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PvP is dead….. and Blizzard killed it.

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Once, a long, long time ago, there was a time when I actually enjoyed PvP combat. Even back to my vanilla and BC days as a hunter, I remember walking up behind some poor, unsuspecting mage and unleashing an aimed shot that would crit for 3900. (3900!!) and 1-shot my adversary back in vanilla. And then in BC, the old passage was to locate the hunter and mana burn them as fast as possible, rendering them useless. It became common to see hunters with intel enchants and full time running aspect of the viper for preservation purposes. Resilience was introduced here, and it provided a new element to pvp, mainly as a way to not completely wreck the opposing priest/mage/warlock by sundering off all of their armor.


Around the middle of Wrath, I underwent my identity crisis, and eventually became a full time priest. Nothing new was introduced in Wrath as far as elements to PvP (aside from death knights having a joyride of a time deathgripping the heck out of people), so the play stayed consistent from BC, although learning how to effectively juke people on my priest gave adversaries, and even my own teammate, terrors.


As cataclysm dawned upon us, I was no longer enjoying healing in arenas, and decided I wanted to be the one getting healed, so back to shadow I went. Priests were all the rage as the end of the expansion broke, and this was where I got my first taste of rated battlegrounds. And it was glorious. I lived and died by the sword. I was willing to take the risk of using my PvE-acquired gear, with no resilience, in favor of higher spell power, secondary stats and tier bonuses. This tactic worked with devastating effect, as I used my tier set bonus, which allowed you to gain 3 shadow orbs each time your shadow fiend or shadowy apparitions did damage. Back then, your shadow orbs modified how much damage your mind spike or mind blast did, and we had archangel as well, which increased the damage of those spells by an additional 20% for 18 seconds. Throw in a rogue for a stun, and dk for a ranged silence and necrotic strike and you had yourself one dead flag carrier. PvP was fun.


And then Mists of Pandaria came, and the game of PvP started to drastically change. The pre-patch introduced a baseline resilience of 40% to everyone. And this was okay, it allowed me to take less damage and survive a bit longer in an iffy situation. Although I could no longer dispatch opponents with swift efficiency,


As someone who is a PvE content player first, and PvP’er second, its a nice change of pace to be able to do a battleground here and there. It breaks up the tedium of dailies and the same raid over and over (I’m looking at you Icecrown Citadel). By no means am I a rookie or scrub when it comes to out-thinking an opponent, or experience in a battleground as I have 100,000+ lifetime HKs, the battlemaster achieve, and duelist achieve (s2). Its the last change of late that has really crushed any type of fun I once had with queuing up for a battleground.


In 5.3, Baseline resilience for characters has gone up from 40% to 65%, and in addition, all gear is scaled down to 496 if the item level is higher by default. Throw in your new and improved battle fatigue ability, which cuts healing done by 45%, and you have quite a situation for your-not-so-dedicated-to-PvP player. Interested in these changes, I decided if I further became an indestructible tank, bringing forth indiscriminate justice to his foes, or if something was greatly a miss. And it turned out, something was a miss. I lacked the gear and “required stat” of pvp power to have much effect on my opponents. It was like being a wet match, in a damp cave and trying to light. My spell power declined by over 40%, and my health by over 200,000. Players whom I would make short work of anywhere in the world if I saw them were now crushing me with literal ease, despite using crafted pvp armor and entry level weapons. PvP power is designed to give the user more damage and healing from their abilities, as opposed to having stronger gear. What does this mean? It means people who are like me, no longer get to have their cake and also eat it. People using last or current season PvP gear, not only do not suffer a penalty to using higher level gear, they also get a bonus versus players wearing higher gear (as they aren’t going to use PvP power for anything LFR or higher raid based).


People who “casually” do PvP, are put at a disadvantage, not because they are under geared, as someone who raids is not, but because this change has made PvP a fully separate entity from PvE. In order to be competitive in PvP, you must also grind out a full set of pvp gear as well. Which makes sense, if you want to be a Tyrannical Gladiator. But for someone who just wants to blow off steam from raids/dailies? It seems completely absurd to go this route to even be semi-competitive.  I mean, you don’t see people who queue up into LFR or heroics get their gear normalized down to 463/476/483 do you?


Here’s the gripe: We put in a lot of time and work, sometimes fruitless nights of fighting encounters for powerful rewards (and the content of course…..). Those players have earned the right to use that gear as they see fit (without exploiting game mechanics, etc). Why should they be punished for bringing them to pvp? Because new person X doesn’t want to get killed by heroic raider Y? Here’s something to consider: We have all been at that point at some point in the game. We were all once noobs (to whatever we did). I remember being on my hunter back in ’05 and thinking counterattack was the coolest thing ever and melee’d the heck out of stuff hoping for a parry (god it was awful). PvP is no different. If you are undergeared, you are going to get beat down by the people who have better gear while you get your ownself better. This is the rite of passage/initiation. Then, once you have the gear, you get to do the beating down, and the cycle continues.


The practical problem to this is gear inflation. Right now Ilvls are shooting up stats at an enormously large rate. And there are ways to fix this: (Queue idea for expansion planning)


– Since ilvls aren’t going away, continue with them but alter the storyline of WoW.


– The burning legion returns after Garrosh is ousted in Orgrimmar. In the midst of celebration, Ner’zhul’s agents return to Azeroth and kidnap Anduin Wryn and warp him back to their home planet. Varian decides to enlist his gnomish engineers to make transport to the planet, and being the cunning tactician, enlists Vol’jin’s help, or otherwise threatens to Destroy the new Warchief’s regime before it rebuilds.


– The fight takes place on the Eredar planet. The atmosphere is filled with bacteria that alters the state of anything entering into it. STAT CRUSH! All items and stats have their level reduced by 98%. This takes gear and damage down to around what people had around the early stages of Burning Crusade. Health pools of 600,000 drop to 12,000. DPS drops from 200,000+ to around 4,200 (PvE). This cuts the insta-gib factor down quite considerably. Since we travel back and forth between the planet. Traces of bacteria linger in our atmosphere and carry over to the old BGs. This means:


– Battle fatigue has been disabled on the planet and any battleground/arena.

– Players no longer have a baseline of 65% resilience.

– This accomplishes: People who travel the world and engage in World PvP get to have super inflated stats and the feel of crushing anyone. People who want to queue for battleground can either use pvp or pve gear effectively, because a 98% reduction of ilvl 700 vs 98% of ilvl 600, is very miniscule.


TLDR: This is a whiny QQ post because I feel I have lost the capacity to enjoy an aspect of the game because of gear normalizing, or as I call it challenge mode PvP. And because I want to be able to make a cake and eat it too.


Mmmmmm..... cake.......

Mmmmmm….. cake…….


Here, have some cake. All this talk of cake has made me hungry, and I am going to go bake my cake and eat it right now.


Raiding as Frost? You could say its… *shades* … cool.

Posted in Mage, PvE, Reasons I am Going Insane on September 5, 2011 by Srsbusiness


Fancy yourself as a frost mage? Are you tired of hitting arcane blast over and over again? Does the Firelands make you cringe at the thought of even using another fire spell in that instance? Consider trying out a frost spec! Its what all the hipsters are doing these days.

For ages, frost has been regarded (and compared) to the subtlety spec for rogues, being that people only use it for PvP. And they are correct in this matter, it is the best spec to run with (personally) for PvP over the others. But the way talents have been redesigned for mages in frost spec to subspec into arcane or fire, gives new life for frost to make a comeback in raiding.

Lets take a look at the frost tree talents for do’s and dont’s in raiding as a frost mage, as well as some optional talents you can move around to better fit your playstyle:

The Do’s: (It is worth mentioning that Frost has 29 required/strongly suggested talent points to take, leaving you to place 2 optional points anywhere.)

Tier 1:

For tier one in frost you have Early Frost, Piercing Ice and Shatter.

Early Frost (2/2)- Decreases the cast time of your Frostbolt spell by 0.3/0.6 seconds. Becomes inactive 15 seconds after use. The wording on this can be a bit confusing for some, especially one just starting out a mage. What this talent does, is every 15 seconds, your frostbolt will cast 0.3/0.6 seconds faster if you have talents in it. Pick this up.

Piercing Ice (3/3)- Increases your critical strike chance by 1/2/3%. A no-brainer, this talent is a staple in ANY mage spec.

ShatterMultiplies the critical strike chance of your all your spells against frozen targets by 2/3, and increases the damage of your Frostbolt on frozen targets by an additional 10/20%. This means if your base critical strike is 20%, on frozen targets it becomes 40/60%. This talent is key because it applies to the Fingers of Frost (read later) talent and benefits from Mastery (later). Grab this as well.

The first tier of talents provides some very useful abilities, which not only will help to level, but be very beneficial in a raid setting. Onward to Tier 2!

Tier 2:

Ice Floes (3/3)- Reduces the cooldown of your Frost Nova, Cone of Cold, Ice Block, Cold Snap, Icy Veins, and Ice Barrier by 7/14/20%. Although in a raid setting you are only going to get the full effect of the talent on about half of your abilities (Cold Snap, Ice Barrier, and Icy Veins being those 3), they are the more important abilities in the group to have their cooldown reduced. Grab all 3 points.

Permafrost (1/3)- Your chill effects reduce the amount of healing the target receives by 4/7/10% and its movement speed by an additional 4/7/10%. In addition, whenever you deal damage with frost spells, you heal your pet for 5/10/15% of the amount of damage dealt.  Nice talent to put 1 point into for raiding, helps keep a steady hot-like heal on your pet so it doesn’t die from effects, unlike hunter pets, it gets hit by a lot of environmental damage.

Tier 3:

Ice Shards (2/2)[My Optional 2 Points here.]- Your blizzard spell now adds a chilling effect, reducing all enemies speed in the radius by 22/44%. In addition, increases the range of your Ice Lance by 2/5 yards. This talent really shines on a fight like Beth’tilac, allowing you to slow the little spiders greatly, but since the blizzard now has a chill effect on top of it, each strike has a chance to generate a fingers of frost charge. The added 5 yards onto ice lance helps on mobility fights when the boss runs out of range of frostbolt and you have a fingers of frost charge to burn.

Icy Veins (1/1)- Hastens your spellcasting, increasing spell casting speed by 20% and reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting by 100%.  Lasts 20 sec. 3 minute cooldown. Faster casting! And it benefits from the Ice Floes talent! Yoink!

Fingers of Frost (3/3)- Gives your frost spells with a chilling effect a 7/14/20% chance to generate a charge of fingers of frost, making your ice lance and deep freeze spells act as if the target were frozen, and increases Ice lance damage by 25% when used as a finger of frost. Fingers of frost can accumulate up to 2 times. Last 15 seconds. This is the bursty/proc part of your arsenal. Primarily using frostbolt (and other sources include Frostfire Orb, Frostfire Bolt and Freeze from your water elemental), this ability allow you to generate some burst and add some variety to your rotation to keep things interesting, not picking this talent up not only blocks Improved Freeze, but drops your damage a ton and limits you to nothing but frostbolt spam. All 3 points, no exception.

Improved Freeze (3/3)- Gives your water elemental’s Freeze ability a 33/66/100% chance to generate 2 charges of Fingers of Frost. THIS IS AWESOME! FREEZE ALL THE THINGS WITH 3 POINTS HERE!

Tier 4:

Enduring Winter (3/3)- Reduces the mana cost of all spells by 3/6/10%, and in addition your frostbolt spell has a 33/66/100% chance to trigger Replenishment, granting up to 10 party or raid members mana regeneration equal to 1% of their maximum mana over 10 seconds. Lower mana cost of all spells. Using evocation and mana gems less frequently. Providing additional passive mana regen? Sign 3 of my points up!

Cold Snap (1/1)- When activated, this ability reset sets the cooldown on all frost abilities you have recently cast. 8 minute cooldown. Wishing you could recast another deep freeze since your trinkets are up? Did your Frostfire Orb or Icy Veins just expire? Do you want EVEN MORE burst? Your prayers have been answered. BAM! Benefits from Ice Floes.

Nothing like a good ice cream, right?

Brain Freeze (3/3)- Your spells no longer trigger Arcane Missiles.  Instead, your Frost damage spells with chilling effects have a 5/10/15% chance to cause your next Fireball or Frostfire Bolt spell to be instant cast and cost no mana.  When Frostfire Bolt is instant, it can benefit from Fingers of Frost.  Brain Freeze cannot be triggered by Frostfire Bolt. So instead of having to use arcane abilities, you now get to use a frost-based spell to complement your talent specialization. When using brain freeze, ALWAYS, use Frostfire Bolt over Fireball so you can get the effect of the 25% additional damage to frost spells from Frost Specialization. Frostfire Bolt can hit hard when brain freeze is active with at least 1 charge of fingers of frost. It is almost guaranteed to be a crit, and since it also has fire as a base, will leave ignite on the target. The Points, spend them!

Tier 5:

Ice Barrier (1/1)- Instantly shields you, absorbing a decent amount damage.  Lasts 1 min.  While the shield holds, spellcasting will not be delayed by damage. This talent is required to unlock Deep Freeze, but your healers wont mind having 20000 damage absorbed every time,  if its used on cooldown.

Tier 6:

Frostfire Orb (2/2)- Your Frostfire Orb gains a chill effect, slowing targets damaged by the Frostfire Orb by 0/40% for 4 sec.   In addition, reduces the speed of targets slowed by your Frostfire Bolt’s chill effect by an additional 10/20%. Additionally, this talent makes the orb benefit from frost specialization, so it gains another 25% damage. Combine that with the added chill effect to proc fingers of frost, and you have a winner.

Tier 7:

Deep Freeze (1/1)-

Stuns the target for 5 sec.  Only usable on Frozen targets.  Deals a high amount of damage to targets that are permanently immune to stuns. 30 second cooldown. Primary nuke when available with a fingers of frost charge. Best used when trinket and/or intellect procs are active.

The Dont’s:

Improved Cone of Cold (0/2)- Your cone of cold now freezes the target for 2/4 seconds. Great for PvP, but no boss can be frozen. Skip.

Piercing Chill (0/2)- Your frostbolt criticals apply the chilled effect to 1/2 nearby target(s). If having the chilled effect on a mob increased your chance to <insert something beneficial here> it would be a nice talent, but it doesn’t. Skip.

Shattered Barrier (0/2)- Gives your Ice Barrier spell a 100% chance to freeze all enemies within 10 yards for 2/4 seconds. You are standing ~30 yards from the boss, who as we also know, happen to be immune to freezing! Skip.

The Optionals (aka: I have 2 points left in frost before I can subspec, HALP!):

I  particularly like Ice Shards, but other abilities can be picked up with benefit:

3/3 Permafrost -Maxing this out is not a bad idea, you are certain to keep your pet alive and not have to possibly use Cold Snap to resummon it. And if the boss heals, and you happen to be the only person who has a Mortal Strike ability in the raid, the extra points here will serve some use.

2/2 Reactive BarrierGives the caster a 100% chance for the Ice Barrier spell to automatically cast with no mana cost upon taking damage that lowers the caster’s life below 50%.  This effect obeys Ice Barrier’s cooldown, and will trigger the cooldown when activated.  If you find yourself having too many things to manage while taking damage, reactive barrier will take one of those things out of the equation for you by automatically casting barrier when you fall below 50%. Strongly recommend for first time mages raiding as frost, as you don’t have Cauterize or instant Invisibility to save you.

Congratulations! You now are ready to subspec into arcane and fire talents! There isn’t much flexibility left with the 10 talent points, you have to go down in fire to grab Ignite, and the last 2 points go into Netherwind Presence. You want to grab Ignite so when your Brain Freeze crits either naturally, or with a Fingers of Frost proc, you can gain an additional 40% more damage from the spell. Here is what my spec looks like:

Enter the Inscriptionist…… err… Scribe!

Glyphs are almost straightforward, however there are a bit more frostcentric prime glyphs than others, so you want to make sure you take the right three for your playstyle.

Must Have(primes):

Glyph of FrostboltIncreases the Critical Strike chance of your Frostbolt spell by 5%. 5% more crit on your primary nuke. Taken.

Glyph of FrostfireIncreases the damage of your Frostfire Bolt by 15%, and leaves a debuff which deals an additional 3% of the spell’s damage over 9 seconds. Stacks 3 times. However, your Frostfire Bolt no longer slows enemies’ movement speed. Increased Brain Freeze damage, which means increased Ignite damage, at the cost of not slowing the boss who you aren’t tanking down. Taken.

Gear-based/Playstyle Glyphs(primes):

Glyph of Ice Lance Increases the damage of your Ice Lance spell by 5%. Good to use if you find you are getting a bunch of Fingers of Frost procs without having Deep Freeze or Brain Freeze to use them on. Lower levels of gear (< T11 heroic) will go for this as the third.

Glyph of Deep Freeze Increases the damage of your Deep Freeze spell by 20%. Being the big nuke of frost spec, this glyph starts to take off at T11 heroic levels of gear, and does not look back. Higher levels of gear will use this because of the huge scaling bonus. I use this glyph over Ice Lance.


Glyph of EvocationYour Evocation ability also causes you to regain 40% of your health over its duration. Nice perk in addition to regenerating 60% of your mana.

Glyph of Ice BarrierIncreases the amount of damage absrobed by your Ice Barrier spell by 30%. Yay for more damage absorbed.

Glyph of Icy VeinsYour Icy Veins ability also removes all movement slowing and cast time slowing effects. Nice if you find yourself in a slow (not daze) you need to get out of, choice for majors are sparse for a raid setting.

Minors (Head out of the gutter!):

Glyph of Slow FallYour Slow Fall ability no longer requires a reagent. Hell. Yes.

Glyph of ConjuringReduces the mana cost of your conjuring spells by 50%. Nice having cheaper food and mana gems.

Glyph of ArmorsIncreases the duration of your armor spells by 30 minutes. Not having to refresh buffs, woo!

You are now ready to begin your raid life as a frost mage! At first, your contemporaries will be shocked! They will ask you to change out of that PvP spec and to give them things like

Challenge Accepted.

Focus Magic and whatnot, as you laugh to yourself. You have not the time to be bothered with such things! For randoms, frost scales very well with the 15% dungeon finder buff, making all your abilities that much sweeter. But you can’t just go into an instance and roll your face over your keyboard! There are burn and downtime periods for the frost mage in his or her arsenal, you need to plan accordingly! Enter the rotation: Now that you have all of these spells to use at your disposal, lets put them to the best of their use so that that lone 5 man of estranged elitists doesn’t kick you for not being arcane or fire.

Enter the Rotation:

There are two phases in the rotation of a frost mage: The Burn Phase and The Lull(lulz) Phase.

The Burn Phase:

This is where you lift the kitchen sink up and scream that YOU ARE MAD AS HELL AND NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! Having the herbalism profession myself, I get to weave that into my burn phase, engineers can also do this as well with glove enchants. The burn phase occurs at the start of the fight and every two minutes after that. This is where you will pop you profession cooldowns (if you have them), Frostfire Orb, Mirror Images and Icy Veins. You will be generating a lot of Fingers of Frost and Brain Freeze procs, so watch for moving away from Frostbolt into Ice Lance or a Brain Frozen Frostfire Bolt. Once you have all of these abilities active, watch for Deep Freeze to become active and hit it. As soon as your deep freeze becomes grayed out, use your Cold Snap to reset the Deep Freeze, Frostfire Orb  and Icy Veins cooldown instantly. Once Icy Veins and Frostfire Orb dissipate, use them again. It is worth noting to NOT use your water elemental’s Freeze ability here, otherwise you will be wasting some valuable charges of Fingers of Frost. Recast Frostfire Orb when it comes off cooldown, and same with Icy Veins, these act as mini Burn Phases, until your cold snap comes back off cooldown…… 6.4 minutes later….

The Lull (Lulz) Phase:

This happens when you cant cast anything besides Frostbolt in order to generate Fingers of Frost charges, eg: all your abilities are on cooldown. This is where you save your water elemental’s Freeze ability for. You will get you use it twice before your Frostfire Orb comes off cooldown, and 5 times before Icy Veins is back up. Remember to spend all charges of Fingers of Frost before you use Freeze. After you use Freeze, try and always keep one charge of Fingers of Frost active in case your Frostbolt also happen to cause a Brain Freeze. This is so you can maximize the effect of picking up ignite. You are pretty much spamming Frostbolt here aside from the few charges you may get naturally or via your elemental.

Stat Values:

A quick breakdown of the stat values for a raiding frost mage:

Intellect > Spell Power >Hit (17%) > Crit (33.33% Raid buffed)* > Mastery** > Haste > Everything Else

*I currently have 22.13% Crit unbuffed on my mage in Molten Armor, with a flask and food + stat buffs, you should be around 23.33%. Factor in 5% crit from a warrior/druid/shaman/rogue and another 5% in spell vulnerability from a warlock or fire mage, and you have hit the crit cap for frost mages and the shatter talent(33.33% x 3 =100% for Fingers of Frost Spells to crit).

**Mastery – Frostburn – Increases the damage of your Frostbolt spell by an additional 15%, but reduces your mastery by 6. Increases the damage of your spells on frozen targets by 2.5% per point of mastery. Frostbolt does not act if the target were frozen ever, unless the target can be effected by (and cast on) a Deep Freeze or Frost Nova. That is the only time it gains effect from mastery. Mastery does effect every other spell on a single target fight (Ice Lance, Frostfire Bolt, Deep Freeze), when they gain the bonus of fingers of frost effect. Mastery is going to become increasingly powerful the higher the level of gear you obtain.

Have fun using these tools at your disposal in a raid and 5 man setting, they are certainly different and fun from the traditional fire and arcane specs.

The World's Most Interesting..... Mage?

I improved my MS paint abilities. Score!

I don’t always raid on my mage…

But when I do, I prefer frost spec..

Stay hipster, my friends.

The Characters behind the Character.

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Over the course of my playing time, I have dabbled in most, if not all classes, largely before they made leveling more laughable than Glenn Beck’s  30 minute comedy spots on Fox News. For the characters that I play right now, they consist of a priest, a mage, a rogue and a druid.

For the longest time, I was by and by a hunter, and not just any hunter, but THE huntard. The first 3 years of my playing time in WoW was centralized around my hunter. Starting off as a complete noob, my first spec at level 60 looked something like (6/16/29 [back when 51 points was the max at lvl 60]). I thought counterattack was amazing, and I ran up to people and mobs and whacking them with my Ice Barbed Spear. I became close friends with the spirit healer in Warsong Gulch as a result, but she does make a mean risotto though. After learning the wonders of Scatter Shot, I eventually climbed the old system PvP ranks up to Marshal, and subsequently joined my first raiding guild, <Unrest>. Unrest was a west coast guild on an east coast server, which made raiding someone difficult as I continued through school. The guild was ran in large by a bunch of people who were friends in the same vicinity. We had progressed decently well, but by the time burning crusade and the death of 40 man guilds had been announced, our GM had defected to the horde, and people were generally tired, so my time to leave came as well.

On my new server, I joined a guild called <Cross of Vengeance>, and this became my home for the next three years. This guild started me on a tumultuous journey that has shaped me as a person today. I joined the guild for a few raids on AQ40 and Naxx40 before the BC content came out. We used 8 hunters in our raids. EIGHT! Any more in the group and I would have expected XxLegolasXx to make a guest appearance in our runs. Over the course of the next 3 years I became an officer, left to join another guild on the server, came back after my account was closed due to sharing, became the GM, and rebuilt the guild after the old GM left us with a skeleton, and brought us back up to #2 on the server. Towards the end of this expansion, my priest supplanted my hunter as my main. My hunter is currently sitting dormant on the Windrunner server having not been played for almost 11 months now, still rocking full base tier 10.

The Shadow Priest (mana mana)

Srsbusiness was created on the Eitrigg server and has since spent time there, on Windrunner, and on Eldre’thalas. When my priest was made back in Burning Crusade, I leveled as disc/holy. Yep, I was that badass. My ultimate goal of the time was the become a healer for heroic 5 mans in Burning Crusade, because most of our healers weren’t around for badge of justice runs at the time. Disc was still not a viable spec at the time, but divine spirit had more appeal to me than circle of healing. (Yes, I will take my 80 spirit and 80 extra spell power over that spell and 12% more effect on Gheal.) So my spec was 23/38/0, spirit with Improved Spirit. The staple of the heroic runs became myself and a paladin tank running Shattered Halls religiously. Back when Power Infusion gave 20% more spell damage as well as reducing the cost of spells by 20%, he would run through the gauntlet, grab everything in Magtheridon’s asshole and then get a PI and consecrate on top of them. Combine that with using dps gear after getting to the defense cap as well as it stacking with avenging wrath and you have the makings for a legendary nerf paladins thread. (And they did get nerfed.) Never died, never had a threat issue. The timer for execution started at 55 minutes, and we saved her with about 40 minutes left on good days.

But then of course, people got tired of the heroic runs, so my priest got shelved for a while going through Hyjal and Black Temple as best we could. Towards the end of BC. people again got hit with the burnout and doldrums, so we ended up doing Hyjal/BT/Sunwell in partnership with a family and friends guild, <We Know>. This is when I felt the lasting burnout hit from playing my hunter, and decided I would gear my priest up some before the next expansion hit, because Primal Mooncloth, with its amazing lack of stamina, wasn’t holding up too well inside BT or Sunwell, though I do believe I remember a certain time on Gurtogg Bloodboil it was sustainable, but that’s a story for another time. After gearing my priest largely through Sunwell badge rewards (I love you Timbal’s Focusing Crystal), I decided it was time to try out the shadow side of things. They had just made some recent changes to the shadow tree, including updates like:

Mind Flay now has the ability to critically strike.

and later:

Shadowform now allows your Vampiric Touch, Shadow Word: Pain and Devouring Plague to benefit from haste effects.


Aint he a chipper lookin' one.

For the entirety of Wrath of The Lich King, I did the content on my priest, from the ever popular rehashing of Naxxramas, to the (arguably) the last good instance Blizzard gave the customer in Ulduar, to the two most God-Forsaken instances in ToC (where are you Reign of the Unliving), and the year-long hell of ICC. Halion wasn’t really a patch-worthy instance that I paid much attention to when they released it, heck I was being a smart ass and coming to raids in a holy dps spec, I was that bored. I didnt always dps though, on few and rare occasion I healed some bosses having little experience on how to do it; Bloodboil, Sindragosa, and a few shots in tier11 highlight the extent of my brief healing stints. (And thank God.) I should also go on to mention that my character started out as a Draenei, because Gift of the Naaru made healing those heroics really freakin’ easy. As of Cataclysm though, and through medical breakthroughs in plastic surgery, Srs is now a furry…. err…. Worgen.

Today, the above illustrated fellow resides in Apotheosis of Eldre’thalas, as one of three raiding shadow priests alongside Dahrla and Arolaide, a triumvirate of dots, dots, and MOAR dots. His handiwork lies is Alchemical and Jewelcrafting trades, and has been seen creating extra potions out of thin air!

The Magus (Seriously, why are you telling me Mage is not correct? [Aka: table pls])

My mage, Merlee, was created to alleviate boredom during my time on the Windrunner server. I had lost any desire I had to PvP on my priest, and after getting victimized by many a frost mage in duels and battlegrounds, I decided I would try my hand at one. Though the PvP aspect never came through in wrath, she still remained a fun character to play. Originally, Merlee was created at the end of the Wrath expansion, and was human, because of that sweet (and free!) PvP trinket. Since moving to Eldre’thalas she has become a night elf (for at the time PvP, and how OP is shadowmeld –> Drink). However, she has not seen much PvP action lately and has been focusing largely on the PvE aspect of being a mage. Main spec: Frost PvE(!) (2/8/31 – Frostfire Ignite) Offspec: Fire PvE (3/35/3) This the main support toon for my priest. Merlee’s home away from home is located in the

Behind every strong man, there is an even stronger woman, or something.

scenic desert of Uldum, where for the first part of Cataclysm she OWNED the entire oasis region with regards to whiptail. If you even though about picking that herb, it would erupt in fire and kindly tell you to gtfo Tauren Druid (seriously, gtfo tauren druid herbalists). After the delirium for creating darkmoon cards had subsided (making a total of 7 decks in all), her herbing is now more centralized in the Tol Barad region occasionally picking Azshara’s veil and Cinderbloom for volcanic potions, trips to Twilight Highlands are of rare feat as need for self supply flasks with Twilight Jasmine has become less of a necessity. This is the toon I bring to the guild’s alt runs in Firelands, BoT, BWD or Throne of the Four Winds. It is a marked change of pace, that I enjoy, from playing the shadow priest (highly reliant on damage over time) as a mage (focused more on bursting damage, reliant on procs) and I feel it sharpens my play on both characters by integrating the playstyles together. As you may have figured out, Merlee is an herbalist and scribe (NOT INSCRIPTIONIST). Which leads me into:

The Rogue (aka: hay rouge can u open dis?)


Rogue – A bandit, mercenary, outlaw, hired assassin.

Rouge – A color, a strip joint in Pre-Industrial France.

THEY ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE PEOPLE. Its 5 letters, no repeats, nothing. It may show up on an elementary school level spelling test even. 5 years of it is enough, please stop with the horrible butchering of this word. My rogue, Tripolar, is an Eldre’thalas native, and was designed to be a twink essentially staying in the lower levels of the PvP brackets to see how many people I could 1 shot with as much BoA gear I could stack. However, I encountered a problem on my priest, I had no way to supply myself with ore for JC, unless I wanted to constantly pay the overpriced rate on the AH.

My rogue.

Winning? Not really.

So, after a few months sitting at 29, Tripolar became my third and final character to reach level 85. She is a miner solely to supplement my priest’s JC, and recently maxed out enchanting, just as a means to dust materials to have on hand for when I need an enchant. For all intents and purposes, I have lost interest in playing this toon at 85, the PvP aspect of the game shifts dramatically in complexity from level 29 to 85, and I don’t have the zeal to play it like I once did. This will more than likely be the first toon I stop playing altogether should that time come. The name Tripolar is derived from the internet meme “winning!” as made popular by Charlie Sheen. His famed response to the question of if he is Bipolar with: “I’m Bi-winning.” lent itself to my creative genius by creating Tripolar, because why stop at twice as much when you could have thrice the amount?! There are rants that will be coming soon about how I loathe melee and feel that rogues (and death knights) have broken the game from within through PvP.

The Druid (aka: I was bored one day)

Whats the deal with this toon you may ask? The header pretty much says it all, after countless hours of archaeology and rescuing soldiers on the Molten Front for the 80 millionth fuck time, I decided to make a druid, Dillay, because I had all of the leather BoA gear I had used on my rogue, and since I didn’t have enough JP or Honor Points to buy a significant amount of gear for another armor class, the druid became the logical choice. I don’t have enough playtime on this toon to log anything other than feral(cat) is easy as hell to level with. Except somewhere I forgot that leveling leatherworking up as a primary

My druid.

The only thing for certain about this toon, is that nothing is for certain.

profession is worse than having your mother rickroll you in public, in front of your friends, naked. So while I am now level 57, my skinning sits at a skill of 372, but my leatherworking sits at 232. This seems a bit unbalanced, or it could simply be the fact that the devs forgot we aren’t playing vanilla anymore, and MC isn’t end game. Seriously, 16 pieces of leather for a single skill up in the thick leather level range? Not even bountiful bags helped this problem out. Why? Because whenever bags procs on a skin, it gave me a thick hide and 5 extra thick hides (WHICH HAVE NO USE ANYMORE). Tune it down Blizz. Since you’ve made leveling easier, make the beginning professions too. 5-8 pieces of leather tops, so that I dont have to buy stack upon leather stack for 1 measly skill point.

And now you know the background of my characters, hope you will stay tuned for more as they progress through the game with you!