Gearing Up in Throne of Thunder

Hello everyone, now that 5.2 has been out and about for a bit and everyone has had a chance to get accustomed to their toons, especially priests, with changes to Shadow Word: Insanity becoming Solace and Insanity, as well as Shadowy Apparitions and the t15 set focusing around them, its time to gear up your face melter and dispense some multi-dottinal, YES I SAID MULTI-DOTTINAL, justice. Also, If you’re looking to dispense you’re muli-dottinal justice somewhere, why not here at Apotheosis? Lets take a look at the changes first so you can know what to expect going forward:


Solace And Insanity


Devouring Plague now causes your mind flay to deal 33% more damage per orb for the duration of DP being active on the target. For you, this means you get 3 mind flays per devouring plague that will deal double damage. The debuff lasts between 6 and 6.4 seconds, with your mind flay channel being around the 2.3 second area, with one 1 second GCD lost after casting DP. Leaves you with .4 to .8 seconds to start that last MF, and the damage buff will continue after the debuff expires.


Shadowy Apparitions


Shadow Apparitions occur when your shadow word: pain crits, and if you go for the 4 set t15 bonus, has a 10% chance to spawn when Vampiric Touch deals damage. The two set bonus also give your SA’s a 65% chance to increase the duration of your VT and SW:P, letting them deal damage one additional time. The two set bonus looks good, but haven’t we seen this song and dance before? Good job on creativity there. Up until recently, shadow apparitions had a cap of 3, but since then has been increased to 4, as well as having had their AI improved to move faster and now hit air targets sometimes. Ghostcrawler clarified this.  What intrigues me is this queue that now exists for shadowy apparitions. Its like telling us, we understand your class is strong in multi dot situations, like warlocks, but we are going to slow your proc based dps a bit here (on a spell that accounts for all of 0.7% of damage done). Not to mention if a target goes invis, like Megaera’s head, you lose all of those SA’s, and any that may now exists in this queue as well. This to me is why the 4 set bonus is something you want to avoid when choosing to gear up. I am personally not a fan of shadowy apparitions in their current state, and the last time I enjoyed them was when they first came out and had a 60% chance to proc if you were moving when the damage ticked on SW:P. And for high mobility fights, like most are nowadays, returning to this design would be a welcomed change in my opinion. Or you know, a 1% buff  to SW:P, VT, MF, and DP, would counter balance the “procs” and we could not center sets around a still flaky mechanic. <INSERT RAEG HERE>


So without further adieu, here we go!:



Hood of the Exorcist – Twin Consorts – +1318 Intellect  +950 Spirit +867 Haste  Yellow Socket  Socket Bonus: +180 Critical Strike

Analysis: The flamecaster’s crown has the best stats on it to start, but the 2 set is worth something, and over the other pieces to get, this is one you want. If it drops, Hood of the Crimson Wake is an upgrade over anything in the previous tier and raid finder, but mastery…. ew… Choice: Tier Helm


Shoulders (Knees and Toes?):

Shouldersguards of the Exorcist – Iron Qon – +998 Intellect+653 Critical Strike +715 Haste Red Socket Yellow Socket Socket Bonus: +120 Haste

Analysis: The shared dropped shoulders are really nice with a high amount of haste, if you can get them, or these, off jin’rokh good for you. If you aren’t as lucky with drops, the rep shoulders are also nice, despite lacking gem sockets, but the grind is going to take a while. In the end though, the tier shoulders have your ideal stats, and not only a red, but a yellow socket with a haste bonus in the end, and will complete your two set.  Choice:  Tier Shoulders



Robes of Mutagenic Blood – Primordius – +1398 Intellect  +990 Critical Strike   +907 Haste  Red Socket(2) Socket Bonus: +120 Intellect

Analysis: With two red sockets, and your 2 set tier 15 bonus already locked up, this item is just begging to be worn and increase your performance in a heartbeat. If you can snag a kill on Oondasta, these robes will definitely be a service to you. Likewise, since Primordius is a bit farther in the instance, these from the council, will also suffice. Blue sockets, you so crazy. Choice: Robes of Mutagenic Blood



Deadly Glare Cape – Durumu the Forgotten – +788 Intellect +510 Critical Strike  +556 Haste  Red Socket Socket Bonus: +60 Intellect

Analysis: This one is basically a toss up with the cloak from Dark Animus. It all depends how much hit you need in your gear at this point. And if you can kill Ra-Den (providing people get to that boss anytime soon), you should snag this little gem. Choice: Deadly Glare Cape



Vaccinator’s Armwraps – Horridon – +868 Intellect +579 Spirit +579 Haste

Analysis: Before I spiral off into reckless abandon, I would love to choose these bracers off of Primordius, but in the same vein, I also want my spells to actually land by having some spirit or hit since there isn’t a whole lot on the gear above this. if you are having trouble with Horridon, and have some extra valor to spend, the friendly rep bracers can and will tide you over.   Choice:  Vaccinator’s Armwraps



Handwraps of the Exorcist – Council of Elders – +1078 Intellect +774 Spirit +666 Haste  Red Socket  Socket Bonus: +60 Intellect

Analysis: Did you blink? Yes, those are the healer gloves. Their shadow counterparts have crit and mastery on them, our two worst stats, so choosing these with your token, may turn out to be a net gain, albeit maybe not with your healing priest comrades. If you aren’t pressed for hit though, pick up these off of the very next boss, Tortos.   Choice: Tier Healing Gloves



Cord of Cacophonous Cawing – Ji’Kun – +998 Intellect +748 Hit  +597 Haste  Red Socket Yellow Socket  Socket Bonus: +120 Haste

Analysis: One of the best itemized pieces in the gain, having 3 addition gems in your belt should prove advantageous to reforging and stat allocation, as well as the high amount of base hit. You should be able to reforge that into crit. If you have some valor to brun, and have already grinded some rep, the valor belt is very similar, but blah mastery bonuses akfbvxdjk.   Choice: Cord of Cacophonous Cawing



Leggings of the Exorcist – Ji’Kun and Nalak – +1599 Intellect  +1201 Critical Strike  +937 Haste   Yellow Socket  Blue Socket  Socket Bonus: +120 Intellect

Analysis: I can already hear my raid leader calling for my head at the thought of putting on pants.  If you can complete the second part of LFR, these legs are within reach for you and an upgrade to whatever you have from t14 (for the most part). If you get to Lei Shen and can get to your 8085 or (with new gear) 10,124 haste plateau, then Leggings of Cardinality jump to the top, with only Legs from Ra-den giving them a run. Unfortunately, they have mastery.   Choice: Leggings of Cardinality, if you need more haste t get to a breakpoint, Tier Legs.



Dam’ren’s Frozen Footguards – Iron Qon – +1078 Intellect +629 Hit +796 Haste  Red Socket Socket Bonus: +60 Haste

Analysis: Really Liking the amount of increased red sockets on this gear, it seemed a little sparse in tier 14.  If you know of a tailor, and have 6 haunting spirits, the crafted boots are a good option as well. Also, since Iron Qon is a bit in as well, the boots from Megaera are also nice, especially if you are at a haste plateau. Choice: Dam’ren’s Frozen Footguards



Torall, Rod of the Shattered Throne – Lei Shen – +668 Intellect +468 Spirit +298 Haste  +8926 Spell Power Red Socket  Socket Bonus: +60 Intellect

Lei Shen’s Orb of Command – Lei Shen (O RLY?) – +788 Intellect +589 Critical Strike +454 Haste Red Socket Socket Bonus: +60 Intellect

Analysis: Pipe dream situation to snag this combination from the same boss, but there are other options for your main hand, and off hands that are available sooner in the instance if you cannot get to or defeat Lei Shen. Choice: Torall and Lei Shen’s Orb.


Amulets and Rings:

Necklace of the Terra-Cotta Invoker – Trash Mobs – +788 Intellect  +564 Hit   +496 Haste   Red Socket  Socket Bonus: +60 Hit

Analysis: Well, this is a first for this expansion, something with sexy itemization that isn’t from a boss. The only other haste amulet has 2 blue sockets,unless you can kill Oondasta, and your other available option is from Megaera. Having a red socket and perfect stats puts the trash neck over the top. Choice: necklace of the Terra-Cotta Invoker.


Signet of the Shado-Pan Assault – Shado-Pan Assault (Friendly) – +868 Intellect +579 Critical Strike   +579 Haste

Durumu’s Captive Eyeball – Durumu the Forgotten –  +788 Intellect +588 Spirit +437 Critical Strike   Red Socket  Socket Bonus: +60 Spirit

Analysis: Lack of stand out rings this tier that are readily available, especially when one is your best come from a friendly rep reward. But the good news is that double dipping for both spirit and hit gear returns in this department. The bad news? Raden.


Last, but not least, Trinkets:

Breath of the Hydra – Megaera –  +1552 Haste And Your periodic damage spells have a chance to grant 7754 Intellect for 20 sec.  (RPPM)

Wushoolay’s Final Choice – Council of Elders – +1552 Hit And Your harmful spells  have a chance to grant Wushoolay’s Lightning, granting 1410 Intellect every 2 sec for 20 sec. (RPPM)

Analysis: And here is where dps is made or broken upon. With the introduction of RPPM (Real Procs per Minute) trinkets, there are a ton of combinations that are possible to get and standout. Wushoolay’s gives you some hit that is missing in your gear (and reforging will need to be done), while offering up a classic proc from an old favorite from Icecrown, the Dislodged Foreign Object. On top of this, it can proc side by side with Breath giving you 7754 + 14100 intellect at points in its duration, leading to massive Devouring Plague, Mind Blast, and Mind Flay(Insanity) numbers. The rep trinket, offers a nice haste boost, and a steady amount of intellect, but there are times when the RPPM trnket can proc back to back after its duration, which is 40 seconds of constant uptime in cases. However, it may not proc for a while, but sometimes you have to take a risk to get the rewards of better dps. (And from someone who goes slightly below hit cap, its a risk worth taking!) Other trinkets of note are: Chan’Ye’s Essence of Brilliance, Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen, and Volatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault. Choice: I don’t always take chances on RNG, but when I do, I make sure its high risk/high reward. Breath of the Hydra & Wushoolay’s Final Choice.


PHEW! I AM GLAD THAT GEARING IS OVER WITH. Now that you have your gear, lets see where your stats are at (before reforging and socketing):

Intel: +14023

Haste: + 9999, This number can easily get to 10124, anything over, send to crit.

Crit: +4959, This number will become higher after hit and excess haste are reforged down.

Mastery: +0  (GREAT SUCCESS)

Hit/Spirit (5100 to cap): +5902 Don’t Panic! This gives you great opportunity to reforge some into haste if you can to get that 9999 to 10124. And then the rest to crit.


If you like the shadowy apparitions mechanic, go for the four piece bonus, your shadow clone army will meander its way over to the boss with a steady continuation with the set bonuses, but I cannot truly believe that queuing dps procs is a way to help make the class longer in the longer run. The two piece will allow for more mind flays on your primary target(s), and should be something to shoot for. May your RPPM trinkets proc together and give you some sweet numbers appearing on your screen!



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