage has had (and still does) a bounty on his head for anyone able to successfully kill him in raid, not due to boss mechanics. Welp, here looked like a great shot for this to happen. We coordinated a grand chain of life grips for when the ship took off so that he would fall to his doom, while two of us priests would pull two other priests back onto the ship while he was left behind.  But of course, Blizzard loves mages and instead of the ship, you know actually taking off a la gunship, it just magically fuck appears in the middle of the sky with everyone in the center of the boat. Unbelievable, all that work foiled by lack of animation motivation. We WILL get you one day…..



Onto Warmaster Blackhorn, this fight is really easy once you unlearn the concept of not standing in bad to stand in bad, and then go back to avoid standing in bad again.  I never felt so proud for standing in so much bad in phase one, the purple really had a calling to me. There is a neat little trick I found (that may or may not get hotfixed) but the bubble area where the aspects are on this ship was unable to be targetted by Goriona’s twilight Blasts or Warmaster Blackhorn’s cone Shockwave. If only our priests could conjure up something powerful like that with their barrier…… alas, just a shiny opaque bubble that lacks a ton of purple. After a few wipes from unmitigated Twilight Blast damage in phase one, we were able to clean up phase one and move into phase 2 cleanly. And on the second, and infamous last pull of the night, were (with a little bit of luck and rogue tanking) able to  kill Warmaster Blackhorn with a scant 5 people left alive, that trick earlier mentioned allowing me to be one of those 5! The best part about the fight: The Deathwing-on-a-Stick Staff that dropped for us, a very nice model indeed.


All that is left for us now is Deathwing, and then on to heroic modes. TOO SOON APOTHEOSIS? I guess time will tell. Congrats to everyone on 6/8 and to those guild that have killed Deathwing already, until next time…. hey, thats tomorrow….!


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