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Three months ago at Blizzcon, Blizzard showed us their supplemental talent boards for all classes when they get to level 100. Much like current and previous tiers, each talent seems to have its merit depending upon what happens over the course of the fight. Whats interesting about these talents to me is each level 100 talents is drastically different from each other as far as play style goes. One turns you into a pseudo-shadow mage, the other gives you and additional DoT, for the envy of all of your warlock friends, and the other, elevates crit as a priority stat, away from the general haste trumping all concept. Here’s what they look like:


Divine Clarity:


Increases your damage by 40% to all targets not affected by your damage over time spells. In addition, your Mind Spike now reduces the cooldown of your Mind Blast by 1 second.  Direct damage shadow spells now benefit from Shadowy Recall (mastery.)


Shadow priests at heart may have twitched when looking at this talent choice, as being a dot class is what a shadow priest has become known in today’s playing.  But for a true single target fight, such as Jin’rokh in Throne of Thunder, this talent can have some appeal. That being said, there are some restrictions to what can be used with this talent. Such as, you would never want to have Divine Insight or From Darkness, Comes Light with this talent, as using these abilities would nullify the increased damage part of your talent, although your direct damage would still get benefit from mastery. Matching Power Infusion with this talent can make for some very quick burst when used, and your only filled would be Mind Fly insanity when you get to three shadow orbs. A very different direction from the usual shadow priest play style, and the thought of only having 5 buttons in usage instead of 8-10, certainly makes it appealing. It is almost assuredly geared for pvp in case of being locked out by interrupts and whatnot, but if you have a good mix of haste, crit and mastery, it may have some good situational pve use as well.


Power of the Void


Consume all shadow orbs to deal 250 (per orb) shadow damage every 3 seconds for 1 minute.


This is the part where we collectively wish for Mind Flay to act like Malefic Grasp, and make our dots deal a portion of their damage each time MF ticks. The interesting part here would be finding out what talent in tier 3 and 5 to take to make this talent most fruitful. With having 4 dots, haste and mastery rocket up in priority and crit becomes and after though as more ticks means more opportunities to get an additional proc on 4 dots at once. Instead of doing your normal DP -> MFI transition, you will have (about) every third going to use in Power of the Void, so will losing a MF:I every so often make From Darkness, Comes Light the choice to get, or will MFI still be supreme? Also, Divine Insight might be the winner in tier 5 if you really want to maximize your amount of how many MFIs you can get in 1 minute, and with high levels of haste and mastery, you should be getting a decent amount of ticks to make that happen.


Spiritual Guidance


Your shadow apparitions also grant you 1 shadow orb when they deal damage.


Well, overload isn’t a term usually thrown around when referring to shadow priests but, you can definitely have too much resource gain with this talent. If you get enough crit to the point you are sending out 4 shadow apparitions at a time, you will indeed be gaining resources faster than you can spend.  And unlike the other two talents, this one will absolutely center around crit being the predominant stat after haste, and even possibly equal to it in weight in early, entry level raids. If you are gaining too many orbs, you would probably shy away from using Divine Insight in conjunction with it for the sheer fact of having too many shadow orbs to not effectively use, possibly gravitating towards Power Infusion for quicker dot ticks, or Twist of Fate if many mobs are dying. With such high volume of shadow orbs at your disposal, Mind Flay: Insanity is the tier 3 choice to have if you are using this talent, unless you encounter another Thok-like boss.


Oddly enough, I am most looking forward to trying out the Divine Clarity talent, as I think it will be a nice change of pace compared to the cast 4 years of being a shadow priest and just weaving too many spells into the same rotation, with masteries tweaked and what not, although each spec has its clear strength and weakness and aside from pvp, should be changed depending on what the fight calls for. I would honestly love if one of the talents, and at such an early stage in development it wouldn’t matter which,  altered your mastery back to the wrath and cata version, where mastery increased the damage of your dots and Mind Blast, back to a time where priests were competitively in the top 5 if not the top source for damage.


As a priest, what talent are you most looking forward to try out and use in raids, and what do you think could be done to our talents to make them improve the quality of life for everyone else? As a non priest, what cant you wait for in the Warlord of Draenor expansion?


May your Garrison be fruitful!


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