The 25 Days of Christmas (Blogging) – Day 5

I had a little  bit of writer’s block today, when think about something to write for my day 5 entry. I ended up having a lot of ideas for the end of this, not so much in the front half of the days as they count by. I tried approaching this much like I would writing a story, having the end already played out, and filling in the plot as I went along…


Day 1 – Post Patch Aggression: 4.3 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Day 2 – Not One, But TWO New Boss Kills

Day 3 – One……. Two….. Three Shadow Priests

Day 4 – Why I Decided to Write A Blog

Day 5 – The Classes, In Masses


The Classes, In Masses


Usually I just stick to my own classes that I dabble in, but today i figured I would try and give my own unique interpretation of the classes and specs for every class out there, not just the ones that I happen to play as of now. These will be set up in a short haiku style repeating once over, for 6 lines per class!


Death Knights


Cold Touch, Blood Plague Bold,

Howling Blast To Finish Them.

Pestilience, Disease,

Summon a Pet too.

Create a Cover of Blood,

Death Strike Til the End.




Laser Chicken pew!

Explode Mushrooms, Shooting Stars.

Bare tank is good friend,

Cat form is for fight.

Healing all the things, tree of life.

Efflorescence, hots.




Master of Beasts, Focus,

Beast Within, Intimidation.

A Master Marksman,

Versatile With Shots.

Thrill of the Hunt, Black Arrow

Entrapment is Key.




One, One, One, One, One,

With Blasts and Missiles Sometimes,



Cold Water Like Icy Veins,

Here for PvP.




A Beacon of Light,

Lays Hands to Assist Battle,

Holy Warrior,

In Pursuit of Honor.

A Divine Guardianship,

Light Guiding Their Path.




Power Infuses Over,

Suppresses Pain From Within.

An Angel Cries Out,


The Shadow Clone Army walks,

Mind Quickening Thoughts.




Master of Poisons,

Use Daggers to make their Point.

Put a Sword in Hand,

Sieve through packs with ease.

Stunlock their enemies cold,

Bloody Hemmorhage.




Lightning, Fire, Water,

Savage Elements Gather.

The Fury of Storm,

A Flurry of Wind.

The Shield of Earth to Protect,

Tidal Wave of Life.




Devoid of Emotion,

Drain The Soul of Thier Victim.

Transform, Demon Seed

A Fel-blade Cracks Bone.

Hellfire and Brimstone Surface,

A Desolate Void.




A Resonant Blow,

Bleeds Deep, Closes the Wound Slow.

Pick Up A Second,

Sword, Berkserker Rage.

Safeguard Our Allies To See,

No Harm Come to Them.


I don’t think I should go into poetry anytime soon, for fear of not only losing my mind, but causing other people to lose theirs as well….


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