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Push It to the Limit

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Have you ever experienced those moments playing WoW where you just have that feeling where you are doing everything right? Where your spells, abilities and timing all line up perfectly and you couldn’t possibly ask for a better string of procs, misses and crits while approaching the zenith? That is what is going to happen when you partake in challenge modes and the Brawler’s Guild.


“Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity.” – Roman philosopher, Seneca, 1st Century AD


Challenge Modes are a nice step up in difficulty from your standard heroic. The trash has considerably more health and all the bosses are level 93, which means your going to need more hit in your gear as opposed to the heroic lvl 92 mobs. Even going in to heroics wearing ilvl 463 gear, you can progress much faster as opposed to the challenge mode level. The first challenge mode I did a while back was Scarlet Halls. Scarlet Halls was an interesting instance because of how some of the pulls had to be done, specifically using invisibility potions after the first boss. Being the first challenge mode for some of the people I went with, it was a learning experience, as getting to the number of mobs kill required can be difficult while trying to skip enemies. We eventually got a bronze and for the first time going through, look forward for the challenge of coming back for a better time.


Fast forward a few months and we enter the Gate of the Setting Sun instance. Considered one of the “easier”, and by easier I mean MOTHER OF GOD IT HURTS easy, challenge modes, we set forth into the instance to see how it would pan out.  A few general tip for any group going in there: You are going to have to pull multiple packs at a time if you want to go for the gold medal time. For GSS, the gold timer is 13:00, which for 4 bosses and trash is cumbersome.  And now for shadow priest tactics!


Your spec and talent choices do matter, also your secondary stats (aside from hit) and going to be reduced for item normalization. And while its nice to aim towards crit and mastery, since its mathematically impossible to get to 8085 haste in ilvl 463 gear, you do want to have a decent bit of haste because you will be multi-dotting early and on every pull.


What to Bring with You!:

Depending on how long with wish to try the challenge mode you should bring:

– 1 to 3 Flasks of the Warm Sun

– 30+ Potions of the Jade Serpent (Use liberally, on every trash pull, make sure its available for boss pulls)

– 10 to 15 Mogu Fish Stew (+300 intel)



Tier 1: Psyfiend. You are going to be using your fear as a means of a disorient to take some pressure of your tank and healer. Void Tendrils just roots and you want a little staggering so your tank isn’t being plastered with anything other than beer at some point in the run.

Tier 2: Pick. Nothing here that will be gamebreaking for your run. If you get aggro on something, phantasm wont save you because most things will be a one or two shot on cloth.

Tier 3: From Darkness, Comes Light. With a full set of dots on mobs your are engaged with, you have many chances to gain Mind Spike procs. USE ALL THE PROCS when you get them.

Tier 4: Desperate Prayer. The occasional heavy splash from AoE will hurt and this will allow the healer to focus on the tank. Will also come in handy for a later macro.

Tier 5: Twist of Faith. Mobs constantly dying around you will give you about a 50% uptime on this buff for the instance, and 15% more damage in a timed run, absolutely.

Tier 6: Halo. When you are at length, and not huddled under a smoke bomb, halo will serve as a power side heal and damage source.



Minors: Any – These are nothing but cosmetics.

Majors: 1) Mind Spike – Reducing the cast of Mind Blast allows for more casts and the ability to cast on the run. 2) Inner Sanctum – 6% less spell damage taken, will help your healer a lot by the end of the run. 3) Dark Binding – Casting PoM and Renew, especially while in between packs will help conserve your healer’s mana, since you should be close to full most of the run.


Suggested Macros:

Set the tank as your focus, then:


/cast Void Shift

/cast Desperate Prayer


After a handful of pulls, we were able to engage Raigonn with about 2.5 minutes remaining. You are going to be ready to cycle people up to the Weak Spot asap to nuke it down, as its the hardest part of the encounter. With one final heroism and potion we gave the boss everything we had and got a time of……. 12:42! Our first gold level challenge mode completed. The composition was Brewmaster Monk, Arcane Mage, Frost DK, Shadow Priest, Disc Priest.

Hot Tips:  Dot all the things and use your Void Shift macro and Hymn of Hope  at your discretion.


The Brawler’s Guild

The Brawler’s Guild is a new feature brought about by 5.1. One can attain an invite to the guild one of three ways; By winning a bid off the Black Market Auction House, By getting a drop off one of the three horde(or alliance) rares in Krasarang Wilds, or by having a friend give you a pass after they get to rank 7 with the guild. The Brawler’s Guild is a place for people to test their individual strength against a set of increasingly difficult challenges as they move up in the ranks.


As I descended down the deeprun tram, a rowdy hooligan had shouted at me: “YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR FUCKING LEGPLATES!” And it had dawned on me that I didn’t even own a set of legplates to begin with.

As it starts out, the first few fights are about as difficult as one of the high level Pandaria rares, a bit of smart thinking and movement and you will progress to the next round. You can get some brawl specific potions from the quartermaster outside the ring, they cost 70 silver and can be used twice in a fight if used as a pre-pot. As you climb into rank 4 and 5, the fights start becoming noticeably harder, and you are going to need to use some creative thinking to further advance. By the time you get to rank 7 and 8 there are many elements now apart of the brawl, that you will have to keep track of 4 to 5 elements in order to survive. All fights in the Brawler’s Guild have a 2 minute berserk timer.


Because the brawling area is in a Cross-Realm zoning, you will be with multiple people at once, this is a good chance for you to group up and share buffs, to give yourself  (and others) the best possible chance to overcome the fight. Early on in the fights, your spec wont matter too much, as long at you keep dots rolling on the target. The biggest headache I (and most people) had was Battletron. Battletron received a health buff at now has 9.6M hp. It also spawns a set of 8 proximity mines around it, that will detonate for 75k damage each time a spell passes through one. This will create an opening which you can damage it through, but if Battletron drops below 5 proximity mines, it will re-create a brand new set. What this means is, you have to be able to do 82k dps, while being able to move around in the opening created by the mine explosions and heal yourself for the damage dealt to you. Abysmally hard. You will have to alter your spec some, in order to hit this timer before the arena fills with fire, instantly killing you. If you are just entering the Brawler’s Guild, try playing with this spec:


Tier 1: Psyfiend. The mobs will generally chew through the roots in 1 hit, while your psyfiend fearing mobs will allow so some time to cast some of your nukes, like Mind Blast and Mind Flay. And if you are feeling adventurous, try to MC one of your opponents, it might work!

Tier 2: Body and Soul. Using PW:Shield is a must, and with the speed increase, you should be able to get some distance to cast a nuke or dot when you aren’t tanking and need some recover time.

Tier 3: From Darkness, Comes Light. You are going to be moving a considerable amount on these fights, and getting a mind spike proc allows you to nuke on the run.

Tier 4: Desperate Prayer. While Angelic Bulwark has a shorter cooldown, it doesn’t absorb as much as the heal from DP, and you will only be able to use each once during a brawl.

Tier 5: (Shocker Alert). Divine Insight. As much as I have been an advocate for not using this talent, it shines a lot here, especially for the later rank when you need to dot and MOVE. The latter fights also have a lot more hp, so the amount of use you will get from ToF or PI is very, very small.

Tier 6: Halo. Same reasons as for challenge modes, high damage at long range that can be a difference maker on enrage fights.


You want to bring the same glyph setup and consumables to the Brawler’s Guild, but you can buy potions there instead of using the more expensive raid versions. Some tips for the Brawler’s guild:

– Let your Shadowfiend do some work! All of the mobs in the Brawler’s guild have a moderate threat table, so you can send your shadowfiend out and fade, allowing you to get off some nuke while your pet does the tanking.

– Don’t be afraid to take some hits. You are going to take some hits sooner or later, you can cast >>FIVE<< healing and absorb spells in Shadowform: Renew, PoM, Desperate Prayer, PW: Shield, and Vampiric Embrace. Take a few shots and show your opponents you can take what they can dish out. (Note: Fire still hurts, dont do it!)


There is nothing of overly incredible value that you can get from the Brawler’s Guild; A minipet and Rank 4, Heirloom First Weapons at Rank 8, and…..!

If you are dedicated enough to take on the rare Rank 8 challengers in combat, and are able to defeat one, you can get this swanky new (and permanent!) title!

The Hulk Hogan of Shadow Priests?

The Hulk Hogan of Shadow Priests?

Yes I did use the word SWANKY! That was in style in 2001, right? Anyways, if you are undertaking CMs or trying your solo prowess in the Brawler’s Guild, hopefully this helps out. Good luck!