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The 25 Days of Christmas (Blogging) – Day 8

Posted in PvE, Rogue, WoW on December 8, 2011 by Srsbusiness

After talking a short bit about my pets that I live with, I am going to change gears back to WoW and talk about a topic that I am not an expert at, but can lend a first person perspective on after completing the questline last night, another fun and challenging questline that I wish there were more of in WoW for the masses to enjoy, if not people who yearn for a challenge.


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Day 8 – I Can Smell Your Fear, Vengeance Will Be Mine


Fear and Vengeance: A Guide To Help Get Your (almost) Welfare Daggers


It has  been a long time since I have even mentioned my rogue, almost 4 months to be exact, however I was lucky enough to be in a guild that allowed me to bring my alt to a main run and pick up the quest for starting the legendary dagger chain. I was able to sucessfully complete the first part of the quest chain which allowed me to obtain Fear and Vengeance, and I must say, both the legendary caster questline and rogue questline for the first part of the quests have been extremely fun and challenging for both dps roles, they make you think unconventionally and use abilities that you normally would not even bother using in any other world event (hint hint for later).


Proving Your Worth


The introductory quest that anyone can get as long as they are able to zone into the Dragon Soul instance. (Note: This quest can not be picked up in LFR groups, nor can any of the components ion the questline be looted in LFR.) Here, Lord Afrasastrasz gives you a quest to recover information in the Dragon Soul regarding the activity of the Twilight Hammer and Infinite Dragonflight. This part is easy enough and requires you to pickpocket a Cryptomancer’s Decoder Ring from Hagara Stormbinder. The great part about this is that, you can have every rogue in your raid loot the ring in the same lockout, engage and reset Hagara enough times so eacxh of your rogues can loot their ring and be done with the first part of the quest.


A Hidden Message


After you turn in the first quest Lord Whats-His-Name will give you an inert Cryptomancer Decoder Ring. You will need to activate this by going to the ethereal reforger and transmogrifier in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. When you talk to the appropriate ethereal, they will give you one of two options:

– Pay 10,000g to decode the ring.



Naturally, I was inclined to choose option two, which gave me the dialogue of: “Well then. Its a good thing I no longer need sleep.” In short, you cannot get around your payment of 10,000g to decode the ring. After you get your decoded ring, the next part requires you to pick up the Singed Cipher from the Red Dragonflight in the Twilight Highlands. Unfortunately for you, your decoder ring has a charging time, and that charging time is 12 hours of real time, which means if you are at this point right now, you have earned yourself a 12 hour hiatus from the questline, free of charge.


<Queue Jeopardy Music>


Oh hello again, I take it you found your 12 hour break, accommodating? After 12 hours elapse, you are able to decode the singed cipher and hand it back to the person who gave it to you in the first place. Doing so will complete the second part of this chain.


The Huge Tree in TL where your quest will conclude.


To Ravenholdt


Ah your friends at Ravenholdt Manor are waiting for you…. or are they?  This is nothing more than a free taxi to the next part of the chain, where the real fun starts.


This Tunnel Looks Familiar....


To Catch A Thief


Here is where your mettle as a rogue will be tested. It is a high risk, high reward game of stealth and infiltration. If it helps you get in the mood I suggest listening to some Rogue Music, on repeat, max volume. Or if you prefer, set up walkie talkies, and have someone occasionally yell: “SNAAAAAAAAAAAKE!” as loud as they can over them. On to the quest, the appearance of the building and layout of the manor are the exact same as in the non-phased Ravenholdt, except now, every npc there is hostile towards you. They all have exceptional stealth detection (8 yards even when you are behind them) and you will be prompted with a visual bubble indicating your radius to which an npc can detect you. The goal of this quest is to find the black dragonflight egg within. It is highly unlikely you will be able to succeed trying to stealth in through the front due to the high amount of guards concentrated in that area (and you can only have 1 sapped at a time). Since, the front is an impass, you will have to circle around counter clockwise to the back, incapacitating enemies you might have to. (Note: Any attacks made to any Npc will automatically port you back to the start and you will have to try again, THERE ARE NO CHECKPOINTS.)


Looks Just Like The Manor I Know


Once around to the back of the manor, you will see a rope on the ground, click on it and the game will cause you to grapple up onto the roof of the building. There, you will be asked to look for a window or someway inside the building from on top of the roof. Directly in front of you, you will see the exterior portion of the top of the staircase that looks something like the picture below, sticking out of it will be a wooden crate covering a sealed air duct, click on this crate to destroy and and enter into the top part of the building.


There's A Box Here in the Quest, No Really, There Is


Once inside, slowly descend down the staircase as your detection radius extends out farther than the area of the walls. Once you  get to your first opening, you will see Fahrad and 3 other guards in a concentrated area. Fahrad patrols near your stairwell, when he comes by, sap him immediately. When you get to the bottom of the staircase, move over to where you sapped Fahrad. You will need to hug the banister as you move across to the next staircase to go down. You do not have much time to react when you get to the stairwell, at the bottom of the staircase is another npc who will detect you if you get more than halfway down the staircase and are unsapped. When you get to the bottom of the staircase, make a hard right along the wall, and sap the next npc you see once out of range of the npc at the bottom of the stairs you just went down. On your right will be the last set of stairs which lead to the basement, get to the bottom of the basement stairs and its quest complete, otherwise, its back to the start.


Gotta Get Past All of Them!


Once you get to the bottom of the stairs, you will get transitioned into a cut scene where you will be introduced to Wraithion, the heir to rule the Black Dragonflight, and uncorrupted by the touch of Deathwing. He will explain to you his situation as to why he chooses to stand against his father and to the other dragonflights that seek to assimilate him into their own. He is also known to have his henchmen break a few legs here and there. Wraithion lauds you for you superior infiltration skills and seek to hire you as a mercenary to eliminate a few problems he has to deal with. Once the cinematic is over and you talk to Wraithion again, this quest is complete.




Our Man in Gilneas


This is another cut scene/travel quest that will send you to the outskirts of Gilneas city to speak with a contact of Wraithion, Zazzo Twinklefingers (intimidating I know). Zazzo then briefs you on the next (and last part) of the questline.


The Outskirts of Gilneas, Zazzo is Here in the Questline.


Assassinate Creed


If you don’t get the reference at the start, I forgive you (others may not). This is it though. This quest requires you to infiltrate Gilneas City and slay the leader of the assassin band, Hiram Creed. This quest works much like the To Catch A Thief quest. You will be required to elude all of the guards and guard dogs inside the city en route to finding Hiram Creed and slaying him, also note that it works the same way in the sense of, if you get caught, you go back to the start. However, there is no one correct way to naviagte the city. There are many paths you can take (including a water route: much harder), but make sure to use spots in the city where sleeping guard dogs and guardsmen/guardswomen are, and you do not need to sap them, and can stand on top of them without being caught. Once you navigate from the entrance to the center of the military ward, you will see Lord Hiram Creed. He is a level 85 Elite NPC, who has 1.9 Million Health. There are no special gimmicks to doing huge amounts of damage to him, you will need to use all of your abilities to their potential to defeat him. Also, dont bother trying to fly to the area, One does not simply fly into Gilneas City.


If you are Combat or Sub – I will advise you to use Instant Poison on your main hand weapon, Mind-Numbing Poison on your offhand.

If you are assassination – I will advise you to use Mind Numbing Poison on your main hand, and Deadly Poison on your offhand (so that you can use envenom).

In either case, you will need to have mind-numbing poison on him at all times to slow the cast of his special abilities.


Aerial Shot of Creed's Fighting Area


Creed hits for about 9-10k per swing every attack, he has 3 main attacks:


Consuming Darkness:    This is a 1 second (1.5 second) cast that cannot be interrupted by kick, it places a circle of dark energy on the ground below you, which deals around 11k damage ever 2 seconds you stand in it. When you see this ability casting, start strafing away from him so you can avoid the tick damage of the spell.

Blackhorn’s Will:   This is a 1.5 second (2.25 second cast), that will deal between 18000 and 21000 shadow damage as well as drain all of your energy. This spell needs to be interrupted. Save your kick, gouge, kidney shots abilites for this.

Shadow Breath:   A channeled spell, that deals 13500 to 16800 shadow damage ever second for 5 seconds to a cone in front of the target. You may choose to interrupt this ability, or move behind the boss and have a few seconds of uninterrupted damage. (I did the latter.)

You will need to make use of your kiting skills to defeat Creed, you will also need to keep recuperate active on yourself most (if not all) of the time, as it will be your only form of healing aside from one potion and a few bandage ticks if you get a 5 point Kidney Shot on him. Once Creed is dead, you will get ported back to Zazzo for turnin.


The Deed is Done


Zazzo sends you back to Ravenholdt to tell Wraithion that Creed is no longer alive. Congratulations! You have now earned your stage one daggers, Fear and Vengeance.


While I am no expert at being a rogue, I hope this guide proved to be a help for some mains and alts who may one day find themselves down this path for their dagger. Hope you enjoyed!



The Characters behind the Character.

Posted in Druid, Mage, Priest, PvE, Rogue, WoW on August 22, 2011 by Srsbusiness

Over the course of my playing time, I have dabbled in most, if not all classes, largely before they made leveling more laughable than Glenn Beck’s  30 minute comedy spots on Fox News. For the characters that I play right now, they consist of a priest, a mage, a rogue and a druid.

For the longest time, I was by and by a hunter, and not just any hunter, but THE huntard. The first 3 years of my playing time in WoW was centralized around my hunter. Starting off as a complete noob, my first spec at level 60 looked something like (6/16/29 [back when 51 points was the max at lvl 60]). I thought counterattack was amazing, and I ran up to people and mobs and whacking them with my Ice Barbed Spear. I became close friends with the spirit healer in Warsong Gulch as a result, but she does make a mean risotto though. After learning the wonders of Scatter Shot, I eventually climbed the old system PvP ranks up to Marshal, and subsequently joined my first raiding guild, <Unrest>. Unrest was a west coast guild on an east coast server, which made raiding someone difficult as I continued through school. The guild was ran in large by a bunch of people who were friends in the same vicinity. We had progressed decently well, but by the time burning crusade and the death of 40 man guilds had been announced, our GM had defected to the horde, and people were generally tired, so my time to leave came as well.

On my new server, I joined a guild called <Cross of Vengeance>, and this became my home for the next three years. This guild started me on a tumultuous journey that has shaped me as a person today. I joined the guild for a few raids on AQ40 and Naxx40 before the BC content came out. We used 8 hunters in our raids. EIGHT! Any more in the group and I would have expected XxLegolasXx to make a guest appearance in our runs. Over the course of the next 3 years I became an officer, left to join another guild on the server, came back after my account was closed due to sharing, became the GM, and rebuilt the guild after the old GM left us with a skeleton, and brought us back up to #2 on the server. Towards the end of this expansion, my priest supplanted my hunter as my main. My hunter is currently sitting dormant on the Windrunner server having not been played for almost 11 months now, still rocking full base tier 10.

The Shadow Priest (mana mana)

Srsbusiness was created on the Eitrigg server and has since spent time there, on Windrunner, and on Eldre’thalas. When my priest was made back in Burning Crusade, I leveled as disc/holy. Yep, I was that badass. My ultimate goal of the time was the become a healer for heroic 5 mans in Burning Crusade, because most of our healers weren’t around for badge of justice runs at the time. Disc was still not a viable spec at the time, but divine spirit had more appeal to me than circle of healing. (Yes, I will take my 80 spirit and 80 extra spell power over that spell and 12% more effect on Gheal.) So my spec was 23/38/0, spirit with Improved Spirit. The staple of the heroic runs became myself and a paladin tank running Shattered Halls religiously. Back when Power Infusion gave 20% more spell damage as well as reducing the cost of spells by 20%, he would run through the gauntlet, grab everything in Magtheridon’s asshole and then get a PI and consecrate on top of them. Combine that with using dps gear after getting to the defense cap as well as it stacking with avenging wrath and you have the makings for a legendary nerf paladins thread. (And they did get nerfed.) Never died, never had a threat issue. The timer for execution started at 55 minutes, and we saved her with about 40 minutes left on good days.

But then of course, people got tired of the heroic runs, so my priest got shelved for a while going through Hyjal and Black Temple as best we could. Towards the end of BC. people again got hit with the burnout and doldrums, so we ended up doing Hyjal/BT/Sunwell in partnership with a family and friends guild, <We Know>. This is when I felt the lasting burnout hit from playing my hunter, and decided I would gear my priest up some before the next expansion hit, because Primal Mooncloth, with its amazing lack of stamina, wasn’t holding up too well inside BT or Sunwell, though I do believe I remember a certain time on Gurtogg Bloodboil it was sustainable, but that’s a story for another time. After gearing my priest largely through Sunwell badge rewards (I love you Timbal’s Focusing Crystal), I decided it was time to try out the shadow side of things. They had just made some recent changes to the shadow tree, including updates like:

Mind Flay now has the ability to critically strike.

and later:

Shadowform now allows your Vampiric Touch, Shadow Word: Pain and Devouring Plague to benefit from haste effects.


Aint he a chipper lookin' one.

For the entirety of Wrath of The Lich King, I did the content on my priest, from the ever popular rehashing of Naxxramas, to the (arguably) the last good instance Blizzard gave the customer in Ulduar, to the two most God-Forsaken instances in ToC (where are you Reign of the Unliving), and the year-long hell of ICC. Halion wasn’t really a patch-worthy instance that I paid much attention to when they released it, heck I was being a smart ass and coming to raids in a holy dps spec, I was that bored. I didnt always dps though, on few and rare occasion I healed some bosses having little experience on how to do it; Bloodboil, Sindragosa, and a few shots in tier11 highlight the extent of my brief healing stints. (And thank God.) I should also go on to mention that my character started out as a Draenei, because Gift of the Naaru made healing those heroics really freakin’ easy. As of Cataclysm though, and through medical breakthroughs in plastic surgery, Srs is now a furry…. err…. Worgen.

Today, the above illustrated fellow resides in Apotheosis of Eldre’thalas, as one of three raiding shadow priests alongside Dahrla and Arolaide, a triumvirate of dots, dots, and MOAR dots. His handiwork lies is Alchemical and Jewelcrafting trades, and has been seen creating extra potions out of thin air!

The Magus (Seriously, why are you telling me Mage is not correct? [Aka: table pls])

My mage, Merlee, was created to alleviate boredom during my time on the Windrunner server. I had lost any desire I had to PvP on my priest, and after getting victimized by many a frost mage in duels and battlegrounds, I decided I would try my hand at one. Though the PvP aspect never came through in wrath, she still remained a fun character to play. Originally, Merlee was created at the end of the Wrath expansion, and was human, because of that sweet (and free!) PvP trinket. Since moving to Eldre’thalas she has become a night elf (for at the time PvP, and how OP is shadowmeld –> Drink). However, she has not seen much PvP action lately and has been focusing largely on the PvE aspect of being a mage. Main spec: Frost PvE(!) (2/8/31 – Frostfire Ignite) Offspec: Fire PvE (3/35/3) This the main support toon for my priest. Merlee’s home away from home is located in the

Behind every strong man, there is an even stronger woman, or something.

scenic desert of Uldum, where for the first part of Cataclysm she OWNED the entire oasis region with regards to whiptail. If you even though about picking that herb, it would erupt in fire and kindly tell you to gtfo Tauren Druid (seriously, gtfo tauren druid herbalists). After the delirium for creating darkmoon cards had subsided (making a total of 7 decks in all), her herbing is now more centralized in the Tol Barad region occasionally picking Azshara’s veil and Cinderbloom for volcanic potions, trips to Twilight Highlands are of rare feat as need for self supply flasks with Twilight Jasmine has become less of a necessity. This is the toon I bring to the guild’s alt runs in Firelands, BoT, BWD or Throne of the Four Winds. It is a marked change of pace, that I enjoy, from playing the shadow priest (highly reliant on damage over time) as a mage (focused more on bursting damage, reliant on procs) and I feel it sharpens my play on both characters by integrating the playstyles together. As you may have figured out, Merlee is an herbalist and scribe (NOT INSCRIPTIONIST). Which leads me into:

The Rogue (aka: hay rouge can u open dis?)


Rogue – A bandit, mercenary, outlaw, hired assassin.

Rouge – A color, a strip joint in Pre-Industrial France.

THEY ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE PEOPLE. Its 5 letters, no repeats, nothing. It may show up on an elementary school level spelling test even. 5 years of it is enough, please stop with the horrible butchering of this word. My rogue, Tripolar, is an Eldre’thalas native, and was designed to be a twink essentially staying in the lower levels of the PvP brackets to see how many people I could 1 shot with as much BoA gear I could stack. However, I encountered a problem on my priest, I had no way to supply myself with ore for JC, unless I wanted to constantly pay the overpriced rate on the AH.

My rogue.

Winning? Not really.

So, after a few months sitting at 29, Tripolar became my third and final character to reach level 85. She is a miner solely to supplement my priest’s JC, and recently maxed out enchanting, just as a means to dust materials to have on hand for when I need an enchant. For all intents and purposes, I have lost interest in playing this toon at 85, the PvP aspect of the game shifts dramatically in complexity from level 29 to 85, and I don’t have the zeal to play it like I once did. This will more than likely be the first toon I stop playing altogether should that time come. The name Tripolar is derived from the internet meme “winning!” as made popular by Charlie Sheen. His famed response to the question of if he is Bipolar with: “I’m Bi-winning.” lent itself to my creative genius by creating Tripolar, because why stop at twice as much when you could have thrice the amount?! There are rants that will be coming soon about how I loathe melee and feel that rogues (and death knights) have broken the game from within through PvP.

The Druid (aka: I was bored one day)

Whats the deal with this toon you may ask? The header pretty much says it all, after countless hours of archaeology and rescuing soldiers on the Molten Front for the 80 millionth fuck time, I decided to make a druid, Dillay, because I had all of the leather BoA gear I had used on my rogue, and since I didn’t have enough JP or Honor Points to buy a significant amount of gear for another armor class, the druid became the logical choice. I don’t have enough playtime on this toon to log anything other than feral(cat) is easy as hell to level with. Except somewhere I forgot that leveling leatherworking up as a primary

My druid.

The only thing for certain about this toon, is that nothing is for certain.

profession is worse than having your mother rickroll you in public, in front of your friends, naked. So while I am now level 57, my skinning sits at a skill of 372, but my leatherworking sits at 232. This seems a bit unbalanced, or it could simply be the fact that the devs forgot we aren’t playing vanilla anymore, and MC isn’t end game. Seriously, 16 pieces of leather for a single skill up in the thick leather level range? Not even bountiful bags helped this problem out. Why? Because whenever bags procs on a skin, it gave me a thick hide and 5 extra thick hides (WHICH HAVE NO USE ANYMORE). Tune it down Blizz. Since you’ve made leveling easier, make the beginning professions too. 5-8 pieces of leather tops, so that I dont have to buy stack upon leather stack for 1 measly skill point.

And now you know the background of my characters, hope you will stay tuned for more as they progress through the game with you!