PSA: Why You Should Include World of Logs on WoW Applications

Greetings prospective applicant! Its just about that time for you to hit the submit button to try and get into that guild you feel is the best fit for you! But wait! Before you hit that button, ask yourself a few questions:

– Is my gear properly gemmed, enchanted, and up to proficient item level?

Iz my grammer akseptable?

Did I answer every question in its entirety?

– Did I include a World of Logs parse?

Every guild template is different for their application process. However, skipping out on questions is something that will only serve as a detriment to yourself in the long run! We want to get to know you, the player, as much as we can before accepting you into the guild, answering in as little detail and omitting things, would be like trying to eat a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich with no bread! Or proposing to your significant other without a ring, it just doesn’t work! Some guilds do not require a World of Logs (WoL) parse in their applications, and that is perfectly fine. For you, including a WoL parse shows that you can follow directions, go above and beyond if the guild your applying to does not require it, and shows you have mastery using the client and perhaps even your class if the data is favorable!

Leaving questions blank or only answering what you want in certain questions is going to leave the people reading your app with foreboding questions, such as:

– Why is this person leaving things out of their app?

Are they trying to hide something from us?

Is this application also indicative of their playstyle?

Why am I reading these questions in Morgan Freeman’s voice?

Setting up WoL to use is a relatively painless process. First star by going to World of Logs and signing up with them. Next, you will need to download the client from their site in order to upload your data later. If you are not part of a guild, you will need to make a guild on the site (for storing purposes) and upload your data to that space. When you open the WoL client, type /combatlog before the first boss to begin recording your data. At the end of the night, type /combat log again to end the parse. Your logs will be stored in a subfolder inside where WoW is at. Select the data file you wish to upload to the site from there. A full tutorial and guideline can be found here at their help center.
Success! You now have raw data for yourself and others to see, and to serve as a grading tool (largely, not entirely) for a player’s performance in raids. This will make it much easier on yourself and your prospective guild you are applying to to go through your process. May it serve you well  in your search for a home.



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