Amped Up on Trinkets

With 5.4, now 3 weeks in the books, most people have been able to get a feel for how the new raid has been playing out. Most notably for players gearing up through another gear of content, they were re-introduced to an old friend, the Internal Cooldown (ICD) trinket. Attached to these trinkets are amplification values, that raise the amount of Crit, Haste, Mastery and Spirit by x% (varying from raid finder to heroic warforged) of the amount you have on your gear.


This is a nice solution for 2 aspects: It allows all roles to better line up abilities for when the next proc should happen, and it also bridges gaps for people who are close to a break point (28% crit for frost mages, 14973 haste for shadow priests, etc). As a class that is dominated largely by haste, we, as well as other classes that stack one secondary attribute, benefit largely one the one stat, and as an added bonus, get a small boost to hit via spirit increase!  (Hybrid Tax? I hardly knew ye…)


This starts the debate of pushing to the next haste breakpoint, since higher level gear is now obtainable. The next haste breakpoint is 18,200, and it only gives you an extra tick on Vampiric Touch. (Thanks Totemspot!) Unfortunately, a few problems arise if we try to get to the next break point.   Even at 14,873 rating (the current level most ToT geared persons should have striven for), we have whittled down our cast time of Mind Blast and Vampiric Touch to 1.05 seconds.


This is to say, there is not a lot of room left to go before we end up seeing haste as a baseline detriment, due to our casts being faster than our GCD comes back up. We already encounter this problem when our meta gem activates (although its a great time to spam the living bajesus out of Mind Flay), and during heroism, but Heroism + meta gem is amazing for Mind Flay: Insanity, as you can squeeze 5 full casts of MFI off with that, detriment otherwise. Also, 3 of our spells got buffed in the patch, making intellect a more valued stat now, even though it is unaffected by amp trinkets. With that being considered, its is best to not go full blown haste as you will lose out in the long run. This will slowly start to make your crit and mastery levels rise, which is good, especially since our new 2 set bonuses places emphasis on having a good amount of crit and mastery.


The amplification trinket we seek comes from Immerseus, and is aptly called, Purified Bindings of Immerseus. The ICD timer is almost moot for us, as the only CD we have that can line up with that is shadowfiend. Good timing of Devouring Plague can allow you to get possibly 2 Cycles of DP and MFI out of it. The other three trinkets we can use are The Black Blood of Y’Shaarj (Haste and Stacking Intel Proc (RPPM)), Kardris’ Toxic Totem (Intel Proc and 15% chance to do 1/3 Damage of Spell Proc) and Frenzied Crystal of Rage (3.33 % Chance to Cleave and ICD   intel proc).  Initially, I really like the Black Blood Trinket because haste and intel, what ISN’T to love! And I basically wrote the other two off. However, after getting a first hand look at the Garrosh encounter, I can 100% see the merit of using the Frenzied Crystal of Rage because, oh man ALL OF THE ADDS AT ONCE.   So for those about to amp, we salute you, but just remember to not get too amped up on stacking one stat for you priestly folk, or you might be in line for a serious crash (SRS BZNS) at some point down the line when you are on the bench.


Eye-Popping, Vein Bulging Goodness. (Results May Vary)

Eye-Popping, Vein Bulging Goodness. (Results May Vary)


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