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For the Horde!

Posted in WoW on April 30, 2013 by Srsbusiness

Lok’tar Ogar brethren.


Priesting in depth has fallen to the wayside for the meantime, as nothing groundbreaking has really been unearthed on the class, other than more pvp balances, and we all love a good round of nerfs balances, right? So, being of the priesthood, it was time to give in and finally see the light. Yes after 8 years playing for team Blue, I found myself playing for team Red. This is kind of like a Team Jacob vs. Team Edward situation right? I wanted to make something that I could transition into easily, yet at the same time, have a level of diversity in the class so that it felt like I wasn’t doing the same thing over again. Going back to the vanilla roots, I wanted something that brought the aspect of my first class, a hunter, together with the shadowy coalescence of a priest.  And what happened next could only be described as an experiment gone awry in Professor Utonium’s lab, only with thrice the amount of Chemical X! A combination of shadowy erosion, a splash of servitude and despairty, and the twisted amalgamation of skin, spells and greed was born.


A pungent desecration of filth and greed. Show me the money!

A pungent desecration of filth and greed. Show me the money!


Meet Terizzle, a Snoop LION inspired goblin with looks that kill and swindling kills twice as effective to boot! The combination of hunter (pet) and priest (shadow) aspects was the perfect balance between both classes for something new to pick up from the get go, and so warlock it was. Once out of the destruction ravaging the Lost Isles and Kezan, it was on to greener pastures for this promising warlock.



After getting to level 35, Terizzle ran into a few friends he had seen in a far away place where people share their thoughts openly with other people. “Tweets?” He thought to himself. “I’ve seen these things before, I hope they aren’t dangerous.”

While leveling up and hanging out with a close group of friends, they had disclosed to him that they were trying to reignite their 10-man raiding team from what it was in years previous. As an admitted player for team Blue, he agreed to help where he could, but that his primary group was the main focus, offering up expertise and strategies when asked. How about those scenarios though? While being out of the range to get into heroics, or locked out of LFR, playing through the multitude of scenarios turned out to be quite fruitful for our warlock compatriot, as his first week of scenarios netted him 7 epic items from the greater caches, while his team blue counterparts HAVE YET TO SEE A SINGLE ONE.


Now at 90, Terrizle wanders the isle of thunder, cutting action shots like this:

Your soul IS mine.

Your soul IS mine.


In addition, he can be seen creating a rut pacing back and forth between the steps that lead down to the foot of Lei Shen, hoping a group to kill a certain flying electric dragon are forming up somewhere. (No really, where for art thou LFM Nalak groups?) He waits for the day where his friends call upon him, and on those days, he ventures into the Throne of the Thunder King, looking to lend spell and sword to vanquish the foes in front of him, when suddenly….


“HEALTHSTONE PLZ!”  “Can I get a summon please?!”

Eradication and decimation delayed for the time being, he gains experience in knowing his role via utility is now vital to the raid, and is something he needs to work on for future clashes!


Yes, double agent truly is fitting at this point in time, and provides some much needed balance, even if that means more time playing the game!


“Zug Zug”  “Hey, I finally have something OTHER than the Stables!”