We’ve Saved the World, Just in Time to Again Save the World

The world is saved! Evil no longer reigns over Azeroth as on May 13, 2012, Apotheosis of ET successfully cleared the Heroic  Madness of Deathwing encounter, being the first and only guild on our realm to do so on 25 man difficulty. The fight took considerably less time to conquer than the previous fight on Spine of Deathwing, but the duration of the encounter is what can take a toll on your night of attempts/kills. Our kill took almost 14 minutes, compared with some other fights in the zone which take less than 5. Speaking of which, if you are a skilled dps and want to be a part of our team as we continue to save the world in the near future and going forward into Mists of Pandaria, you should check us out over at Apotheosis!


Madness of Deathwing


The elements of the fight are still relatively the same on heroic, however, there is the addition of two new elements, the Corrupting Parasite and Congealing Bloods that the raid will have to contend with. Kind of like how one has to contend with a particular group of in-laws friend who plays music really loud in the car that may rub them the wrong way.


  • Corrupting Parasite – Affixes itself to a random (non-tank) raid member, dealing increasing fire damage over 10 seconds before exploding from the host. The parasite has roughly 9 million health and will deal 10% of its remaining HP to everyone in the raid if not killed. Basically, if you ignore this, it will explode and hit you for 900k if not killed. With a 20% nerf, this has about 7.2M hp now, and you should get about 2 parasites per aspect platform unless your dps manages to get the tentacle down quick enough.
  • Congealing Blood – Once you get to the final stage of the Deathwing encounter, he will start to periodically increase his fire damage to you based on his remaining health. At 15%, 10% and 5% he will spawn a set of 10 congealing blood at one of three random spots on that platform. Each blood that gets to him heals him for 1% of his total HP, and if he is healed over one of those percentage indicators, he will spawn another set of bloods. They can be slowed, but not stunned or knocked back, heavy aoe and spellweave cleave should kill all 10 of them before they get to the boss.


Raid damage also tends to get very high at the end, liberal usage of your dream will help at the end. And for our kill, most players used it between 3 to 4 times on the platform, some as many as 8 times, which made all of our healers very happy. As a shadow priest, you will really like this fight. There is always at least 2-3 things to apply dots to, your talents let you mitigate the most incoming fire damage possible, and when blood are our you get to unleash your twisty ribbons of face melty destruction upon them. Getting to the last 5% starts to get the adrenaline running, you see his health fall below 2% thinking you have the encounter beat, when suddenly you see 6 bloods racing towards him about to heal him…. and then suddenly………!


You’re the Savior of Azeroth. You’ve killed all possible content on the highest difficulty setting for the first time (while it was relevant). And you have the proof to show it:


25 people went into the Dragon Soul, 25 people came out of the Dragon Soul. Congratulations!


But evil only rests for a moment. It is never truly vanquished. For the dawn of a new, reborn evil is upon us:


Evil. is. Back.


I am completely stoked about the upcoming challenge, and at the same time proud of what the team of a 25 man guild has accomplished in the past month in WoW. To my guild folks, how does getting through all that content finally feel after what seemed like beating our heads off the wall some nights? And for everyone who reads, are you ready to lend spell or sword to the evil thats 11 years in the making?


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