Underneath the Halo.

Greetings grasshoppers. Pandaria is now in full effect and it is with great zen-like patience that people have made it to level 90 and into raids with all of the adjustments to gear and stat levels at this time. By now, a lot of players are probably level 90 and with level 90 comes the final tier of active abilities to use at your discretion. The abilities priests gain are very powerful, and can have a dramatic impact if used properly!

You may experience a period of meditation in your travels.

The three new abilities you can choose from are Cascade, Divine Star, and Halo. Each of these abilities can be a powerful tool in combating multiple mobs or to help out in a raid scenario. Versus just one enemy, these abilities are rather weak and are designed to have an impact on multiple players and enemies at once. Some abilities favor a fixed, controlled play style, while others favor a very finesse style that runs at a high risk, high reward level. Here is what they look like:


Pinballing goodness.

Cascade is a very controlled spell, it does what it says it will do automatically regardless of player location. Cascade is similar to the Prayer of Mending ability in the aspect that it bounces from target to target, hitting targets farther away from the bounce, and never the same target twice.. From a DPS perspective, cascade in a raid setting does not seem overly viable for minimizing and maximizing unless there are 5 mobs up and tanked in 3 different locations. Cascade will appeal to players who like classic pinball with a hint of bumper cars and turning it into a spell to use. We’ll call it Pin Cars! Or Bumper Ball! …… Or maybe just Cascade, yeah that will work.

Divine Star:

I shoot magic into the stratosphere.

Divine Star is a nice ability that shoots a ninja death star of doom out in front of you 24 yards. And then with great boomerang physics, snaps back towards you. Anything in the path from you to your target will take damage, both while the star is traveling and returning. Divine Star is extremely effective if you are able to line up all of your melee/ranged in a 24 yard radius (and in small clumps) or the same with your enemies, but with the amount of effects going on in raid environments, that is almost impossible, aside from that one time it happened, somewhere! Divine Star is suited for more controlled situations. Divine Star is a spell for people who fancy seeing a burglar sneaking into someone’s house and then jumping out of the bushes and hitting them square in the eyes with a throwing star!


And your thought Mind Sear had ribbons of doom…

No, not that video game franchise that has “power armor”. Halo is a powerful explosion of light or shadow that damages all enemies/neutrals and heals all allies within a 25 yard radius. Halo is a finesse spell. That damage and healing that halo does increases the farther an enemy or ally is away from the priest. For this reason, if a priest has the halo talent, staying at 25 yards maximizes the dps and healing to melee part of this spell. This spell is very effective in healing intensive spots, such as epicenter on Feng the Accursed. Taking a few steps up before epicenter hits and then casting halo (while you have a -75% chance to hit debuff), will maximize the healing on melee and also heal the ranged group for a bunch moreĀ  as opposed to those 3 seconds you would normally be stacked on top of them. Halo is not an either or spell like cascade, and it not a straight line like Divine Star, it will heal and damage indiscriminately and the amount of damage and healing has a very high cap amount. It is for this reason I chose Halo as my level 90 talent, use it when you have spellpower procs to see some pretty amazing numbers! Halo is for the type of person who could sit at a computer and watch Youtube videos of atomic bomb explosions in the middle of a film segment all day long. It is also for the person who queues into Gnomeregan, unwillingly of course, and as soon as they see Mekgineer Thermaplugg they yell: “EXPLOSIONS! EXPLOSIONS! I GOTTA HAVE MORE EXPLOSIONS!” each time they engage the boss.

So what category do you fall into? Are you a pinball wizard who like to bounce around cascade? Are you secretly a ninja IRL who chucks throwing stars when people least expect it? Or are you a part-time pyromancer who looks forward to setting off fireworks, even on non-holidays? And how do you feel your own class is at level 90 in comparison to others?


2 Responses to “Underneath the Halo.”

  1. Just a healer Says:

    no to Halo, you will oom in no time and you know, we have max 300,000 mana now.
    Divine Star is nice for solo or even five man assuming your peeps are all within a short range of each other and its the cheapest of the three, so Divine away!
    Cascade, like PoM will bounce and heals the most on the players the furtherest away from you, so my choice for raid healing.

    • I like halo because its functionality of doing both damage and healing to anything within an expanding radius of you. Divine star seems like you need to have all of your ducks in a row, so to say, even with the cheapest of the three’s mana cost. I didn’t really consider the functionalities for questing and 5 mans, because a lot of stuff will die relatively quick in questing, as opposed to raid settings, either 10 or 25. In the end, choosing fun with functionality for you should be the talent to take. And when I do heal on rare occasion, Cascade is 100% the way to go.

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