Shop til You Drop! – Prioritizing VP Upgrades

We’ll return you to your regularly scheduled internet viewing in just one moment, but first!

Its 5 O’clock and that means its time to shop, shop, shop! That’s right! I’m your host, Serious, (unfortunately my sidekick Mr. Business is in a meeting right now), and for the next 5 minutes, I’m going to be giving away deals that will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Are you player with a little extra currency to spend? Can’t quite make up your mind on where to use those hard earned points? Well have I got a deal for you! And I will show you how to get the most out of all those excess points you may have hidden around! You might think to yourself, “Gee, where should I start first?” And as with any person’s arsenal, the item that provides the most benefit, is the weapon!

Raid-Finder, Normal, Heroic Weapons

Depending on what type of progression you are encountering to your liking, the type of upgrade you get should match the the highest level of progression you are playing in! You don;t want to spend your points on a raid finder item if your going into heroic encounters now do you? Maybe you’re just tired of the same old boring weapon you have had for a long time now, and are trying to move on from it, but just can’t.

The same  old boring and

The same old boring and

bland weapons we've had for a while.

bland weapons we’ve had for a while.

Do you feel like your going into raids with weapons that perform like these? Primitive, obsolete, like something a hozen may have made? No more! With the simple mechanic known as the item upgrade, you can take your primitive, outdated weapons and make them look brand spanking new!

More Intimidating and packs a

More Intimidating and packs a

a bigger wallop too!

a bigger wallop too!

And don’t they just look fabulous now?

“But I’ve had bad luck, and that weapon never seems to drop for me :(”

Hold the phone right there! I’ve got something that will sweeten the deal for you.

If you use the item upgrade for the weapon (and other slots) that is appropriate for your progression, I will throw in at a small cost of 90 lesser charms, 3 ELDER CHARMS, Guaranteed to make you either richer or the item that you want to drop, drop. And the charm renew each week! It’s a Must Have! And you might be asking yourself:

“Serious! How much would you pay for an upgrade like this?”

For a quality upgrade like I am offering I would pay upwards of 1200 VP for such a deal, BUT!, if you act now I will lower, yes LOWER, the cost for your upgrade from 1200 VP to only 750 VP! That’s over 35% off the original retail value. But wait, there’s more!

If you act now, I will throw in a second upgrade on top of your existing item for an additional 750 VP, that is practically getting two for the original price of one! That’s 1500 VP for 2 upgrades compared to the original price of 2400 VP, a 900 VP savings for you!

Sha-touched weapons are favored over the rest, simply because of the 500 stat gem. But once your weapon is upgraded, you’re going to need to accessorize around it! Are you tired of wondering: “Gee, I wish my item level was a bit higher so that I can perform better in raids.” (or maybe even pvp or the brawler’s guild?) Where should you prioritize next? The next place you shoot for, is upgrading items that wont be easily replaced until the next tier of content!


Trinkets provide the most benefit to upgrade, as they usually line up nicely with bursty (or healy?) cooldowns. Pow! Just what the doctor ordered, and if you have your best in slot item for you class covered, using the item upgrade on it, ensures that it may even be your best in slot for next tier! And no good weapon should go without an equally shiny and impressive trinket to accent it!

The shinies just became.....

The shinies just became…..

...shinier shinies!

…shinier shinies!

Yes, looks ARE deceiving! While such trinkets as the darkmoon card only give you and extra 200 intellect on the proc, the extra 200 intellect is HUGE for spells like Devouring plague which has a high spell power coefficient for its damage!

Were you lucky enough to win something off the Black Market Auction House? Are you an established raider killing heroic or elite content in Terrace of the Endless Spring? If you are, there is a solid chance you may have picked up your best item for that slot in your tier, and if you act now on these items for upgrading, I will give you the same offer for the weapons! Yes, Two upgrades for the low price of 1500 VP, you can’t find a better deal ANYWHERE!

Sometimes, however, one does not have the luxuries of the first two tier of upgrades.

The Remaining: Best Available Upgrade to You

Sometimes, we choose not to play as much as we have in the past, and we might only have time to run an LFR or do some dailies during our time played. But fret not! For even here, you too can benefit from the item upgrade system, no player shall be left behind! If your weeks consist of getting to run an LFR and doing some dailies, see what items may best help you if they were to be upgraded! Lets take a look at LFR and some rep rewards:

Items coming from the LFR tier fall at either 476 or 483 ilevel, which for weapons, is better than any reputation reward possible and gets sent up to the first level of upgrades. However! All reputation rewards in game right now are mostly 489, whith a few 496 from Operation: Shieldwall/Domination Offensive. In most cases, if you want to get the most out of your points, the reputation rewards are the way to go, and the upgraded versions will be close to raid level gear. Hey! Its like getting raid gear, without doing the raiding! Where else can you get a deal as good as this?

To recap, you get a weapon upgrade, heroic/elite/trinket upgrade, raid finder and reputation upgrades, and 3, yes THREE, elder charms to try and help you get that item, all for the low price of 750 VP per upgrade, that’s a direct savings of 37% straight to your currency tab! These upgrades will only be around for a limited time longer!! ACT NOW AND GET YOURS TODAY!!!

Voidbinder Lunshur or….

Billy Mays? You decide.

Billy Mays? You decide.


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