Happy Blogiversary! – Changes on the Horizon

Its been a whole year since this whole zany idea first took flight, even Ameila Earhart would be proud, crazy right? Now its on to the future, new things, big things are coming, and coming in a hurry! (Take for instance the new layout, snazzy isn’t it?)

Changing of The Guard

With the coming of Mists of Pandaria, Apotheosis is undergoing a change into the future, with leadership changing directions. Our GM, Kurn, is stepping down and away from the game, and to her, the best of luck going forward. That being said, I welcome our successor, Jasyla, and look forward to the new direction and challenge the guild will conquer under her watch. In addition to her and Majik stepping down, Slout, Chronis, and Sara have all stepped up as well for the guild. The changes are coming quickly as well, with the imminent release of the 5.0.4 patch, which will bring us….

Changing of the Talents

YES! Self-buffed Power Infusion? 1 Minute Shadow Fiend? GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS. One thing that has priests’ interest piqued is the Level 45 talent, Mindbender. Replacing shadowfiend and reducing the cooldown from 5 minutes to 1, but returning only half as much mana. While mana isn’t a core concern for shadow priests, the interesting concept is if the 4 piece tier 13 bonus will function with Mindebender. If it does, GOOD LORD DPS EXPLOSIONATION EVERYWHERE, but at the same time HATE HATE HATE MIND SPIKE HATE HATE HATE. And the best part: No shadow altered tier 90 talent of recycled ideas! And maybe the servers will be stable enough as well, so everyone can test their changes on the target dum—

*You have been disconnected from the server.*

Changing of the…. Home?

Not for me anytime in the well foreseeable future, however for people who may be looking for a home, or a change of pace from their current one: Do you happen to be searching for a guild to be a part of in Mists of Pandaria? Do you want to be a part of a guild with longevity and adaptability? Do you use the word Tappen as a part of your daily rhetoric? We can still use a few more bodies at Apotheosis to make the transition of the first change easier, specifically casters, dare I say another Shadow Priest?! Check us out today! (No shame whatsoever, none.)

Changing of the Blog

Writer’s block is a pain, especially when you want to talk about something but it has already been beat into submission. Still! Shadow priests are awesome, and will continue to be awesome no matter what change Blizzard throws at them. Even though a lot of people like to gang up on us in battlegrounds, we can still get the better of all our adversaries. This one time, a rogue decided, HEY THIS GUY IS LOW HEALTH WATCH THIS. I also left my PvE gear on because DAMNIT IT WORKS BETTER FOR ME OK?, and after using every cooldown in 5 seconds (LIKE A TOTAL CHAMP), finally killed me through dispersion. HE WAS SO PROUD GUYS. He even took time to plant a flag of ownership in me and do some /taunt emotes! But he forgot one thing… I had a soulstone! I popped right up and Shadow Word:Deathed him in the face, dead. Moral of the Story: MORE SELF REZZING SHADOW PRIESTS. With Mists coming, there will be a lot of new ideas and concepts to peruse and write about. However, after talking to some fine folks, a fresh infusion, a tangent of dialogue is needed to freshen up this place. Once Mists is released and we are squarely into leveling an raiding, this site will feature more Mad Libs/Improv/Storybook writing, where even you the reader can add your own twists and endings to the ideas present!

It has been a pleasure to write for everyone who has read anything on this site over the last year, and I hope you took something away, humorous or informative from your reading! Here’s to another year, of new and improved!, blogging. Cheers!

And as an cliche internet meme once said:

“You could say that writing this post was just…”

Wait for it…….!

“… Simply Business as usual…”


Or something like that, was pretty sure that’s how it went at least.


2 Responses to “Happy Blogiversary! – Changes on the Horizon”

  1. Happy Blogiversary! Congrats on your first year, Srs!

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