The 25 Days of Christmas (Blogging) – Day 3

No progression to talk about this time, instead the players at hand are on topic today, specifically priests (since the person who writes this plays one primarily >.>).


Day 1 – Post Patch Aggression: 4.3  – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Day 2 – Not One, But TWO New Boss Kills

Day 3 – One….  Two….. Three Shadow Priests…..


One…… Two…… Three Shadow Priests……


Some people like having their enemies brought to them alive so they can take pleasure in killing them they way they want to see fit, others would enjoy nothing more to see a well placed blade or arrow through the heart of their opponent as they stand over their corpse. Here at Apothesosis, we prefer watching our enemies have their face melted right off of them. In our roster, we have 3 active and  exceptional shadow priests who raid on a constant basis with us. This works out well for our 25 man raid composition in my opinion, by having a lot of similar specs in the raid, I feel that that particular group of players can learn and grow from each other based on their playstyles and incorporate bits and pieces of them into their own unique brand. That is to say, lets not get carried away and have 2/3 of your group as one class, but having a good core of one class and role can serve as stability and a cornerstone especially if every person is open-minded.


Enter the Priests:


Arolaide – Beermaiden Arolaide of Westfall. A once devout holy priest, this character has made a full time reconsideration to the dark side of things. An enthusiast of dotting all the things, she was recently seen inside Dragon Soul with her longtime friend Mind Sear en route to Deathwing himself. Her manifest is solely on haste and all things not Bud Light. Her debates on crit are something of marvel, much like debating whether Keeping Up with the Kardashians was a bad show, or worst show ever. The last person to approach her with said beverage in hand was not seen again. While not raiding, she can be seen in any of dwarven distilleries giving them tips on how to not suck at brewing alcoholic refreshment. Dont believe me? Its all documented, clear as crystal. And a belated happy birthday to this particular priest as well, here is to another tasty year!


Serrath – “The New Guy”. Luckily for him, Serrath came into the good graces of Arolaide upon joining Apoth and was not instantly turned to stone upon revealing his affinity for limed Bud Light. Like Aro, Serrath was once a long time follower of the light in being a holy priest and he too has crossed over to the dark side. We have cookies over here folks, we really mean you no harm, even Hypnotoad thinks shadow priests are doing it right! A former lavish Blood Elf, Serrath shed his aesthetic appearance for the Wolvish appearance of the Worgen, we welcome you to the fold dog man. Serrath is also new to another type of media, give the guy a welcome to the media here and bring him up to speed on some happenings here and there.


Dahrla (retired) – “The Veteran”. Dahrla has been a part of Apotheosis for as long as I can remember. While she has stepped back from active raiding, her contributions to the guild have been missed in her time away. For the time being, Skyrim has taken over, speaking of which, there’s a ranger around here that needs playing, just one more quest and I will finish this post, I promise, no really we can stop whenever we want….. Anywho, we hope you come back one day Dahrla, we at Apoth miss you in raids!


That’s about it for the cast of characters and their biographies, stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode.






Oh, and if you were wondering who the third active priest was, allow me to say “Hello!”, My name is Srs, you must be new around this part of the internet, allow me to welcome you to your stay here and as long as you are around, please do enjoy the ride.


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