Celestially Blessed

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd, 12.  Done. Thank goodness for that runestone guarantee from Lei Shen, otherwise I might have never received any. It almost became disheartening watching my luck turn up empty each passive week in LFR when others would get 4, or even sometimes 5 runestones over the last two bosses, but I digress.


Now that the rng based factor is out of the way, we can begin the skill based aspect of this part of the questline. After receiving my 12th runestone from Lei Shen, and ultimately killing him again for his heart, our good ol’ buddy chum, Wrathion tasks us with seeking out the celestials around Pandaria. Each celestial has a special challenge for adventurers to partake in and complete in the legendary questline, and while you have to visit each temple to see the kind of help they need, you are only required to complete one of the tasks. Being a priest, you have the option of doing the healer challenge, or caster dps challenge. Both challenges present obstacles that push your limits and will require you to use most, if not your entire, arsenal to complete them.


One thing you may want to bring with you, aside from a full complement of buffs from some of your friends if you can get them, is the Celestial Offering item,  purchasable from the August Celestials Quartermaster in your faction’s respective shrine. This item, depending on what task you pick, will either give you:



A) 10% Intellect while in the Temple of the Jade Serpent Area (DPS Challenge)

or B) 1000 Health Regenerated per second. (Healer Challenge)


While the healer buff does not look very attractive at all to enhance healing spells, it comes in handy for the healer challenge. Being the experimentalist, I decided to to both challenges to see how well they tested the array of skills. I must say, after seeing how the healer challenge worked, compared to the dps one, I was rather underwhelmed by the difference in difficulty. The fights themselves are drastically different.


Yu’lon’s Challenge


The Jade Serpent Yu’lon charges you with cleansing the remnants of corruption from the temple, specifically embodied in Wrathion himself. Wrathion ties a blindfold to himself and will begin to run to random locations near you. Once there, he beings to cast a frontal cleave that hits anything within a 180 degree radius for 200,000 damage. When you move out of the way of this, as well as his other attacks, if you position yourself behind him, you gain a debuff that increases all damage you deal to Wrathion while behind him by 150%, making quick concise cuts around his cleave something to shoot for. When Wrathion is at long range of you (30+ yards, he will channel an uninterrupted Rain of Fire that has a circle for where the spouts of fire land. Each burst hits for 45,000 damage if you get hit by it. The last major ability he has is A summon Corruption spell, that opens a pool of corruption on the ground, dealing 80,000 damage per second if you stand in it. In addition, 5 Corruption Spawns will come from it, and pursue you around the room. Their melee hits for between 25 and 35k. If you are able to keep yourself alive for the first 90 seconds of this fight, Wrathion will then summon 7 copies of himself within close range of each other. All of these copies will begin to channel Explosion, which will hit you for 500,000 damage if not killed. Each copy has only 1,000 health, but the cast time of eruption is only 3 seconds. Wrathion himself has 19,4 Million HP to eat through before you pass the challenge and get credit for the quest.



Void Tendrils: This will make managing the corruptions easier for a bit and will give you time to plant and refresh your dots, or get a couple of channels of Mind Flay: Insanity in.

Body and Soul: You are going to be using your Power Word: Shield off cooldown to mitigate some of the melee and not special hits from Wrathion, and the speed increase, will again help keep those pesky adds away long enough so you can cast some spells at Wrathion.

Solace and Insanity: While I like From Darkness, Comes Light on high mobility fights, with the gear you have going into this, including the meta gem, you should get 3 Casts of MF:I off during your Devouring plague, and it greatly outweighs the procs you will get from FDCL.

Desperate Prayer:  I know a lot of people use Angelic Bulwark, as its one less cooldown they need to manage. But, on a short fight like this, the extra 10% healing from desperate prayer may be the difference maker, opposed to a 20% absorb from AB.

Divine Insight:  This talent is still a cornerstone, with all the moving you will be doing. The free damage proc and shadow orb generator will give you more MF:I for the fight and  should make the fight beatable before he splits into 2, depending again on your gear level.

Halo: I was really tempted to go with Divine Star here, the only reason I did not, was because of the part where he splits and summons 7 copies. The adds are not stacked in a nice pile or line for you to sling your star through, and by the time cascade goes around, one or two may have exploded. Whereas, you could be in the middle of the copies and Halo will hit them all within 1  second, and Trivialize that part of the challenge.


Tips: Make sure the corruption spawns are all grouped up before you get close enough to them to use Void Tendrils, if you get enough distance, mind sear them down as their health is low, but make sure to watch for Wrathion’s cleave. Use desperate prayer early, as if you find your challenge running long, you will be able to use it again if the situation permits. Vampiric embrace only if you happened to get dazed by the spawns and make sure you use DP on Erathion at that time as well.


Chi’ji’s Challenge


If you are a dps with an itchy trigger finger, this challenge may be more suitable to your liking. Although you will have to use a true healing spec for this, and I chose to go holy because, I haven’t feasibly used either spec and just carried over the spec I had at the end of cataclysm. This challenge pits Wrathion against an avatar of his father, Deathwing. Wrathion will tank Deathwing for you, but takes 300% more damage from Deathwing’s attack than you would. The same corruption spawns appear as from the dps challenge, but have 1/5th of the health pool, making them relatively easy to deal with. The part where the blessing helps is where you need to heal Wrathion from larger hits by Deathwing, while at the same time dealing with the corruption spawns that are also hitting you. Similar to the DPS challenge, if Deathwing is alive after 90 seconds, he will disppaear and Wrathion will become stunned in the middle of the room. Similar to the Deathwing encounter, he will begin to take high damage from Elementium Bolts that will spawn on three sides of him, larger heals/Guardian Spirit/Spirit Shell is advised for this. The trick to this encounter is that it actually encourages dpsing as a healer. As each time you deal damage to Deathwing, you also deal 15% additional fire damage. While I don’t maintain a healing set, it helps using a dps set to make the encounter much shorter. Be advised, your mana regen will stink, and you will have to use your mana return cooldowns smartly. If at any point Wrathion’s health reaches 1, Chi’ji stops the encounter and you start over after ringing the gong.



Void Tendrils: Same as the dps challenge, buy yourself some time to channel hymn of hope, get some needed healing in, or unload a few smites and holy fires.

Body and Soul: Since you are not taking the brunt of any damage, there is no clear cut winner in this tier, but the speed increase of you if you shield yourself is nice from getting some distance on the adds.

Mindbender: Doing this in dps gear will require quicker returns of mana, and while Solace is decent, its in no way comparable to its shadow version in terms of results. Plus, its an additional dps boost that will shorten the encounter.

Desperate Prayer: Similar to the DPs challenge, if you find yourself in a bind with having both you and Wrathion deficient in health, whilst the adds are hitting you, the extra 10% can be the difference between surviving and a do-over.

Diving Insight: For holy, a Prayer of Mending Proc that automatically jumps from injured targets. This is nice because it does some work for you, as long as you are close enough to Wrathion so that the spell can use its charges.

Divine Star: Shortest CD of any spell in this tier and will accomplish both goals of this fight, by making quick work of the corruptions, and healing you and Wrathion twice. As well as burning Deathwing twice.


Tips: This challenge is actually pretty easy after you see it once or twice, you get to position the other elements of the fight around Deathwing and Wrathion, allowing you to take full advantage of a Void Tendril + Divine Star combination that should make stress on you a heck of a lot easier. The number one thing to be mindful of is your mana, as Wrathion only has 750,000 health, and a few hits from Deathwing without any sizable heals will end the challenge.


Once you complete the challenge of your choosing, its back to Mason’s Folly for another monologue about how the aspects have given us their aid, you are becoming the true champion of Wrathion’s cause, and how we as adventurers wish that he would just clam up and give us our reward already. And without further adieu, you are presented with your ilvl 600 cloak reward. Going into patch 5.4, you want to make sure you take the Jadefire Drape, as this has been designated the “caster cloak” and will receive the legendary proc in the next step of the questline, whereas the Cranewing Cloak will get the healer proc, even though you gain the benefit of spirit into hit. It is quite a step up from what you may be using previous to this, as it has 3 secondary stats and an additional 1000 intellect, and should make you quite happy the first eight hundred times you use it.


Best of luck in your challenge, and may the Celestials bless you.


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