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Shadow Power

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Gadzooks! Are those heirlooms I see you bringing to raid?! Yes indeed, even the most stalwart of raiders are benefiting from the use heirloom items as they progress into heroics for siege of Orgrimmar. While shadow priests haven’t had much in the way of overhaul of talents going into 5.4, they did receive a few sizable buffs to spells that brought them in line (supposedly) with what Blizzard was looking for.


One thing that is notable in fights this tier is there are a lot of intermissions, which are absolutely detrimental to us, as that time elapsing lets our dots fall off, and with our somewhat slow ramp-up time, leaves for lower numbers across the board. On the positive side, a lot of the fights have adds, or segments where the boss dips into execute phase and back to full again, making the tier 5 talent, Twist of Fate, which is now active at 35% which is a godsend, a really desirable option for most fights, something that hasn’t been seen since entry level progression on Mogu’shan Vaults.





With the normalization of haste regarding meta gems and trinket procs, haste no longer is superior to intellect once you get to the 14,873 haste plateau. In fact, anything after 17,200 haste is a detriment, as in haste will begin to put you under 1 second for your cast time, causing you to lose time between Global Cooldowns. Haste is still the superior stat for shadow priests, but given the bevy of gear with haste on it, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get to the final plateau before moving on to other stats.



Also not in short supply, there has been over abundance of hit since Throne of Thunder, and now with amplification trinkets boosting your hit via spirit, getting pieces of gear with two of haste/crit/mastery, makes for a much more acceptable venture when choosing gear.


Critical Strike and Mastery

Blizzard decided to throw us a nice curve ball when putting together the 2-piece tier set bonus for shadow priests.  The bonus increases the critical effect of your shadowy recall (mastery) effects by 40%. This bonus, in essence, gets better as you move away from haste and into both crit and mastery. Because of Mind Flay: Insanity  being a periodic effect and benefiting from mastery, you always want to have a slight edge in mastery over critical strike. Ive found a good balance between mastery and crit is keeping a 15 point difference in the two stats, raid buffed. An example would be having 25% critical strike and 40% mastery, and moving that ratio up as your gear improves.




Finally, we begin to feel like the shadow priests of yore, getting rid of those horrid straight haste gems, in addition to some greens as well, and go back to pure intellect, with int/(haste/mastery/crit)[haste level depending] for oranges, and int/spirit for blues. Socket bonus are still worth going for in most cases, as they give intellect bonuses, with the exception being on the shoulder slot.


How We Are Faring in Raid:


In fights where there’s a few mobs up with cleaving, we seems to be at our best, with Immerseus, Protectors, Nazgrim and Galakras being our top fights. But after that we, start to dip off as your multi dot opportunities diminish and the amount of cleaving is limited, or non-existent, such as fights like Norushen, Sha of Pride, Iron Juggernaut, Malkorok, and Thok. These have been some of our weaker fights in the instance, countering our strengths on the previously aforementioned fights. That leaves us feeling, pretty average, to say the least. In fact, raidbots has us right in the middle in terms of how we are faring right now in raids. I am Ok with this. It certainly wasn’t the massive buffs we expected when we saw VT go up 20%, SW:P up 15%, and SW:D up 15%. But without those buffs, we would be in the bottom quarter of dps specs. We also get the short end of the stick on the legendary cloak, as the proc modifier for us ends up being the worst out of the specs that can use it. 


Extrapolating the Shadow Priest


I like the whole shadow orb resource, it gives us a different feel as opposed to being a mages with shadow spells. I do not think they are being used correctly though. A lot of people thoroughly enjoyed when shadow orbs gave a passive bonus to our dots, instead of having our dots have a chance to do a Tarecgosa and duplicate their damage. A quick fix could be to move the mastery back to periodic bonuses, much like affliction warlocks, but make the shadow orbs still required to cast Devouring Plague, while not giving the bonus to Mind Blast/Mind Spike. This sounds overly complicated, and I do believe the devs like having us do additional damage via mastery and shadow apparitions. I would like to personally have control over my mastery instead of leaving it up to a chance to duplicate.


Enter Shadow Power


My idea would be making our mastery increase the damage of our spells by X% and duration of shadow power by Y seconds, increased by mastery of course. We would get a new talent called shadow power which would become an ability the we can activate by casting Mind Blast, Mind Flay and Shadow Word: Death. Mind Blast generates 8 shadow power and 1 shadow orb, Shadow Word: Death generates 3 shadow power each time, and Mind Flay generates 3 shadow power. We can hold up to 100 shadow power, excess shadow power is lost. We can activate shadow power at any time to receive a bonus to all damage and healing for X seconds, depending on shadow power, where every point of shadow power grants .1 seconds of the buff (which would be increased in mastery). Basically, this gives us certainty on our mastery like a lot of classes have (see: aff locks, fury warriors, frost mages).


State of the Priest


I’m happy where we are at. While we aren’t the reigning dps champions we once were in Catacylsm, the versatility we have with Mass Dispel, Vampiric Embrace, Void Shift, and Angelic Feathers provides for a meaninful contribution to raids instead of sitting back being a stationary turret, although our lack of mobile dps is hurting, as we can only cast Shadow Word: Pain (and death when in execute). But as gear continues to improve and we move back to a solid intellect build over haste, you can expect to see your performance go from middle of the pack to front of the class.


Guild Poaching: Have They No Shame?

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Poaching. It can mean a form of hunting, or style of egg. In Azeroth, its the action of traveling to established guilds to try and take players away from their guild, in order to join theirs (usually boasting farther progression or better pvp orientation than the current guild the player is in). It seems that this time of the expansion the envoys of guilds looking to persuade people away are out and in full force. I am not at all flattered or allured by the message sent to me recently by one of those people, and as someone who has recently been the target of one of these attempts and also someone who watched his own guild back in BC suffer the effects of poaching, I would like to share my viewpoint on both fronts of the matter. I will start with my experience with poaching as a guild leader:


Serpentshrine Cavern/Tempest Keep/Hyjal Past – Circa 2008


Through my travels in Burning Crusade I spent most of my time with the guild Cross of Vengeance over the course of two stints, first as an officer, second as GM, my other guild was Crusaders of Aegwynn. The events talked about occurred over my second stint. Upon moving back up to an officer in CoV, we were having struggles in both SSC with Lady Vashj and TK with Kael’thas Sunstrider. Our GM was looking for ideas that would motivate people to step their play up to clear the final hurdle and down those bosses, and ultimately came up short every time. One night, our GM, I will call him Rentob, and both of his close friend officers were out of town and could not make raid, leaving the keys to me to see what we could accomplish in their absence. I left it up to the guild to decide where we went, ultimately going to TK. Despite having a skeleton crew of 24 people, we managed to down both Void Reaver and A’lar with a few wipes to each. As we continued to attempt to kill Astromancer Solarian, we kept wiping to the detonation mechanic, and morale continued to plummet as a result. Feeling some general animosity between members due to wiping, I decided an impromptu town hall style of meeting was in order for people to clear the air and get their frustrations out, as well as listen to any an all ideas people had to defeating the boss. After a 20 minute recess, we came back and on the second pull killed her to end the raid on a high note. After raid, I collectively asked everyone if they wanted to continue to have those kind of rally meetings where people could express themselves when our GM came back from his trip (we did have a few, but they didn’t stay sustained).


Enter the GM – Upon telling our GM what transpired in his absence and how the guild felt it collectively wanted to move going forward, shock and awe is the only thing I could describe what he felt as he suddenly left the guild and went to another guild and took his officer friends and a few others with him, leaving the guild crippled and with a roster of about 14 people left for a 25 man. In about 3 months time, and with the help of some truly exceptional people and players the guild grew back to being the second best guild on the server and defeated both Vashj and Kael before their 2.2 nerfs. I can remember vividly, promising the guild that if they managed to kill Kael and get into Hyjal/BT before the nerfs, that I would sing karaoke over Vent to them, any song they chose (and I absolutely did!). And at that time, the guild had bloomed into having >>38<< raiders online ready to go into BT! One day, our old GM came back and had seen that we had indeed moved forward instead of falling apart, and asked if he could come back to be a part of the guild. I obliged, and being naive, I also moved him back to being an officer, as he still had a lot of people who knew and looked up to him, in the guild. One day, he took exception to what one of the guild members was doing and attempted to discipline him his way, the old way, to which I quickly pulled the chain on him, reminding him that he was no longer the person to do that. This set off a chain of events, and public forum posts which ended in personal attacks and all around ugliness. In the end, he left the guild again, this time for good, and this time, the deviant plan went into motion. He began talking to people in the guild, either slandering my name, or offering promises of better <insert value here> if that player went to his new or other guild. He ultimately succeeded in doing that because of the reputation of the guild on the server being generally disliked from his prior leadership and as well as my reckless and sometimes very ill-advised practices on running the guild. (I was 20, when I was leading the guild, I was very naive and made a lot of forgettable mistakes.) The guild ultimately crumbled, and our last raid was in 2010, killing Maly10 and Sarth10. The guild my ex-GM went to?  Folded up shop in 2009, even with the members they took away with promises of better tidings.


Being Targetted By Another Guild (2011 & 2013):


Earlier this week, and in one instance in years past, I was sent an in-game mail by a recruiter that their guild was actively seeking shadow priests to progress through content and fill out their raiding roster. They boasted a  strong resume, stating that they had Cleared 6/6H MSV, 5/6H HoF and 3/4H ToTES, a very impressive resume indeed. This left me at a quandary, was I really going to dump 3 years of time and friendship with a lot of people for 7 extra bosses killed? For the allure of pixels which may make my toon better? Absolutely not.  While its nice to be held in high reverence by other people who are e-scouting your toon on the armory, it doesn’t show much about one’s character if they are so easily persuaded away from any establishment, for just a few more pixelated drops or rewards if its a pvp-based guild. I do not know what the social structure is of guilds that are top 50, or even top 25 in the world, and I would like to think they all are similar to Apotheosis, but I know that’s wishful thinking, only because guilds like No Chicks Allowed (Yes, it is a real guild, and yes they are top 50 in the US, and YES, if you are a female, they will not let you in period, no matter your credentials.) exist.


Here is my bottom line on poaching, in a brutally honest perspective: If your the kind of person who will leave their guild due to a poacher and is looking for a guild where you can find permanence, do not expect to be taken seriously, as their is a good chance the turnover rate is high due to burnout or people not making the cut. And in the same vein, if your a guild looking to bolster your ranks through poaching standout players from guilds that are not as progressed as you, remember, you pulled them away with promises of better loot/content/what have you, who is to say that someone else wont come along and do the same thing to that person from your guild. Btoom line: Poaching lacks any type of intestinal fortitude and integrity, and you wont find a quality, lasting player through it at all. Don’t do it. Work with the talent you have.

Shop til You Drop! – Prioritizing VP Upgrades

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We’ll return you to your regularly scheduled internet viewing in just one moment, but first!

Its 5 O’clock and that means its time to shop, shop, shop! That’s right! I’m your host, Serious, (unfortunately my sidekick Mr. Business is in a meeting right now), and for the next 5 minutes, I’m going to be giving away deals that will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Are you player with a little extra currency to spend? Can’t quite make up your mind on where to use those hard earned points? Well have I got a deal for you! And I will show you how to get the most out of all those excess points you may have hidden around! You might think to yourself, “Gee, where should I start first?” And as with any person’s arsenal, the item that provides the most benefit, is the weapon!

Raid-Finder, Normal, Heroic Weapons

Depending on what type of progression you are encountering to your liking, the type of upgrade you get should match the the highest level of progression you are playing in! You don;t want to spend your points on a raid finder item if your going into heroic encounters now do you? Maybe you’re just tired of the same old boring weapon you have had for a long time now, and are trying to move on from it, but just can’t.

The same  old boring and

The same old boring and

bland weapons we've had for a while.

bland weapons we’ve had for a while.

Do you feel like your going into raids with weapons that perform like these? Primitive, obsolete, like something a hozen may have made? No more! With the simple mechanic known as the item upgrade, you can take your primitive, outdated weapons and make them look brand spanking new!

More Intimidating and packs a

More Intimidating and packs a

a bigger wallop too!

a bigger wallop too!

And don’t they just look fabulous now?

“But I’ve had bad luck, and that weapon never seems to drop for me :(”

Hold the phone right there! I’ve got something that will sweeten the deal for you.

If you use the item upgrade for the weapon (and other slots) that is appropriate for your progression, I will throw in at a small cost of 90 lesser charms, 3 ELDER CHARMS, Guaranteed to make you either richer or the item that you want to drop, drop. And the charm renew each week! It’s a Must Have! And you might be asking yourself:

“Serious! How much would you pay for an upgrade like this?”

For a quality upgrade like I am offering I would pay upwards of 1200 VP for such a deal, BUT!, if you act now I will lower, yes LOWER, the cost for your upgrade from 1200 VP to only 750 VP! That’s over 35% off the original retail value. But wait, there’s more!

If you act now, I will throw in a second upgrade on top of your existing item for an additional 750 VP, that is practically getting two for the original price of one! That’s 1500 VP for 2 upgrades compared to the original price of 2400 VP, a 900 VP savings for you!

Sha-touched weapons are favored over the rest, simply because of the 500 stat gem. But once your weapon is upgraded, you’re going to need to accessorize around it! Are you tired of wondering: “Gee, I wish my item level was a bit higher so that I can perform better in raids.” (or maybe even pvp or the brawler’s guild?) Where should you prioritize next? The next place you shoot for, is upgrading items that wont be easily replaced until the next tier of content!


Trinkets provide the most benefit to upgrade, as they usually line up nicely with bursty (or healy?) cooldowns. Pow! Just what the doctor ordered, and if you have your best in slot item for you class covered, using the item upgrade on it, ensures that it may even be your best in slot for next tier! And no good weapon should go without an equally shiny and impressive trinket to accent it!

The shinies just became.....

The shinies just became…..

...shinier shinies!

…shinier shinies!

Yes, looks ARE deceiving! While such trinkets as the darkmoon card only give you and extra 200 intellect on the proc, the extra 200 intellect is HUGE for spells like Devouring plague which has a high spell power coefficient for its damage!

Were you lucky enough to win something off the Black Market Auction House? Are you an established raider killing heroic or elite content in Terrace of the Endless Spring? If you are, there is a solid chance you may have picked up your best item for that slot in your tier, and if you act now on these items for upgrading, I will give you the same offer for the weapons! Yes, Two upgrades for the low price of 1500 VP, you can’t find a better deal ANYWHERE!

Sometimes, however, one does not have the luxuries of the first two tier of upgrades.

The Remaining: Best Available Upgrade to You

Sometimes, we choose not to play as much as we have in the past, and we might only have time to run an LFR or do some dailies during our time played. But fret not! For even here, you too can benefit from the item upgrade system, no player shall be left behind! If your weeks consist of getting to run an LFR and doing some dailies, see what items may best help you if they were to be upgraded! Lets take a look at LFR and some rep rewards:

Items coming from the LFR tier fall at either 476 or 483 ilevel, which for weapons, is better than any reputation reward possible and gets sent up to the first level of upgrades. However! All reputation rewards in game right now are mostly 489, whith a few 496 from Operation: Shieldwall/Domination Offensive. In most cases, if you want to get the most out of your points, the reputation rewards are the way to go, and the upgraded versions will be close to raid level gear. Hey! Its like getting raid gear, without doing the raiding! Where else can you get a deal as good as this?

To recap, you get a weapon upgrade, heroic/elite/trinket upgrade, raid finder and reputation upgrades, and 3, yes THREE, elder charms to try and help you get that item, all for the low price of 750 VP per upgrade, that’s a direct savings of 37% straight to your currency tab! These upgrades will only be around for a limited time longer!! ACT NOW AND GET YOURS TODAY!!!

Voidbinder Lunshur or….

Billy Mays? You decide.

Billy Mays? You decide.

Happy Blogiversary! – Changes on the Horizon

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Its been a whole year since this whole zany idea first took flight, even Ameila Earhart would be proud, crazy right? Now its on to the future, new things, big things are coming, and coming in a hurry! (Take for instance the new layout, snazzy isn’t it?)

Changing of The Guard

With the coming of Mists of Pandaria, Apotheosis is undergoing a change into the future, with leadership changing directions. Our GM, Kurn, is stepping down and away from the game, and to her, the best of luck going forward. That being said, I welcome our successor, Jasyla, and look forward to the new direction and challenge the guild will conquer under her watch. In addition to her and Majik stepping down, Slout, Chronis, and Sara have all stepped up as well for the guild. The changes are coming quickly as well, with the imminent release of the 5.0.4 patch, which will bring us….

Changing of the Talents

YES! Self-buffed Power Infusion? 1 Minute Shadow Fiend? GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS. One thing that has priests’ interest piqued is the Level 45 talent, Mindbender. Replacing shadowfiend and reducing the cooldown from 5 minutes to 1, but returning only half as much mana. While mana isn’t a core concern for shadow priests, the interesting concept is if the 4 piece tier 13 bonus will function with Mindebender. If it does, GOOD LORD DPS EXPLOSIONATION EVERYWHERE, but at the same time HATE HATE HATE MIND SPIKE HATE HATE HATE. And the best part: No shadow altered tier 90 talent of recycled ideas! And maybe the servers will be stable enough as well, so everyone can test their changes on the target dum—

*You have been disconnected from the server.*

Changing of the…. Home?

Not for me anytime in the well foreseeable future, however for people who may be looking for a home, or a change of pace from their current one: Do you happen to be searching for a guild to be a part of in Mists of Pandaria? Do you want to be a part of a guild with longevity and adaptability? Do you use the word Tappen as a part of your daily rhetoric? We can still use a few more bodies at Apotheosis to make the transition of the first change easier, specifically casters, dare I say another Shadow Priest?! Check us out today! (No shame whatsoever, none.)

Changing of the Blog

Writer’s block is a pain, especially when you want to talk about something but it has already been beat into submission. Still! Shadow priests are awesome, and will continue to be awesome no matter what change Blizzard throws at them. Even though a lot of people like to gang up on us in battlegrounds, we can still get the better of all our adversaries. This one time, a rogue decided, HEY THIS GUY IS LOW HEALTH WATCH THIS. I also left my PvE gear on because DAMNIT IT WORKS BETTER FOR ME OK?, and after using every cooldown in 5 seconds (LIKE A TOTAL CHAMP), finally killed me through dispersion. HE WAS SO PROUD GUYS. He even took time to plant a flag of ownership in me and do some /taunt emotes! But he forgot one thing… I had a soulstone! I popped right up and Shadow Word:Deathed him in the face, dead. Moral of the Story: MORE SELF REZZING SHADOW PRIESTS. With Mists coming, there will be a lot of new ideas and concepts to peruse and write about. However, after talking to some fine folks, a fresh infusion, a tangent of dialogue is needed to freshen up this place. Once Mists is released and we are squarely into leveling an raiding, this site will feature more Mad Libs/Improv/Storybook writing, where even you the reader can add your own twists and endings to the ideas present!

It has been a pleasure to write for everyone who has read anything on this site over the last year, and I hope you took something away, humorous or informative from your reading! Here’s to another year, of new and improved!, blogging. Cheers!

And as an cliche internet meme once said:

“You could say that writing this post was just…”

Wait for it…….!

“… Simply Business as usual…”


Or something like that, was pretty sure that’s how it went at least.


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Dear Diary,


That kind of feels weird to type that out, even though its almost implied every time I sit down to write one of these posts. I have nothing really new to add as far as being a priest goes, the beta is starting heroic testing for raids today, and our current design still feels clunky and far from a finished product, with a bunch of our tier talents being proc-based in order to gain a competitive advantage. Dragon Soul is also getting hit with the 30% nerf today, which should all but solidify a one day a week raid schedule for our guild. Which will also mean a lot more time to pvp, job not withstanding. Today I am going to talk about something I really haven’t seen in the community at all:


You, The Reader


Back when I first started writing this blog, I wanted to share some of my experience and findings over my playing time. It started out as a small hub for people who had played a priest and needed a few resources for helping their play. But much like the game and society, it began to change and evolve to things that were going on in the guild at the time, contemplating the practicality of people playing offspecs, to things happening in real life, overburdening at work. To this date, I feel have the topics that have spun off from this blog since inception have helped to mold and polish me as an author. I also feel they have been the most highly publicized works I have done, either via comment, retweet or view. None of which would be possible without you guys.


Over the course of writing my blog, I started getting to know to know people outside of the game, even meeting up with multiple handfuls of them at Blizzcon, and have continued my friendships with them to this date. To the point the game aspect has evolved from game to real life, that we communicate on a first name basis and are privy to such information as birthdates, cell phone numbers, and the like. I am certainly not the only person who has experienced this, as it happens all throughout our community. But to the people I have go to know at the level, thank you for having me along with you. Its nice knowing that when this game is gone (if that day ever comes, it might not!), that I will be able to take something away from it with me.


I like to think that I am a decent writer for the goals I wish to accomplish. If you have ever laughed, rolled your eyes, learned something, gained a perspective you may not have had before, questioned me, or felt something you otherwise didn’t before sitting down to read my few paragraphs and continued on through the day. Then I have done my job as a writer, thanks to my returning (and sometimes new) readers. I like to write about things I have not seen in the community before, areas that people haven’t ventured into or otherwise won’t, which certainly broadens the horizon for what might come in the future. (And is the basis for this post itself.)


  • If you have ever left a comment on my blog, Thank you.  While I don’t peruse blogs with much enamor like I used to, I do hope to find something in blogs where I can comment someday.


  •  If you have retweeted my blog, thank you. I appreciate you doing that because you want me to advance in what I do, and I hope you appreciate that I return the favor in kind for the same reason if you have a blog.


  • If you like what you read, thank you. It continues to give me reason and purpose to write this blog.


Its astonishing to me to think that this blog has been up and active for 11 months now, and its still going. I never saw myself writing some of the things I have, nor getting to know some of the people close to me a short year ago, but it has been an experience I can never duplicate and certainly never replace. And I can say that it has been worth every second and every word I have written if everything above is true, and it is.

The 25 Days of Christmas (Blogging) – Day 4

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Today, I am going to talk about why I decided to start writing a  blog in the first place. Over the course of the years I have been playing this game, I had always browsed a user’s blog from time to time just to see what the fascination was with keeping an online journal, though at the time, I never saw having the time to some day write one of my own, largely due to take 19 credits a semester in college and working 30+ hours a week, it didn’t leave much time (even to play the game), let alone write about it.


Day 1 – Post Patch Aggression: 4.3 – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Day 2 – Not One, But TWO New Boss Kills

Day 3 – One…… Two…. Three Shadow Priests……

Day 4 – Why I Decided to Write a Blog



Back in late May/early June, I had begun to field a bunch of questions from a bunch or Real ID and server friends who were leveling up their priests and wanted to know the ins and outs of playing a shadow priest as they leveled up to 85. This was actually a bit of a difficult question to answer based on the fact that I leveled up in BC (and again in wrath) as Holy/Disc, so I didn’t come to learn how to play a shadow priest leveling up. While I never became tired of answering repeat questions, I figured that there had to be a better medium for communicating en masse for questions that people had regarding their priests. A lot of common questions I got looked something like:


I see you have a lot of X stat, but Elitist Jerks says to use more of Y stat in your gear. Why do you do this instead of what EJ says?


For people still reading up to this point, if you are a fan of Elitist Jerks and what they say about your class, you may not like what I am going to say in the upcoming rant.



I am not a fan of Elitist Jerks. There, I said it. I think in 6 years, I have visited the site twice.  The main reason I dislike them, is not even being the site itself, but the fact that many players who use it SWEAR ON IT AS THEIR IN GAME BIBLE. This idea is incredulous. If Elitist Jerks told you that to optimize your character, you should suicide yourself on every pull and then get a brez to not have to worry about threat, would you do it? I certainly hope not. The main thing I think a lot of people miss on that site, is that it is to serve as a GUIDE for how your class should go, not the be-all, end-all standard, and if you don’t do it this was you’re now a baddie noob scrub. This is the main reason I created my blog, to offer up my playstyle (from time to time) on how I play as a shadow priest, and sometimes my mage. There is one thing that I do at the end of every rotation/spec/stat post I make, and that is I always leave a disclaimer saying that “This is how I play in raids, but please do not feel obligated to play this spec/rotation/stat stack. Please play whatever way you feel is the most comfortable and enjoyable to you.” Because in this game, that’s the bottom line, fun. I would hope that people who read these kind of posts on here see it as more of a guide than an OMG PLAY LIKE THIS OR ELSE post.



Of course, over playing this game for 6 years I have been in many positions to offer my experiences on thoughts that are relevant to some people’s interests. I have been a GM in a previous guild for 2.5 years, and have seen the good with the bad, so if something relevant is happening to me or the guild I am in, I want to share my thoughts and/or expertise on the situation. Here is a good example of something that can apply to everyone in any type of guild who does even the smallest amount of dabbling in raid settings. I aim to inform, to provide some insight, to offer some thoughts and different situations that people may not have thought about whether it be in playing a priest or for general wow potpourri. If you take something away from reading what I write, as well as enjoying my dry, erratic humor to possibly bring a laugh here or there, then I am accomplishing what I set out to do with my writing, and I hope you do continue to enjoy what and how I write. I attempt to go for quality over quantity, and you wont see me writing something every day (aside from this challenge which I am using to try and push my limits as an amateur writer).


That’s how my blog came to be and why I continue to write going into the future. To those people who read and comment, Thank You, you folks are my inspiration to continue to write and (hopefully) produce quality reads, presumably at work, because where else would you WANT to read this? >.>


Tune in for tomorrow’s Episode!