Dear Diary,


That kind of feels weird to type that out, even though its almost implied every time I sit down to write one of these posts. I have nothing really new to add as far as being a priest goes, the beta is starting heroic testing for raids today, and our current design still feels clunky and far from a finished product, with a bunch of our tier talents being proc-based in order to gain a competitive advantage. Dragon Soul is also getting hit with the 30% nerf today, which should all but solidify a one day a week raid schedule for our guild. Which will also mean a lot more time to pvp, job not withstanding. Today I am going to talk about something I really haven’t seen in the community at all:


You, The Reader


Back when I first started writing this blog, I wanted to share some of my experience and findings over my playing time. It started out as a small hub for people who had played a priest and needed a few resources for helping their play. But much like the game and society, it began to change and evolve to things that were going on in the guild at the time, contemplating the practicality of people playing offspecs, to things happening in real life, overburdening at work. To this date, I feel have the topics that have spun off from this blog since inception have helped to mold and polish me as an author. I also feel they have been the most highly publicized works I have done, either via comment, retweet or view. None of which would be possible without you guys.


Over the course of writing my blog, I started getting to know to know people outside of the game, even meeting up with multiple handfuls of them at Blizzcon, and have continued my friendships with them to this date. To the point the game aspect has evolved from game to real life, that we communicate on a first name basis and are privy to such information as birthdates, cell phone numbers, and the like. I am certainly not the only person who has experienced this, as it happens all throughout our community. But to the people I have go to know at the level, thank you for having me along with you. Its nice knowing that when this game is gone (if that day ever comes, it might not!), that I will be able to take something away from it with me.


I like to think that I am a decent writer for the goals I wish to accomplish. If you have ever laughed, rolled your eyes, learned something, gained a perspective you may not have had before, questioned me, or felt something you otherwise didn’t before sitting down to read my few paragraphs and continued on through the day. Then I have done my job as a writer, thanks to my returning (and sometimes new) readers. I like to write about things I have not seen in the community before, areas that people haven’t ventured into or otherwise won’t, which certainly broadens the horizon for what might come in the future. (And is the basis for this post itself.)


  • If you have ever left a comment on my blog, Thank you.  While I don’t peruse blogs with much enamor like I used to, I do hope to find something in blogs where I can comment someday.


  •  If you have retweeted my blog, thank you. I appreciate you doing that because you want me to advance in what I do, and I hope you appreciate that I return the favor in kind for the same reason if you have a blog.


  • If you like what you read, thank you. It continues to give me reason and purpose to write this blog.


Its astonishing to me to think that this blog has been up and active for 11 months now, and its still going. I never saw myself writing some of the things I have, nor getting to know some of the people close to me a short year ago, but it has been an experience I can never duplicate and certainly never replace. And I can say that it has been worth every second and every word I have written if everything above is true, and it is.


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