Sixth – Its Like First Place, Only Five Spots Later

Sixth – Its Like First Place, Only Five Spots Later


The number six, it can mean many things to everyone, for me it means a lot of things, to name a few: My height in feet, the number of bloggers in Apotheosis who have posted something in 2012, the number of hours in my work shift, and so on, but the sixes meme sweeping the web is not about stuff like that.


The new meme/fad sweeping the WoW Blogosphere is the sixes meme by Gnomageddon, where people who are tagged by other bloggers share some of the screenshots and pictures they have amassed over the years. I was tagged for this activity by Jasyla over at Cannot Be Tamed.  The guidelines are simple:


The Challenge:


– Go Into Your Image Folder.

– Open the sixth subfolder and select the sixth image inside.

– Publish the image, and preferrably add some text describing the image and why you have it.

– Challenge six bloggers to do the same.

– Link to them.


Well, looking at my images, I only happen to have two subfolders for screenshots and pictures, one for gaming related things, and one for pictures taken outside of the games I play, so I’ve decided to take the sixth picture in each folder and publish it. Lets start with the gaming based screenshot first! Unfortunately, I hadnt taken a lot of screenshots over the course of my early WoW career, so most of the pictures from there are recent (2010+). I wish I had kept some images like our first Kael and Vashj kill after rebuilding an old guild or seeing C’thun for the very first time, but alas, not to be.


Cataclysmic Change to the Badlands


The sixth image happens to be the very first screen I took in the Cataclysm expansion. There is really no story behind it other than the fact I liked the change they made to the Badlands zone, and because I decided that I was going to level solely from 80-85 on Archaeology (Someone check my head, please), this zone was going to be one I visited quite frequently for Dwarf finds, all in pursuit of the Sorcerer Staff of Thausarrian. But alas, now over a year removed from first setting up my survey gear, I still do not have that  accursed staff! Not to mention still getting Night Elf and fossil finds, while only having 2 of the tol’vir rares, and completing both the Night Elf and Fossil rare collection, has deterred my interest in it.


And now for the real life stuff, hilariously enough the sixth image in the non gaming related folder ended up being the lone picture of myself that I posted on the guild I was GM of back in 2007-2009. So without further adieu…


December 24, 2007


I really do miss that sweater, so comfortable. I, however, do not miss having to wear clothing that extreme. Any wild guesses to the size of that sweater? Would you believe it was (ironically) a 6x? (!!!) Yeah, pre-2008 was not one of the better times in my life for being physically healthy at all. Thankfully, Ive made enough positive decisions since then to right myself in that department and not look back on it. I have also met quite a few people from in the game as well, who can attest that I no longer resemble the person above by any stretch of the imagination. Still, I am not very photogenic and my picture being taken isnt very frequent, but I do have a recent shot of me that I am actually proud of!


November 21, 2010 - The Captain and Me


Some people have seen this photo multiple times, still its the one I actually like of myself the most contented with. That shirt is an XL by the way, and yes, it does say what you think it says! And there you have it, a brief look into some of the photos I have amassed over the last few years from both in and out of game. Now for the next people in the challenge!







Dwarven Battle Medic




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