Epilogue: Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest

January 20, 2012 – The culmination of both individual and group work efforts to achieve a primary and secondary goal reached fruition in the form of a highly sought after item for both pve uses and lore idolatry:


Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest


Yes, at long last I can now call Dragonwrath my own. After 5 years of playing this game, this has been the first legendary I have received, and coincidentally happens to also be practical to use in a raid environment. It has been what has seemed like an eternity since the last time I even mentioned a questline, the last part of this quest chain took a bit longer to complete with the release of Dragon Soul occurring while I was in the midst of siphoning essences.


At the last point in the quest line, we had seen that the Blue Dragon Council has called an assembly outside the Nexus in Coldarra to appoint either Arygos or Kaelcgos to the position of Prime Aspect for their respective flight. After wintessing the council meeting, Kalecgos sends you back into the Firelands one last time….. (or so he tells you) to vanquish Ragnaros and to return to him with the Heart of Flame, the last component needed to create a suitable resting place for Tarecgosa.


Heart of Flame


Unfortunately for you, Kalecgos fails to tell you that you will also need 250 essences from the powerful creatures of the Firelands in addition to the heart. These essences come from the first 6 bosses in the zone on both difficulties, 25 man giving a good deal more than 10 except on heroic. I began collecting my essences on 25 man heroic difficulty midway through November, however we only had three weeks until Dragon Soul came out, so I ended up near halfway done with the number of essences I was collecting. After that, 10 of us went back in and started clearing out the place on heroic, cutting the number of boss kills I needed in half. Siphoning the essences off a boss is not hard, you just need to be in range of said boss and use the effect on your Branch of Nordrassil to siphon the boss. Only one person can siphon a boss before it loses its smouldering effect. While siphoning, your character becomes immobile and you can not manually perform any other action (even logging off) until the channel is complete. The channel effect lasts 9 seconds each time you siphon any number of essences off a boss.


Just one of the many bosses you will siphon, in this case, Lord Rhoylith. Uh.... pay no attnetion to that not corpse that you don't see there.


To your dismay, you cannot get essences from Ragnaros on either difficulty setting, which leaves you at a maximum of 6 bosses a week, with a maximum of 66 essences a week in 25 man and 48 in 10 man. That about it for essences, the only additional part that you get to have fun with comes from the encounter with Ragnaros himself, once you get 250 essences collected. When you have the 250 essences collected and engage Ragnaros, he will perform an extra yell emote saying that Deathwing has prepared him to face the vessel of Tarecgosa, and will imbue whoever has the 250 essences with a debuff called Rage of Ragnaros.  Rage of Ragnaros itself does not harm you, but instead serves as a nice  buffer for people to treat you as if you were carrying the Bubonic Plague around with you. Every so often, the debuff will trigger a countdown on you that when it reaches 0, will deal 50-65k fire damage to all allies within 10 yards of you. If you manage to die while having this buff, you will be unable to loot or spawn the heart of flame that comes from the pool of lava Ragnaros submerges in when the fight is over, so you do need to survive the encounter, even if you are the last one up. The heart of flame you need to loot will spawn in the middle of the pool of lava and look like a small fiery ball floating just above the surface of the lava. You will need your healers to spam heal you while you swim out and click on the gear box that highlights when you are in range of it to loot your heart and complete the quest.


Your Branch of Nordassil and 250 essences meets Ragnaros, the root of the problem. Hmmm.... tree puns in one caption.




You proceed to return to Stormwind or Orgrimmar to Hallegosa, a special phased NPC that only people on the Heart of Flame quest can see in their respective districts to turn in your heart and accept on final quest, The Stuff of Legends, upon which a grand Blue Dragon ceremony will start in either city occupying  most of the visible air space, its really hard to miss unless your camera is set to be facing down all the time.


The Stuff of Legends


This quest is pretty straight forward, you follow Hallegosa over to the left of Stormwind Cathedral where a hover disc, like in the Malygos encounter, comes down to pick you up and take you to above the city where the blue dragons are flying. Your image will be projected onto the skyline with you riding Tarecgosa for a 2 hour duration, so pick out your best transmog set, evening wear or leotard, up to you! However, as of the 4.3 patch, you will need to remove yourself from any raid group before getting credit for the last part of the quest of witnessing the blue dragonflight ceremony in either city. Do not worry though, if you turn it it while in a raid, Hallegosa will respawn shortly after you descend from the platform and you will able to drop the quest and pick it up again for completion outside of a raid group. Unfortunately for me, my plan for using a disguise a top did not come to fruition ans the disguise was kicked off as soon as I got onto the platform and began to rise towards the dragons. I had wanted to model as a tree of life using a potion of illusion as I handed the quest it and mounted theplatform. The end result will look something like this, albeit, not as cheesy:


Shadow Tree didnt turn out so well, Horatio.... Mane? instead of that.


If you have reached this point, congratulations! You are now the proud owner of the best caster staff in the game to date, you also have access to Tarecgosa’s Visage, and effect that turns you into the avatar of Tarecgosa, making you a flying blue dragon mount, making you the center of attention for all your blue dragon lore buff friends. Lets see just what exactly this thing is capable of now.


The Care and Feeding of Your Dragonwrath


While the stats, gem sockets and secondary bonuses of Dragonwrath are on par and slightly ahead of normal Dragon Soul level gear, the feature of this staff is that whenever you deal damage you have a chance to instantly duplicate the damage dealt of the spell. This is a proc that was effectively nerfed in the 4.3 patch but still sis a very powerful bonus that will provide a marked increase in output. I ran two tests to see how the proc fared on a single target and two target encounter, I ended the test when I ran out of mana on each pass. For the two target fight:


A fairly healthy boost to damage from a proc alone.


And for the single target fight:


Even better in this case.


At around a 6.5-7% value of your total damage, this item alone takes someone who does 30,000 dps on a fight and boosts them to between 31,950-32,100 dps just from the proc alone, it is certainly something for any caster to considering finishing if they are using a non-heroic DS weapon if they want to see some slightly better numbers on their own end (and you have a great group of guild mates who enjoy going back to Firelands on nights off). But dont take it for granted, Dragonwrath is also something that should only be used in the hands of a trained professional, as one wrong move could spell trouble for nearby allies. Also, feel free to head directly into your nearest battleground upon completion of this, your local healers will flock to you like Snooki flocks to a free Kashmir handbag. And watch the carnage unfold.


Faceroll with friends.


The Mount Special has quite the unique sound clip.


I know what you're thinking. Did I cast one spell or two? Well. In all this excitement I've lost track myself, so you have to ask yourself one question. Do you feel lucky? Well. do you friend?


Thank you again to everyone who helped with the process of this, it was well worth the wait, and without those people, it would be not have been possible!


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  1. Congrats, Srs, and well deserved! I’m interested to see how much more you tear up the charts than usual – I’m jealous, too. 🙂 Very glad to hear you got it finished, though!

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