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Its been that long, yet it doesn’t feel like I picked up this keyboard very long ago and began typing.


With that being said, happy birthday domain! Here’s to another year down, and another year forthcoming.  Looking back, I really got away from writing about shadow priesting a lot, mainly because we haven’t had any off-the-wall talents or abilities that can be used in non-explotative fashion. Hopefully, something from Siege of Orgrimmar or The Dark Below (and there could have be a infinitely better title choices, imo) will be added to the priest class that adds a new flare to our play style. When I began writing, I didn’t envision this site still being up two years later, as a lot of priest related topics are covered in depth, yet, I pushed myself to write at least one thing per month, no matter what it might entail. It makes me want to be a better writer, exploring avenues that others may not go down, even if it is unsuccessful, I gave it a shot.




I’d like to thank Arolaide, Jasyla, and Kaleri for getting me interested in writing my blog in the first place. They were the first three blogs I read after being immersed in the Warcraft Universe for well over 6 years at the time. And all of these three continue to write today! As well as getting to know some amazing people who encourage me to continue to not only write, but to improve my writing, like Discopriest, Zerena, and Devonie. And for anyone who reads or comments, thanks!


Going Forward


Last year, I tried to make a resolution of altering the style of writing at work, as well as taking a few cracks at myself. This year, we shoot for the stars! For starters:


  •  A Live Blogcast this year at Blizzcon 2013 with Kaliope from Llane!
  •  Guest Writers
  •  Multi-Chaptered Short Stories


There are a few other ideas as well that may happen, if they are even possible to accomplish. Its been fun to write so far, I just hope the topic I post about hit on something relevant to people out there on the internet.


Raise up your glass, and take off your pants, another year is in the books!


A toast.... for writing, exploration  (and for the horde!).

A toast…. for writing, exploration (and for the horde!).


Gearing Up in Throne of Thunder

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Hello everyone, now that 5.2 has been out and about for a bit and everyone has had a chance to get accustomed to their toons, especially priests, with changes to Shadow Word: Insanity becoming Solace and Insanity, as well as Shadowy Apparitions and the t15 set focusing around them, its time to gear up your face melter and dispense some multi-dottinal, YES I SAID MULTI-DOTTINAL, justice. Also, If you’re looking to dispense you’re muli-dottinal justice somewhere, why not here at Apotheosis? Lets take a look at the changes first so you can know what to expect going forward:


Solace And Insanity


Devouring Plague now causes your mind flay to deal 33% more damage per orb for the duration of DP being active on the target. For you, this means you get 3 mind flays per devouring plague that will deal double damage. The debuff lasts between 6 and 6.4 seconds, with your mind flay channel being around the 2.3 second area, with one 1 second GCD lost after casting DP. Leaves you with .4 to .8 seconds to start that last MF, and the damage buff will continue after the debuff expires.


Shadowy Apparitions


Shadow Apparitions occur when your shadow word: pain crits, and if you go for the 4 set t15 bonus, has a 10% chance to spawn when Vampiric Touch deals damage. The two set bonus also give your SA’s a 65% chance to increase the duration of your VT and SW:P, letting them deal damage one additional time. The two set bonus looks good, but haven’t we seen this song and dance before? Good job on creativity there. Up until recently, shadow apparitions had a cap of 3, but since then has been increased to 4, as well as having had their AI improved to move faster and now hit air targets sometimes. Ghostcrawler clarified this.  What intrigues me is this queue that now exists for shadowy apparitions. Its like telling us, we understand your class is strong in multi dot situations, like warlocks, but we are going to slow your proc based dps a bit here (on a spell that accounts for all of 0.7% of damage done). Not to mention if a target goes invis, like Megaera’s head, you lose all of those SA’s, and any that may now exists in this queue as well. This to me is why the 4 set bonus is something you want to avoid when choosing to gear up. I am personally not a fan of shadowy apparitions in their current state, and the last time I enjoyed them was when they first came out and had a 60% chance to proc if you were moving when the damage ticked on SW:P. And for high mobility fights, like most are nowadays, returning to this design would be a welcomed change in my opinion. Or you know, a 1% buff  to SW:P, VT, MF, and DP, would counter balance the “procs” and we could not center sets around a still flaky mechanic. <INSERT RAEG HERE>


So without further adieu, here we go!:



Hood of the Exorcist – Twin Consorts – +1318 Intellect  +950 Spirit +867 Haste  Yellow Socket  Socket Bonus: +180 Critical Strike

Analysis: The flamecaster’s crown has the best stats on it to start, but the 2 set is worth something, and over the other pieces to get, this is one you want. If it drops, Hood of the Crimson Wake is an upgrade over anything in the previous tier and raid finder, but mastery…. ew… Choice: Tier Helm


Shoulders (Knees and Toes?):

Shouldersguards of the Exorcist – Iron Qon – +998 Intellect+653 Critical Strike +715 Haste Red Socket Yellow Socket Socket Bonus: +120 Haste

Analysis: The shared dropped shoulders are really nice with a high amount of haste, if you can get them, or these, off jin’rokh good for you. If you aren’t as lucky with drops, the rep shoulders are also nice, despite lacking gem sockets, but the grind is going to take a while. In the end though, the tier shoulders have your ideal stats, and not only a red, but a yellow socket with a haste bonus in the end, and will complete your two set.  Choice:  Tier Shoulders



Robes of Mutagenic Blood – Primordius – +1398 Intellect  +990 Critical Strike   +907 Haste  Red Socket(2) Socket Bonus: +120 Intellect

Analysis: With two red sockets, and your 2 set tier 15 bonus already locked up, this item is just begging to be worn and increase your performance in a heartbeat. If you can snag a kill on Oondasta, these robes will definitely be a service to you. Likewise, since Primordius is a bit farther in the instance, these from the council, will also suffice. Blue sockets, you so crazy. Choice: Robes of Mutagenic Blood



Deadly Glare Cape – Durumu the Forgotten – +788 Intellect +510 Critical Strike  +556 Haste  Red Socket Socket Bonus: +60 Intellect

Analysis: This one is basically a toss up with the cloak from Dark Animus. It all depends how much hit you need in your gear at this point. And if you can kill Ra-Den (providing people get to that boss anytime soon), you should snag this little gem. Choice: Deadly Glare Cape



Vaccinator’s Armwraps – Horridon – +868 Intellect +579 Spirit +579 Haste

Analysis: Before I spiral off into reckless abandon, I would love to choose these bracers off of Primordius, but in the same vein, I also want my spells to actually land by having some spirit or hit since there isn’t a whole lot on the gear above this. if you are having trouble with Horridon, and have some extra valor to spend, the friendly rep bracers can and will tide you over.   Choice:  Vaccinator’s Armwraps



Handwraps of the Exorcist – Council of Elders – +1078 Intellect +774 Spirit +666 Haste  Red Socket  Socket Bonus: +60 Intellect

Analysis: Did you blink? Yes, those are the healer gloves. Their shadow counterparts have crit and mastery on them, our two worst stats, so choosing these with your token, may turn out to be a net gain, albeit maybe not with your healing priest comrades. If you aren’t pressed for hit though, pick up these off of the very next boss, Tortos.   Choice: Tier Healing Gloves



Cord of Cacophonous Cawing – Ji’Kun – +998 Intellect +748 Hit  +597 Haste  Red Socket Yellow Socket  Socket Bonus: +120 Haste

Analysis: One of the best itemized pieces in the gain, having 3 addition gems in your belt should prove advantageous to reforging and stat allocation, as well as the high amount of base hit. You should be able to reforge that into crit. If you have some valor to brun, and have already grinded some rep, the valor belt is very similar, but blah mastery bonuses akfbvxdjk.   Choice: Cord of Cacophonous Cawing



Leggings of the Exorcist – Ji’Kun and Nalak – +1599 Intellect  +1201 Critical Strike  +937 Haste   Yellow Socket  Blue Socket  Socket Bonus: +120 Intellect

Analysis: I can already hear my raid leader calling for my head at the thought of putting on pants.  If you can complete the second part of LFR, these legs are within reach for you and an upgrade to whatever you have from t14 (for the most part). If you get to Lei Shen and can get to your 8085 or (with new gear) 10,124 haste plateau, then Leggings of Cardinality jump to the top, with only Legs from Ra-den giving them a run. Unfortunately, they have mastery.   Choice: Leggings of Cardinality, if you need more haste t get to a breakpoint, Tier Legs.



Dam’ren’s Frozen Footguards – Iron Qon – +1078 Intellect +629 Hit +796 Haste  Red Socket Socket Bonus: +60 Haste

Analysis: Really Liking the amount of increased red sockets on this gear, it seemed a little sparse in tier 14.  If you know of a tailor, and have 6 haunting spirits, the crafted boots are a good option as well. Also, since Iron Qon is a bit in as well, the boots from Megaera are also nice, especially if you are at a haste plateau. Choice: Dam’ren’s Frozen Footguards



Torall, Rod of the Shattered Throne – Lei Shen – +668 Intellect +468 Spirit +298 Haste  +8926 Spell Power Red Socket  Socket Bonus: +60 Intellect

Lei Shen’s Orb of Command – Lei Shen (O RLY?) – +788 Intellect +589 Critical Strike +454 Haste Red Socket Socket Bonus: +60 Intellect

Analysis: Pipe dream situation to snag this combination from the same boss, but there are other options for your main hand, and off hands that are available sooner in the instance if you cannot get to or defeat Lei Shen. Choice: Torall and Lei Shen’s Orb.


Amulets and Rings:

Necklace of the Terra-Cotta Invoker – Trash Mobs – +788 Intellect  +564 Hit   +496 Haste   Red Socket  Socket Bonus: +60 Hit

Analysis: Well, this is a first for this expansion, something with sexy itemization that isn’t from a boss. The only other haste amulet has 2 blue sockets,unless you can kill Oondasta, and your other available option is from Megaera. Having a red socket and perfect stats puts the trash neck over the top. Choice: necklace of the Terra-Cotta Invoker.


Signet of the Shado-Pan Assault – Shado-Pan Assault (Friendly) – +868 Intellect +579 Critical Strike   +579 Haste

Durumu’s Captive Eyeball – Durumu the Forgotten –  +788 Intellect +588 Spirit +437 Critical Strike   Red Socket  Socket Bonus: +60 Spirit

Analysis: Lack of stand out rings this tier that are readily available, especially when one is your best come from a friendly rep reward. But the good news is that double dipping for both spirit and hit gear returns in this department. The bad news? Raden.


Last, but not least, Trinkets:

Breath of the Hydra – Megaera –  +1552 Haste And Your periodic damage spells have a chance to grant 7754 Intellect for 20 sec.  (RPPM)

Wushoolay’s Final Choice – Council of Elders – +1552 Hit And Your harmful spells  have a chance to grant Wushoolay’s Lightning, granting 1410 Intellect every 2 sec for 20 sec. (RPPM)

Analysis: And here is where dps is made or broken upon. With the introduction of RPPM (Real Procs per Minute) trinkets, there are a ton of combinations that are possible to get and standout. Wushoolay’s gives you some hit that is missing in your gear (and reforging will need to be done), while offering up a classic proc from an old favorite from Icecrown, the Dislodged Foreign Object. On top of this, it can proc side by side with Breath giving you 7754 + 14100 intellect at points in its duration, leading to massive Devouring Plague, Mind Blast, and Mind Flay(Insanity) numbers. The rep trinket, offers a nice haste boost, and a steady amount of intellect, but there are times when the RPPM trnket can proc back to back after its duration, which is 40 seconds of constant uptime in cases. However, it may not proc for a while, but sometimes you have to take a risk to get the rewards of better dps. (And from someone who goes slightly below hit cap, its a risk worth taking!) Other trinkets of note are: Chan’Ye’s Essence of Brilliance, Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen, and Volatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault. Choice: I don’t always take chances on RNG, but when I do, I make sure its high risk/high reward. Breath of the Hydra & Wushoolay’s Final Choice.


PHEW! I AM GLAD THAT GEARING IS OVER WITH. Now that you have your gear, lets see where your stats are at (before reforging and socketing):

Intel: +14023

Haste: + 9999, This number can easily get to 10124, anything over, send to crit.

Crit: +4959, This number will become higher after hit and excess haste are reforged down.

Mastery: +0  (GREAT SUCCESS)

Hit/Spirit (5100 to cap): +5902 Don’t Panic! This gives you great opportunity to reforge some into haste if you can to get that 9999 to 10124. And then the rest to crit.


If you like the shadowy apparitions mechanic, go for the four piece bonus, your shadow clone army will meander its way over to the boss with a steady continuation with the set bonuses, but I cannot truly believe that queuing dps procs is a way to help make the class longer in the longer run. The two piece will allow for more mind flays on your primary target(s), and should be something to shoot for. May your RPPM trinkets proc together and give you some sweet numbers appearing on your screen!


Shop til You Drop! – Prioritizing VP Upgrades

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We’ll return you to your regularly scheduled internet viewing in just one moment, but first!

Its 5 O’clock and that means its time to shop, shop, shop! That’s right! I’m your host, Serious, (unfortunately my sidekick Mr. Business is in a meeting right now), and for the next 5 minutes, I’m going to be giving away deals that will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Are you player with a little extra currency to spend? Can’t quite make up your mind on where to use those hard earned points? Well have I got a deal for you! And I will show you how to get the most out of all those excess points you may have hidden around! You might think to yourself, “Gee, where should I start first?” And as with any person’s arsenal, the item that provides the most benefit, is the weapon!

Raid-Finder, Normal, Heroic Weapons

Depending on what type of progression you are encountering to your liking, the type of upgrade you get should match the the highest level of progression you are playing in! You don;t want to spend your points on a raid finder item if your going into heroic encounters now do you? Maybe you’re just tired of the same old boring weapon you have had for a long time now, and are trying to move on from it, but just can’t.

The same  old boring and

The same old boring and

bland weapons we've had for a while.

bland weapons we’ve had for a while.

Do you feel like your going into raids with weapons that perform like these? Primitive, obsolete, like something a hozen may have made? No more! With the simple mechanic known as the item upgrade, you can take your primitive, outdated weapons and make them look brand spanking new!

More Intimidating and packs a

More Intimidating and packs a

a bigger wallop too!

a bigger wallop too!

And don’t they just look fabulous now?

“But I’ve had bad luck, and that weapon never seems to drop for me :(”

Hold the phone right there! I’ve got something that will sweeten the deal for you.

If you use the item upgrade for the weapon (and other slots) that is appropriate for your progression, I will throw in at a small cost of 90 lesser charms, 3 ELDER CHARMS, Guaranteed to make you either richer or the item that you want to drop, drop. And the charm renew each week! It’s a Must Have! And you might be asking yourself:

“Serious! How much would you pay for an upgrade like this?”

For a quality upgrade like I am offering I would pay upwards of 1200 VP for such a deal, BUT!, if you act now I will lower, yes LOWER, the cost for your upgrade from 1200 VP to only 750 VP! That’s over 35% off the original retail value. But wait, there’s more!

If you act now, I will throw in a second upgrade on top of your existing item for an additional 750 VP, that is practically getting two for the original price of one! That’s 1500 VP for 2 upgrades compared to the original price of 2400 VP, a 900 VP savings for you!

Sha-touched weapons are favored over the rest, simply because of the 500 stat gem. But once your weapon is upgraded, you’re going to need to accessorize around it! Are you tired of wondering: “Gee, I wish my item level was a bit higher so that I can perform better in raids.” (or maybe even pvp or the brawler’s guild?) Where should you prioritize next? The next place you shoot for, is upgrading items that wont be easily replaced until the next tier of content!


Trinkets provide the most benefit to upgrade, as they usually line up nicely with bursty (or healy?) cooldowns. Pow! Just what the doctor ordered, and if you have your best in slot item for you class covered, using the item upgrade on it, ensures that it may even be your best in slot for next tier! And no good weapon should go without an equally shiny and impressive trinket to accent it!

The shinies just became.....

The shinies just became…..

...shinier shinies!

…shinier shinies!

Yes, looks ARE deceiving! While such trinkets as the darkmoon card only give you and extra 200 intellect on the proc, the extra 200 intellect is HUGE for spells like Devouring plague which has a high spell power coefficient for its damage!

Were you lucky enough to win something off the Black Market Auction House? Are you an established raider killing heroic or elite content in Terrace of the Endless Spring? If you are, there is a solid chance you may have picked up your best item for that slot in your tier, and if you act now on these items for upgrading, I will give you the same offer for the weapons! Yes, Two upgrades for the low price of 1500 VP, you can’t find a better deal ANYWHERE!

Sometimes, however, one does not have the luxuries of the first two tier of upgrades.

The Remaining: Best Available Upgrade to You

Sometimes, we choose not to play as much as we have in the past, and we might only have time to run an LFR or do some dailies during our time played. But fret not! For even here, you too can benefit from the item upgrade system, no player shall be left behind! If your weeks consist of getting to run an LFR and doing some dailies, see what items may best help you if they were to be upgraded! Lets take a look at LFR and some rep rewards:

Items coming from the LFR tier fall at either 476 or 483 ilevel, which for weapons, is better than any reputation reward possible and gets sent up to the first level of upgrades. However! All reputation rewards in game right now are mostly 489, whith a few 496 from Operation: Shieldwall/Domination Offensive. In most cases, if you want to get the most out of your points, the reputation rewards are the way to go, and the upgraded versions will be close to raid level gear. Hey! Its like getting raid gear, without doing the raiding! Where else can you get a deal as good as this?

To recap, you get a weapon upgrade, heroic/elite/trinket upgrade, raid finder and reputation upgrades, and 3, yes THREE, elder charms to try and help you get that item, all for the low price of 750 VP per upgrade, that’s a direct savings of 37% straight to your currency tab! These upgrades will only be around for a limited time longer!! ACT NOW AND GET YOURS TODAY!!!

Voidbinder Lunshur or….

Billy Mays? You decide.

Billy Mays? You decide.

Time Out!

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Stay A While and Listen.


A pause. A break. A rest. A lull. Anyone one of these synonyms will also suffice for what I have given myself, but also what has been given to me. A bunch of elements, both in the gaming world, and outside of the gaming world have amassed and it has allowed me to not only take a time out from game related activities, but also issue myself one from the calamities elsewhere. The main issue for these timeouts revolves solely around my job, in which I work in a high stress environment directly with my superiors to help improve the quality of life for people.


Timeout #1 – WoW and Raiding


My schedule varies weekly depending on the people I see and when they are scheduled to come in for visitation. Lately, my schedule has been taking away my Tuesday evenings, which means my ability to make raids has fallen off for the week. Over the past few weeks, Apotheosis has been able to successfully finish off the remaining achievements and earn the Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider achievement, along with the shiny drakes that comes with it. In order to do some of these achievements however, we had to do some of the bosses on normal, making the encounter almost trivial for the level of play our raiders bring to the table. After running achievements for two weeks, we’ve gone back into heroic modes once again. With my schedule in conflict with our raid times of recent weeks and at the rate we clear the instance, I have been in for  only a single heroic boss kill now for one entire month (and 5 weeks come next raid lockout reset). I have been a participant in the normal clears for everyone to get their meta drake, but have heroic Deathwing die once since before Apotheosis knocked out the remaining achievements for the guild.


And you know what?    >>>I am okay with this.<<<


I do not mind being out and missing raids if my work interferes and it is beyond my control. This is a time out involuntarily given to me and I am making the best of it by performing the best I can at my job. I also put a long term spin on how this helps my long term career in WoW. By having this time out per se, it is allowing me to get rid of some of the burnout I am experiencing from the 7th month in Dragon Soul now. This will help greatly down the line when Mists of Pandaria is about to be released and my interest will be piqued by something new from the game, as compared to playing this game for x amount of months straight, and then continuing on without shedding any residual effects of burnout one may have due to lack of new content, loot, pvp, etc. This is not to say I have lost interest in the game, but with everything going on outside of it, my time is, nay needs, to be spent better elsewhere.


This has also affected my ability to also make our guild’s scheduled Rated Battleground Nights. Many months ago, I was almost a lock to show up on our Wednesday evenings and be ready to rollout for some hot 10 on 10 action. But lately, I have been showing up to them around 1030-11pm for the last hour in the three hours they run. While I certainly don’t mind sitting out to allow people to get their spiky pony and title, of which I was able to obtain those, it is nice after raiding and long days at work to come home and indiscriminately dispense justice upon your opponents. Heck, I have even caught myself letting go a few snide comments outside the Darkmoon Arena. That being said our team is doing very well and just recently got a bunch of our players the Knight-Captain title as we work towards Knight-Champion. I did however, manage to have time to participate in the Arena Pass this year with a rogue and druid as the composition with myself, and we finished at 1640, a solid rating for the assembly and using gear from the pvp tier 2 seasons ago, which will also earn the Vanquisher title.


I have also acknowledged my own social aloofness, as I have not been as responsive and active with people in game and in social media. Another cause of not wanting to displace stress in areas it is not warranted.


Timeout #2 – Diablo 3


In the time I do have when work, at the job and on the home front is taken care of, I have been spending a lot of time here. Admittedly, this is the biggest timeout I have given myself. Its like the people who waited overseas for 16 years for Starcraft 2 to come out, and then it finally came and euphoria swept over the entire player base. That’s the kind of rush I got when Diablo 3 was released, as I had spent a considerable time playing its predecessor before the release of WoW. Not only do I enjoy it being different from WoW, but finally being able to down that Vortex/Reflecting/Jailer/Shielding elite pack after getting rolled by it, is a VERY satisfying experience.


We all need to take a timeout sometime.


Timeout #3 – Real Life


This is of course the most intrepid facet. Between the job and leisure, there are the intricacies of what happens at the job and in correlation to how much leisure time I  and we (as in you the reader) get. Recently workload has been pushing 50+ hours a week, sometimes heading north of 60 in rare situations for some people. This leads to a combination of stress and a reduced amount of time to cope with that stress. It also requires you and the team of people you work with to step up to the plate, especially when you oust your department manager for general douchebaggery. Its kind of like being in a guild, and not having enough healers to efficiently heal a boss or instance encounter, but having enough people to raid. For the betterment of the group, some people will be asked to step outside and above their designated roles to ensure that the team succeeds. This is where I feel I am figuratively at, just in a setting outside the game.


See also:   Role Adaptation


And this is where I call my third timeout. Reality may hit you in the face when you least expect it, and how you react to it can greatly dictate future occurrences. Where I can’t reach harmony, between my work and my escape from reality, I need to reach a happy medium. While I certainly am able to get time to escape in my games, I find other ways to cope with stress and just relax. With the weather heating up in North America, Ive been able to get back to doing my personal hobby of photography as a way to de-stress, relax, and enjoy what I can out of my days.  Where I can metaphorically show you both the calm and storm (of shots I have taken) in relation to this post.


The Calm.


The Storm.


Nothing of course will beat a good nap if one can find time for it in their schedule. The best thing I can say is that I am glad we are not restricted to only 3 or 7 timeouts that we can take for ourselves, like in football, basketball or other professional sports. And it this point in time, i am really glad I am in a timeout.  How do you all feel about shortened raid weeks? Will not having to allocate that time every week help keep your interest high going into Mists of Pandaria? What do you do as a way to de-stress?

The 25 Days of Christmas (Blogging) – Day 6

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Today and tomorrow, I will touch on a few topics that pertain to who I am and what I am doing with myself.


Day 1 – Post Patch Aggression: 4.3 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Day 2 – Not One, But TWO New Boss Kills

Day 3 – One……. Two….. Three Shadow Priests

Day 4 – Why I Decided To Write A Blog

Day 5 – The Classes, In Masses

Day 6 – Who I Am and What I Do



Who I Am and What I Do

I grew up in the middle of nowhere in central Pennsylvania, where I have lived my entire life. I am the first child of two in my family, both of which are sons. By trade, I have graduated in 2009 with a Master’s In Psychology, I had a year long internship with a hospital helping those who have had problems. For the time being I work part time as a shift manager at a local 5 star restaurant, while I continue to peruse the field for a suitable career. I am an animal lover, I had my first pet when I was 4, and have since had 2 cats, 3 dogs, 3 fish, a snake and a hamster. I currently live with 2 of those said dogs and the hamster, at some point in time I would like to get an aquarium for decor in my house.


A few lesser known things about me: I have a great fondness for weather, specifically thunderstorms and blizzards, and I love taking gaggles of photos of each when they occur around this area. I also have an affinity for cooking, especially large multi-course meals. In addition, I find myself knowledgeable about anything regarding technology and computers, as I fix them as a side way of earning money.


My favorite color is green, I have been to 3 different countries and 44 of the 50 states in the United States of America. I enjoy long walks on the beach under the moonlit sky whilst listening to free form jazz. And one day, like all of us hope and aspire at one point in time, I am going to win that  elusive multimillion dollar lottery once and for all.


A short bio for today’s post, tomorrow I will talk about those animals I mentioned, and there will be pictures too for you animal enthusiasts!

The 25 Days of Christmas (Blogging) – Day 5

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I had a little  bit of writer’s block today, when think about something to write for my day 5 entry. I ended up having a lot of ideas for the end of this, not so much in the front half of the days as they count by. I tried approaching this much like I would writing a story, having the end already played out, and filling in the plot as I went along…


Day 1 – Post Patch Aggression: 4.3 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Day 2 – Not One, But TWO New Boss Kills

Day 3 – One……. Two….. Three Shadow Priests

Day 4 – Why I Decided to Write A Blog

Day 5 – The Classes, In Masses


The Classes, In Masses


Usually I just stick to my own classes that I dabble in, but today i figured I would try and give my own unique interpretation of the classes and specs for every class out there, not just the ones that I happen to play as of now. These will be set up in a short haiku style repeating once over, for 6 lines per class!


Death Knights


Cold Touch, Blood Plague Bold,

Howling Blast To Finish Them.

Pestilience, Disease,

Summon a Pet too.

Create a Cover of Blood,

Death Strike Til the End.




Laser Chicken pew!

Explode Mushrooms, Shooting Stars.

Bare tank is good friend,

Cat form is for fight.

Healing all the things, tree of life.

Efflorescence, hots.




Master of Beasts, Focus,

Beast Within, Intimidation.

A Master Marksman,

Versatile With Shots.

Thrill of the Hunt, Black Arrow

Entrapment is Key.




One, One, One, One, One,

With Blasts and Missiles Sometimes,



Cold Water Like Icy Veins,

Here for PvP.




A Beacon of Light,

Lays Hands to Assist Battle,

Holy Warrior,

In Pursuit of Honor.

A Divine Guardianship,

Light Guiding Their Path.




Power Infuses Over,

Suppresses Pain From Within.

An Angel Cries Out,


The Shadow Clone Army walks,

Mind Quickening Thoughts.




Master of Poisons,

Use Daggers to make their Point.

Put a Sword in Hand,

Sieve through packs with ease.

Stunlock their enemies cold,

Bloody Hemmorhage.




Lightning, Fire, Water,

Savage Elements Gather.

The Fury of Storm,

A Flurry of Wind.

The Shield of Earth to Protect,

Tidal Wave of Life.




Devoid of Emotion,

Drain The Soul of Thier Victim.

Transform, Demon Seed

A Fel-blade Cracks Bone.

Hellfire and Brimstone Surface,

A Desolate Void.




A Resonant Blow,

Bleeds Deep, Closes the Wound Slow.

Pick Up A Second,

Sword, Berkserker Rage.

Safeguard Our Allies To See,

No Harm Come to Them.


I don’t think I should go into poetry anytime soon, for fear of not only losing my mind, but causing other people to lose theirs as well….

The 25 Days of Christmas (Blogging) – Day 4

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Today, I am going to talk about why I decided to start writing a  blog in the first place. Over the course of the years I have been playing this game, I had always browsed a user’s blog from time to time just to see what the fascination was with keeping an online journal, though at the time, I never saw having the time to some day write one of my own, largely due to take 19 credits a semester in college and working 30+ hours a week, it didn’t leave much time (even to play the game), let alone write about it.


Day 1 – Post Patch Aggression: 4.3 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Day 2 – Not One, But TWO New Boss Kills

Day 3 – One…… Two…. Three Shadow Priests……

Day 4 – Why I Decided to Write a Blog



Back in late May/early June, I had begun to field a bunch of questions from a bunch or Real ID and server friends who were leveling up their priests and wanted to know the ins and outs of playing a shadow priest as they leveled up to 85. This was actually a bit of a difficult question to answer based on the fact that I leveled up in BC (and again in wrath) as Holy/Disc, so I didn’t come to learn how to play a shadow priest leveling up. While I never became tired of answering repeat questions, I figured that there had to be a better medium for communicating en masse for questions that people had regarding their priests. A lot of common questions I got looked something like:


I see you have a lot of X stat, but Elitist Jerks says to use more of Y stat in your gear. Why do you do this instead of what EJ says?


For people still reading up to this point, if you are a fan of Elitist Jerks and what they say about your class, you may not like what I am going to say in the upcoming rant.



I am not a fan of Elitist Jerks. There, I said it. I think in 6 years, I have visited the site twice.  The main reason I dislike them, is not even being the site itself, but the fact that many players who use it SWEAR ON IT AS THEIR IN GAME BIBLE. This idea is incredulous. If Elitist Jerks told you that to optimize your character, you should suicide yourself on every pull and then get a brez to not have to worry about threat, would you do it? I certainly hope not. The main thing I think a lot of people miss on that site, is that it is to serve as a GUIDE for how your class should go, not the be-all, end-all standard, and if you don’t do it this was you’re now a baddie noob scrub. This is the main reason I created my blog, to offer up my playstyle (from time to time) on how I play as a shadow priest, and sometimes my mage. There is one thing that I do at the end of every rotation/spec/stat post I make, and that is I always leave a disclaimer saying that “This is how I play in raids, but please do not feel obligated to play this spec/rotation/stat stack. Please play whatever way you feel is the most comfortable and enjoyable to you.” Because in this game, that’s the bottom line, fun. I would hope that people who read these kind of posts on here see it as more of a guide than an OMG PLAY LIKE THIS OR ELSE post.



Of course, over playing this game for 6 years I have been in many positions to offer my experiences on thoughts that are relevant to some people’s interests. I have been a GM in a previous guild for 2.5 years, and have seen the good with the bad, so if something relevant is happening to me or the guild I am in, I want to share my thoughts and/or expertise on the situation. Here is a good example of something that can apply to everyone in any type of guild who does even the smallest amount of dabbling in raid settings. I aim to inform, to provide some insight, to offer some thoughts and different situations that people may not have thought about whether it be in playing a priest or for general wow potpourri. If you take something away from reading what I write, as well as enjoying my dry, erratic humor to possibly bring a laugh here or there, then I am accomplishing what I set out to do with my writing, and I hope you do continue to enjoy what and how I write. I attempt to go for quality over quantity, and you wont see me writing something every day (aside from this challenge which I am using to try and push my limits as an amateur writer).


That’s how my blog came to be and why I continue to write going into the future. To those people who read and comment, Thank You, you folks are my inspiration to continue to write and (hopefully) produce quality reads, presumably at work, because where else would you WANT to read this? >.>


Tune in for tomorrow’s Episode!